After the dismounting the modification started.


(I don’t take any responsibilities if other doing the same.

This modification will ruin the grantee of the Flash and maybe also the Camera.)


I bought a USB lamp to a computer that had a flexible arm that was soft enough.


Removed the USB contact and the lamp.

Fixed four new electric cables (think they were classed for 300 V, need because ther flash tube is driven by high voltage). The cables (think they was 23 AWG) came from a computer. They had to be thin to fit the flexible arm. It was quite tricky to thread them through the arm....


Then i modified the empty lamp holder to match the flash



Then i soldered everything together.



And tested if it worked…. And it worked :)


 Drilled some holes in the flash body to fix the arm with steel wire.


And then secured both the arm in the flash body and the flash tube with Epoxy glue and tape.



Ready :)