Avigon: Gods & DemonsL19.95
Color Of LoveL12.95DigM
Prime Ministers Secret DiplomacyL15.95
Wise Man Sleeps1L10.99
100 Bullets: First Shot Last Call1L9.95DC
100 Bullets: Split Second Chance2L14.95DC
100 Bullets: Hang Up On The Hang Low3L9.95DC
100 Bullets: Foregone Tomorrow4L9.95DC
100 Bullets: Counterfifth Detective5L12.95DC
100 Bullets: Six Feet Under The Gun6L14.95DC
100 Bullets: Samurai7L12.95DC
100 Bullets: The Hard Way8L14.99DC
100 Bullets: Strychnine Lives9L14.99DC
100 Bullets: Decayed10L14.99DC
100 Bullets: Once Upon A Crime11L12.99DC
100 PercentL24.99
1000 Faces114.95DC
1001 Night Of ScheherazadeL12.95Adult
10th Muse: Round Two2L14.99
21 Down: The Conduit19.95DC
24 Seven1L24.99I
24 Seven2L19.99I
30 Days Of Night1L17.99IDW
30 Days Of Night: Dark Days2L19.99IDW
30 Days Of Night: Return To Barrow3L19.99IDW
30 Days Of Night: Bloodsuckers Tales4L24.99IDW
30 Days Of Night: Three Tales5L19.99IDW
30 Days Of Night: Spreading The Disease6L19.99IDW
30 Days Of Night: Red Snow7L17.99IDW
30 Days Of Night: Eben & Stella8L17.99IDW
300 HCL30.00DH
52 521L19.99DC
52 522L19.99DC
52 523L19.99DC
52 524L19.99DC
9-11 Emergency Relief14.95
A Bit Of MadnessL24.95
A Contract With GodL12.95DC
A Small KillingL11.95DH
ABC Warriors: Mek Nificent Seven117.99
ABC Warriors: Black Hole214.95
Abe: Wrong For Right Reasons14.95Tit
Absolute Authority HC1L49.95DC
Absolute Authority HC2L49.95DC
Absolute Batman Hush HC49.99DC
Absolute Batman Long Halloween HCL75.00DC
Absolute Dark Knight HC1L99.99DC
Absolute Kingdom Come HCL75.00DC
Absolute Planetary HC1L49.95DC
Absolute Sandman HC1L99.00DC
Across The Universe19.95DC
Adam Strange: Planet HeistL19.99DC
Adam Strange: The Man Of Two WorldsL19.95DC
Adrenalynn: Weapon Of War12.95DH
Adv Of B W Boy Genius1L8.95Oni
Adv Of B W Boy Genius: 2.028.95Oni
Adv Of B W Boy Genius: Monkey Tales3L8.95Oni
Adv Of B W Boy Genius: Gorilla Warfare4L8.95Oni
Adventure Of Luther Arkwright16.95DH
Adventures In The Rifle Brigade14.95DC
Adventures Of Red Sonja1L19.99D.E.
Adventures Of Red Sonja2L19.99D.E.
Adventures Of Red Sonja3L19.99D.E.
Adventures Of Sock MonkeyL9.95DH
Adventures Of The FlyL12.95
Age Of Bronze: A Thousand Ships1L19.95I
Age Of Bronze: Sacrifice2L19.95I
Age Of Bronze: Betrayal3L17.99I
Agents Of Atlas HCL24.99M
Al Capp´s Li´l Abner: Frazetta Sundays HC1L18.95DH
Al Capp´s Li´l Abner: Frazetta Sundays HC2L18.95DH
Al Capp´s Li´l Abner: Frazetta Sundays HC3L18.95DH
Al Capp´s Li´l Abner: Frazetta Sundays HC4L18.95DH
Al Williamson Adventures HCL34.95DH
Al Williamson Hidden LandsL22.95DH
Alan Moore: Complete WildcatsL29.99DC
Alan Moore: Wild WorldsL19.99DC
Alazars Book Of Bondage1L9.95Adult
Alazars Book Of Bondage2L9.95Adult
Aleister ArcaneL17.99IDW
Alex Raymonds Flash Gordon HC1L14.95
Alex Raymonds Flash Gordon HC2L19.95
Alex Raymonds Flash Gordon HC3L19.95
Alex Raymonds Flash Gordon HC4L19.95
Alex Raymonds Flash Gordon HC5L19.95
Alex Raymonds Flash Gordon HC6L19.95
Alex Raymonds Flash Gordon HC7L19.95
Alias: Come Home2L13.99M
Alias: The Underneath3L16.99M
Alias: Secret Origins Of Jessica Jones4L17.99M
Alias Omnibus HCL69.99M
Alien Legion: On The EdgeL16.95Tit
Alien Legion: Force Nomad1L24.95
Alien Legion: Piecemaker2L19.95
Aliens: Apocalypse The Destroying Angels10.95DH
Aliens: HarvestL16.95DH
Aliens: Hive14.95DH
Aliens: KidnappedL9.95DH
Aliens: RogueL16.95DH
Aliens: Salvation & Sacrifice12.95DH
Aliens: StrongholdL14.95DH
Aliens: Outbreak117.95DH
Aliens: Nightmare Asylum216.95DH
Aliens: Female War3L16.95DH
Aliens: Genocide414.95DH
Aliens: Labyrinth5L17.95DH
Aliens Book 1L13.95DH
Aliens Book 2 HCL49.95DH
Aliens Omnibus1L24.95DH
Aliens Omnibus2L24.95DH
Aliens Omnibus3L24.95DH
Aliens vs Pred./Witchbl./Darkness: MindhunterL12.95DH
Aliens vs Predator19.95DH
Aliens vs Predator: Eternal9.95DH
Aliens vs Predator: Thrill Of The HuntL6.95DH
Aliens vs Predator Omnibus1L24.95DH
Aliens vs Predator vs The Terminator11.95DH
Aliens/Predator: Deadliest Of The Species HCL99.95DH
Aliens/Predator: Panel To PanelL19.95DH
All New Atom: My Life In Miniature1L14.99DC
All New Atom: Future Past2L14.99DC
All Star Comics Archives HC149.95DC
All Star Comics Archives HC249.95DC
All Star Comics Archives HC349.95DC
All Star Comics Archives HC449.95DC
All Star Comics Archives HC549.95DC
All Star Comics Archives HC649.95DC
All Star Comics Archives HC749.95DC
All Star Comics Archives HC849.95DC
All Star Superman HC1L19.99DC
Alpha Flight: You Gotta Be Kiddin Me1L14.99M
Alpha Flight: Waxing Poetic2L14.99M
Amalgam Age Of Comics DC Comics Coll.L12.95DC
Amazing Adventure o/t Escapist1L17.95DH
Amazing Joy Buzzards1L11.95I
Amazing Joy Buzzards212.99I
Amazing Spidergirl1L14.99M
Amazing Spidergirl: Comes The Carnage2L13.99M
Amazing Spiderman: 500 Covers HCL49.99M
Amazing Spiderman: Death Of Gwen Stacy14.95M
Amazing Spiderman: Kraven´s Last HuntL15.95M
Amazing Spiderman: Spirits o/t Earth HCL18.95M
Amazing Spiderman: Coming Home1L15.95M
Amazing Spiderman: Revelations2L8.99M
Amazing Spiderman: Until Stars Turn Cold3L12.99M
Amazing Spiderman: Life & Death Of Spiders411.99M
Amazing Spiderman: Unintended Consequences512.99M
Amazing Spiderman: Happy Birthday6L12.99M
Amazing Spiderman: Book Of Ezekiel7L12.99M
Amazing Spiderman: Sins Past8L12.99M
Amazing Spiderman: Skin Deep9L9.99M
Amazing Spiderman: New Avengers10L14.99M
Amazing Spiderman Omnibus HC1L99.99M
Amelia Rules: In With The Out Crowd14.95
American Century: Scars And Stripes1L8.95DC
American Century: Hollywood Babylon2L12.95DC
American WayL19.99DC
American Virgin: Head1L9.99DC
American Virgin: Going Down2L14.99DC
American Virgin: Wet3L12.99DC
Americas Best Comics1L6.95
Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossom116.95
Ancient Joe12.95DH
Angel: The Hollower1L9.95DH
Angel: Surrogates2L9.95DH
Angel: Earthly Possessions3L9.95DH
Angel: Hunting Ground4L9.95DH
Angel: Strange Bedfellows & Stories5L9.95DH
Angel: Long Nights Journey6L9.95DH
Angel: Autumnal7L9.95DH
Angel Claw HCL19.95NBM
Angry Christ Comix1L16.99I
Angry Christ Comix HC1L29.95I
Animal Man1L19.95DC
Animal Man: Origin Of The Species219.95DC
Animal Mystic1L14.95Sir
Animal Mystic: Water Wars214.95Sir
Animal Mystic: Klor314.95Sir
Anita Blake VH: First Death HCL19.99M
Anita Blake VH: Guilty Pleasures HC1L19.99M
Annihilation Conquest HC1L29.99M
Annihilation HC1L29.99M
Annihilation HC2L29.99M
Annihilation HC3L29.99M
Ante Genesem: Prophet HC115.95
Apache SkiesL12.99M
Aphrodite IXL14.99I
Apocalypse: Eyes Of Doom HCL14.95HeaM
Aquaman: Sword Of Atlantis Once And FutureL12.99DC
Aquaman: The WaterbearerL12.95DC
Aquaman: Time & TideL9.95DC
Archaic: Rule o/t Deviant1L17.95
Archaic: Winter Children2L17.95
Archie Americana Series Best Of The 40:s1L11.95
Archie Americana Series Best Of The 40:s210.95
Archie Americana Series Best Of The 50:s10.95
Archie Americana Series Best Of The 60:s9.95
Archie Americana Series Best Of The 70:s9.95
Archie Americana Series Best Of The 80:sL10.95
Ares God Of WarL13.99M
Aria: Magic Of Aria1L13.95I
Arkham Asylum: Living HellL12.95DC
Arkham Asylum Anniversary Ed.L17.99DC
Armorquest Genesis1L3.50
Army Of Darkness: Ashes To Ashes1L14.99
Army Of Darkness: Shop Til You Drop Dead2L14.99
Army Of Darkness Vs Re-Animator3L14.99
Arrowsmith: So Smart In Their Fine UniformsL14.95DC
Art Of Dave NestlerL14.95SQP
Art Of Joseph M. Linsner24.95I
Art Of Marvel HC1L29.99M
Art Of Marvel HC2L29.99M
Art Of Simon BisleyL21.95
Art Of Star Wars: Episode 1 HCL39.95DelR
Art Of Usagi YojimboL29.95DH
Art Of Usagi Yojimbo HC39.95DH
Artesia HC1L24.95Sir
Artesia HC2L24.95Sir
Artesia HC3L24.95Sir
Astonishing X-Men: Gifted1L14.99M
Astonishing X-Men: Dangerous2L14.99M
Astonishing X-Men: Torn3L14.99M
Astonishing X-Men HC1L29.99M
Astro City: Life In The Big City1L19.95DC
Astro City: Family Album2L19.95DC
Astro City: Tarnished Angel3L19.95DC
Astro City: Confession4L19.95DC
Astro City: Local Heroes517.99DC
Athena Inc: Manhunter Project119.95I
Atom Archives HC149.95DC
Atomic City Tales: Go Power TP1L12.95Oni
Authority: Human On The Inside17.99DC
Authority: Human On The Inside HCL24.95DC
Authority: Kev14.99DC
Authority: Magnificent KevinL14.99DC
Authority: Revolution Book 114.99DC
Authority: Revolution Book 214.99DC
Authority: Relentless117.95DC
Authority: Under New Management217.95DC
Authority: Earth Inferno And Other Stories3L17.95DC
Authority: Transfer Of Power417.95DC
Authority: Harsh Realities514.95DC
Authority: Fractured Worlds6L17.95DC
Authority/Lobo: Holiday HellL17.99DC
Avengers: Above And BeyondL24.99M
Avengers: Celestial MadonnaL19.95M
Avengers: Clear & Present DangersL19.95M
Avengers: Defenders War14.95M
Avengers: ForeverL24.95M
Avengers: Kang Dynasty29.99M
Avengers: Kang-Time & Time AgainL19.99M
Avengers: Kree-Skrull WarL19.95M
Avengers: Living LegendsL19.99M
Avengers: Next RebirthL13.99M
Avengers: Serpent CrownL15.99M
Avengers: Supreme JusticeL17.95M
Avengers: Ultron Imperative5.99M
Avengers: Ultron UnlimitedL14.95M
Avengers: Under SiegeL16.95M
Avengers: Vision And The Scarlet WitchL15.99M
Avengers: World Trust1L14.99M
Avengers: Red Zone2L14.99M
Avengers: Search For She-Hulk3L12.99M
Avengers: Lionheart Of Avalon4L11.99M
Avengers: Once An Invader514.99M
Avengers Disassembled15.99M
Avengers Disassembled: Capt. AmericaL17.99M
Avengers Disassembled: Iron ManL14.99M
Avengers Disassembled: ThorL16.99M
Avengers Disassembled HCL24.99M
Avengers Initiative: Basic Training1L14.99M
Avengers Initiative: Basic Training HC1L19.99M
Avengers Legends: Avengers Forever124.95M
Avengers Legends: The Korvac Saga219.95M
Avengers Legends: George Perez Book 1316.99M
Avengers West Coast: Vision QuestL24.99M
Avengers/Thunderbolts: Nefaria Protocols119.99M
Avengers/Thunderbolts: Best Intentions214.99M
Avengers: Assemble HC1L29.99M
Avengers: Assemble HC2L29.99M
Avengers: Assemble HC3L29.99M
Avengers: Assemble HC4L34.99M
Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes HC1L24.99M
Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes HC2L24.99M
Avengers: Galactic Storm1L29.99M
Avengers: Galactic Storm2L29.99M
Azpiri Demonwinds HC14.95
Badlands Coll.L13.95DH
Ballad Of Dr Richardson9.95
Ballad Of Halo Jones119.95Tit
Ballad Of Sleeping BeautyL21.99I
Banzai Girl1L14.95Sir
Barb WireL8.95DH
Barnum HCL29.95DC
Barry Windsor Smith Opus139.95Fan
Barry Windsor Smith Opus249.95Fan
Bart Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror15.95
Bastard Samurai: Samurai Noir1L12.95I
Batgirl: Year OneL19.95DC
Batgirl: Silent Running1L12.95DC
Batgirl: A Knight Alone2L12.95DC
Batgirl: Death Wish3L14.95DC
Batgirl: Fists Of Fury4L14.95DC
Batgirl: Kicking Assassins5L14.99DC
Batgirl: Destuctions Daughter6L19.99DC
Batman: A Death In The Family12.95DC
Batman: A Lonely Place Of Dying5.95DC
Batman: AbsolutionL17.95DC
Batman: Absolution HCL24.95DC
Batman: AnarkyL12.95DC
Batman: Arkham AsylumL17.99DC
Batman: Arkham Asylum Ann. Ed. HC29.95DC
Batman: As The Crow FliesL12.95DC
Batman: Beyond9.95DC
Batman: Blind JusticeL14.99DC
Batman: Broken City14.99DC
Batman: Broken City HCL24.95DC
Batman: Bruce Wayne MurdererL19.95DC
Batman: CataclysmL19.95DC
Batman: Child Of DreamsL19.95DC
Batman: Child Of Dreams HC24.95DC
Batman: City Of CrimeL19.99DC
Batman: ContagionL19.95DC
Batman: Dark DetectiveL14.99DC
Batman: Dark Knight Adventures7.95DC
Batman: Dark Knight DynastyL14.95DC
Batman: Dark Knight ReturnsL14.95DC
Batman: Dark Knight Returns HC24.95DC
Batman: Dark Knight Strikes AgainL19.95DC
Batman: Dark Knight Strikes Again HCL24.95DC
Batman: Dark VictoryL19.95DC
Batman: Dark Victory HC29.95DC
Batman: Death & The MaidensL19.95DC
Batman: Death In The CityL14.99DC
Batman: DetectiveL14.99DC
Batman: Detective #27L12.95DC
Batman: Detective #27 HCL19.95DC
Batman: EgoL6.95DC
Batman: Face The FaceL14.99DC
Batman: FacesL9.95DC
Batman: False Faces HCL19.99DC
Batman: Featuring Two Face & The RiddlerL12.95DC
Batman: Fortunate SonL14.95DC
Batman: Four Of A KindL14.95DC
Batman: Gotham Adventures9.95DC
Batman: Gotham By GaslightL12.99DC
Batman: Gotham County LineL17.99DC
Batman: Gotham Noir6.95DC
Batman: GothicL12.95DC
Batman: Harvest BreedL17.95DC
Batman: Harvest Breed HC24.95DC
Batman: Haunted KnightL14.95DC
Batman: Hong KongL17.95DC
Batman: Hong Kong HCL24.95DC
Batman: Hush ReturnsL12.99DC
Batman: Killing Joke HCL17.99DC
Batman: Long HalloweenL19.95DC
Batman: Lovers & Madmen HCL24.99DC
Batman: Manbat14.95DC
Batman: MitefallL4.95DC
Batman: Night CriesL12.95DC
Batman: Nine Lives17.95DC
Batman: Nine Lives HCL24.95DC
Batman: NosferatuL5.95DC
Batman: Order Of Hearts5.95DC
Batman: Other RealmsL12.95DC
Batman: Prodigal14.95DC
Batman: Ring, Arrow & The BatL19.95DC
Batman: Rules Of Engagement HCL24.99DC
Batman: Scarecrow TalesL19.99DC
Batman: SecretsL12.99DC
Batman: Secrets o/t BatcaveL17.99DC
Batman: SnowL14.99DC
Batman: Son Of A Demon9.95DC
Batman: Strange ApparitionsL12.95DC
Batman: Sword Of Azrael9.95DC
Batman: Tales o/t Batman-Tim Sale HCL29.99DC
Batman: Tales o/t Multiverse-Batman VampireL19.99DC
Batman: Tales Of The DemonL17.99DC
Batman: TerrorL12.95DC
Batman: The ChaliceL14.95DC
Batman: The CultL19.95DC
Batman: The DailiesL12.95DC
Batman: The Man Who Laughs HCL19.99DC
Batman: The MoviesL19.95DC
Batman: ThrillkillerL14.99DC
Batman: Turning PointsL14.99DC
Batman: Ultimate Guide HCL19.99DC
Batman: War CrimesL12.99DC
Batman: War DrumsL17.95DC
Batman: War On Crime OversizedL9.95DC
Batman: VenomL9.95DC
Batman: Year One DLX EdL14.99DC
Batman: Year One DLX Ed HCL19.99DC
Batman: Year One HundredL19.99DC
Batman: Year Two-Fear The ReaperL19.95DC
Batman: Knightfall-Broken Bat1L14.95DC
Batman: New Gotham-Evolution1L12.95DC
Batman: War Games-Act One1L14.95DC
Batman: Knightfall-Who Rules The Night2L14.95DC
Batman: New Gotham-Officer Down2L12.95DC
Batman: War Games-Act Two2L14.99DC
Batman: Knightfall-Knightsend3L14.95DC
Batman: War Games-Act Three3L14.99DC
Batman & Dracula: Red Rain1L12.95DC
Batman & Dracula: Bloodstorm2L12.95DC
Batman & Dracula: Crimson Mist312.95DC
Batman & Superman: Worlds FinestL19.95DC
Batman & Superman Adv: Worlds FinestL6.95DC
Batman Adv.: Dangerous Dames & Demons14.95DC
Batman Adventures7.95DC
Batman And Son HCL19.99DC
Batman And The Mad MonkL14.99DC
Batman And The Monster MenL14.99DC
Batman Archives HC1L19.95DC
Batman Archives HC249.95DC
Batman Archives HC349.95DC
Batman Archives HC449.95DC
Batman Archives HC549.95DC
Batman Begins: Movie & Other TalesL12.99DC
Batman Begins: Official Movie GuideL17.95DC
Batman Chronicles1L14.99DC
Batman Chronicles2L14.99DC
Batman Chronicles3L14.99DC
Batman Chronicles4L14.99DC
Batman Chronicles5L14.99DC
Batman Coll: Legends Of The Dark Knight12.95DC
Batman Cover To Cover HCL39.99DC
Batman Illustrated By Neal Adams1L49.95DC
Batman Illustrated By Neal Adams2L49.95DC
Batman Illustrated By Neal Adams3L49.95DC
Batman In The EightiesL19.95DC
Batman In The FiftiesL19.95DC
Batman In The FourtiesL19.95DC
Batman In The SeventiesL19.95DC
Batman In The SixtiesL19.95DC
Batman In World Finest Archives HC149.95DC
Batman vs Predator Coll Ed7.95DC
Batman/Aliens 214.95DC
Batman/Deadman: Death & Glory12.95DC
Batman/Deathblow: After The FireL12.95DC
Batman/Huntress: Cry For BloodL12.95DC
Batman/Judge Dredd Files14.95DC
Batman/Poison Ivy: Cast Shadows6.95DC
Batman/Superman: Saga o/t Super SonsL19.99DC
Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: TrinityL17.99DC
Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity HCL24.95DC
Batman/Tarzan: Claws Of The CatwomanL10.95DH
Batman: Black & White1L19.95DC
Batman: Black & White2L19.95DC
Batman: Black & White3L19.95DC
Batman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive1L12.95DC
Batman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive2L12.95DC
Batman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive3L12.95DC
Batman: Dark Knight Archives HC1L19.95DC
Batman: Dark Knight Archives HC249.95DC
Batman: Dark Knight Archives HC349.95DC
Batman: Greatest Stories Ever Told1L19.99DC
Batman: Greatest Stories Ever Told2L19.99DC
Batman: Hush1L12.95DC
Batman: Hush2L12.95DC
Batman: No Mans Land1L12.95DC
Batman: No Mans Land2L12.95DC
Batman: No Mans Land3L12.95DC
Batman: No Mans Land4L14.95DC
Batman: No Mans Land5L14.95DC
Batman: Under The Hood19.99DC
Batman: Under The Hood29.99DC
Battle Ax1L9.95SQP
Battle Chasers: A Gathering Of Heroes14.95DC
Battle Gods: Warriors Of The ChaakL19.95DH
Battle Hymn: Farewell To First Golden Age14.99I
Battle Of The Planetes: Trial By Fire1L7.99I
Battle Of The Planetes: Blood Red Sky2L16.95I
Battle Of The Planetes: Destroy All Monsters3L19.99I
Battle Pope1112.99I
Battle Pope212.95
Battle Pope Presents012.95
Battler BrittonL19.99DC
Battlestar Galactica1L14.99
Battlestar Galactica HC3L19.99
Beast Trilogy1-2L14.95DC
Beautiful Killer9.99
Beg The Question HC24.95
Best Of Bijou FunniesL19.95
Best Of Curse o/t SpawnL16.99I
Best Of Dark Horse Presents312.95DH
Best Of Fantastic Four HC1L29.95M
Best Of Josie And Pussycats10.95
Best Of Spider-Man HC1L29.95M
Best Of Spider-Man HC2L29.95M
Best Of Spider-Man HC3L29.95M
Best Of Spider-Man HC4L29.95M
Best Of Spider-Man HC5L29.99M
Best Of The SpiritL14.99DC
Best Of Wolverine HC1L29.95M
Bettie Page: Queen Of HeartsL19.95DH
Bettie Page: Queen Of The Nile12.95DH
Beyond HCL19.99M
Big Book Of BadL14.95DC
Big Book Of Conspiracies14.95DC
Big Book Of GrimmL14.95DC
Big Book Of HoaxesL14.95DC
Big Book Of Little CriminalsL14.95DC
Big Book Of LosersL14.95DC
Big Book Of MartyrsL14.95DC
Big Book Of ScandalL14.95DC
Big Book Of The 70:sL14.95DC
Big Book Of The UnexplainedL14.95DC
Big Book Of The Weird Wild WestL14.95DC
Big Book Of ThugsL14.95DC
Big Book Of Urban Legends14.95DC
Big Book Of WeirdosL14.95DC
Big Book Of ViceL14.95DC
Big Clay Pot12.95
Big Damn Hard Boiled29.95DH
Big Guy & Rusty The Robot14.95DH
Big Hoax10.95DH
Bigg TimeL14.95
Bilal: Library MemoriesL17.99DC
Billi 9914.95DH
Billy The Kid: Old Timey OdditiesL13.95DH
Birds Of Prey17.95DC
Birds Of Prey: Between Dark And Dawn16.99DC
Birds Of Prey: Blood & CircuitsL17.99DC
Birds Of Prey: Of Like MindsL14.95DC
Birds Of Prey: Old Friends, New EnemiesL17.95DC
Birds Of Prey: Perfect PitchL17.99DC
Birds Of Prey: Sensei & StudentL17.95DC
Birds Of Prey: The Battle WithinL17.99DC
Birthday Riots HC14.95NBM
Bisleys Verotik WorldL24.95
Bizarro Comics19.95DC
Bizarro Comics HC29.95DC
Bizarro World HCL29.95DC
Black Canary Archives HC149.95DC
Black Dragon17.95DH
Black Heart Billy12.95
Black Ops14.95
Black OrchidL19.95DC
Black Order Brigade HC14.95Hum
Black Panther1L14.95M
Black Panther: Bad MuthaL10.99M
Black Panther: Civil WarL17.99M
Black Panther: The BrideL14.99M
Black Panther: Who Is Black PantherL14.99M
Black Panther: Who Is Black Panther HCL21.99M
Black Panther: Enemy Of The State2L16.95M
Black Panther: The Client314.95M
Black Panther By Jack Kirby1L15.95M
Black PearlL16.95DH
Black WidowL14.99M
Black Widow: HomecomingL14.99M
Black Widow: Things They Say About HerL15.99M
Blackburne Covenant12.95DH
Blackhawk Archives HC149.95DC
Blackjack: Blood & HonourL11.95
Blade: Black & WhiteL15.99M
Blade: Sins Of The FatherL5.99M
Blade: Undead AgainL14.99M
Blade 2L19.95M
Blair Witch Chronicles15.95Oni
Blaze Of Glory9.99M
Blood: A TaleL19.95DC
Bloody MaryL19.99DC
Blue Monday: Absolute Beginners11.95Oni
Blue Monday: The Kids Are Alright10.95Oni
Blueberry: Ballad For A Coffin2L14.95
Blueberry: Angel Face3L12.95
Blueberry Saga: Confederate Gold12.95
Bluntman & Chronic14.95I
Body HeatL11.95Adult
Bogus Dead9.95
Bomb Queen: Woman Of Mass Destruction1L12.99I
Bomb Queen: Queen Of Hearts2L14.99I
Bomb Queen: Bombshell3L14.99I
Bone: Stupid Stupid Rat TailsL9.95
Bone: Out Of Boneville1L12.95
Bone: Out Of Boneville FC1L9.99
Bone: Great Cow Race214.95
Bone: Eyes Of The Storm3L16.95
Bone: Dragonslayer4L16.95
Bone: Rockjaw Master Of The Eastern5L14.95
Bone: Old Mans Cave6L15.95
Bone: Ghost Circles7L16.95
Bone: Treasure Hunters8L15.95
Bone: Crown Of Horns918.95
Bone One Vol Ed1-9L39.95
Bone One Vol Ed Limited Signed HC1-9L125.00
Book Of Jack HCL14.95Hum
Book Of Jim17.95Fan
Book Of Lost SoulsL16.99I
Book Of Mr Natural12.95Fan
Books Of Faerie14.95DC
Books Of Faerie: Auberons TaleL14.95DC
Books Of MagicL19.95DC
Books Of Magic: Life During Wartime-Book 1L9.95DC
Books Of Magic: Bindings1L12.95DC
Books Of Magic: Summonings2L19.95DC
Books Of Magic: Reckonings314.95DC
Books Of Magic: Transformations4L14.95DC
Books Of Magic: Girl In The Box514.95DC
Books Of Magic: The Burning Girl617.95DC
Books Of Magic: Death After Death719.95DC
Boris Vallejo & J Bell: Ultimate Coll. HCL29.95
Bouncer: Cains Eye HC115.95DC
Bouncer: Raising Cain1L17.95DC
Bouncer: Executioners Mercy HC2L15.95DC
Box Office Poison Compl Ed29.95Tit
BPRD: Hollow Earth & Other Stories1L17.95DH
BPRD: Soul Of Venice & Other Stories2L17.95DH
BPRD: Plague Of Frogs3L17.95DH
BPRD: The Dead4L17.95DH
BPRD: The Black Flame5L17.95DH
BPRD: Universal Machine6L17.95DH
Bram Stoker´s DraculaL14.95
Brave & The Bold: Lords Of Luck HC1L24.99DC
Breakfast After NoonL19.95Oni
Bring Back The Bad GuysL24.99M
Bring On The Bad GuysL24.99M
Brit: Old Soldier1L17.99I
Brooklyn DreamsL12.95
Buffy TVS: A Stake To The HeartL12.95DH
Buffy TVS: AutumnalL9.95DH
Buffy TVS: Bad BloodL9.95DH
Buffy TVS: Blood Of CarthageL12.95DH
Buffy TVS: Crash Test DemonsL9.95DH
Buffy TVS: Death Of BuffyL15.95DH
Buffy TVS: Dust WaltzL9.95DH
Buffy TVS: False MemoriesL12.95DH
Buffy TVS: Food Chain17.95DH
Buffy TVS: HauntedL12.95DH
Buffy TVS: Long Way HomeL15.95DH
Buffy TVS: Note From The UndergroundL12.95DH
Buffy TVS: OriginL9.95DH
Buffy TVS: Out o/t WoodworkL12.95DH
Buffy TVS: OzL9.95DH
Buffy TVS: Pale ReflectionsL9.95DH
Buffy TVS: Past LivesL12.95DH
Buffy TVS: Ring Of FireL9.95DH
Buffy TVS: Tales Of The SlayerL14.95DH
Buffy TVS: Ugly Little MonstersL12.95DH
Buffy TVS: Uninvited GuestsL10.95DH
Buffy TVS: Viva Las BuffyL12.95DH
Buffy TVS Omnibus1L24.95DH
Buffy TVS Omnibus2L24.95DH
Buffy TVS Omnibus3L24.95DH
Bugs Bunny & Friends: A Comic Celebrà14.95DC
Bullet PointsL13.99M
Bulletproof Monk9.95I
Bullseye: Greatest HitsL13.99M
Buz Sawyer: The War In The Pacific1L25.00
Buz Sawyer: Sultry´s Tiger2L25.00
Buzzboy: Trouble In Paradise11.95
By The Numbers: Road To Cao Bang1L14.95DC
Cable: The Shining Path1L16.95M
Cable: The End2L16.95M
Cable And The New MutantsL16.95M
Cable/Deadpool: If Looks Could Kill1L14.99M
Cable/Deadpool: Burnt Offering2L14.99M
Cable/Deadpool: Human Race3L14.99M
Cable/Deadpool: Bosom Buddies4L14.99M
Cable/Deadpool: Living Legends5L13.99M
Cable/Deadpool: Paved With Good Intention6L17.99M
Cable/Deadpool: Separation Anxiety7L17.99M
Cage HCL19.99M
Call Of Duty1L14.99M
Call Of Duty2L9.99M
Calvin & Hobbes: Lazy Sunday BookL14.99
Camelot 300014.95DC
Can Of Worms12.95Fan
Can´t Get NoL19.99DC
Captain America: Bicentennial BattlesL19.99M
Captain America: Death Of Captain America HCL19.99M
Captain America: Operation RebirthL14.95M
Captain America: Red, White And BlueL19.99M
Captain America: Red, White And Blue HCL29.99M
Captain America: To Serve And ProtectL17.95M
Captain America: War & RemembranceL24.99M
Captain America: Classic Years2L24.95M
Captain America: The Extremists2L13.99M
Captain America: Ice3L12.99M
Captain America: Cap Lives4L12.99M
Captain America: Homeland5L19.99M
Captain America & Falcon: MadbombL16.99M
Captain America & Falcon: Secret EmpireL19.99M
Captain America & Falcon: Two Americas1L9.99M
Captain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus HCL74.99M
Captain America by Jack KirbyL19.99M
Captain America HC1L21.99M
Captain America: Red Menace1L11.99M
Captain America: Red Menace2L11.99M
Captain America: Winter Soldier1L16.99M
Captain America: Winter Soldier2L14.99M
Captain America: Winter Soldier HC1L21.99M
Captain America: Winter Soldier HC2L19.99M
Captain Atom: ArmageddonL19.99DC
Captain Britain19.95M
Captain Marvel: First ContactL16.95M
Captain Marvel: Life & Death Of C ML24.95M
Captain Marvel: Coven2L14.99M
Captain Marvel: Crazy Like A Fox3L14.99M
Captain Marvel: Odyssey4L16.99M
Captain Universe: Power UnimaginableL19.99M
Captain Universe: Universal HeroesL13.99M
Carapaces HCL14.95Hum
Casanova: Luxuria HCL24.99I
Castle Waiting: Lucky Road117.95
Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy1L19.99
Cathedral Child10.95
Catwoman: Catwomans DeadL14.99DC
Catwoman: Its Only A MovieL19.99DC
Catwoman: Nine Lives Of A Feline FataleL14.95DC
Catwoman: ReplacementsL14.99DC
Catwoman: Selinas Big ScoreL17.95DC
Catwoman: Selinas Big Score HCL24.95DC
Catwoman: The CatfileL9.95DC
Catwoman: The Movie & Other Cat TalesL9.95DC
Catwoman: The Ultimate Guide HCL19.99
Catwoman: When In RomeL12.99DC
Catwoman: When In Rome HCL19.99DC
Catwoman: Dark End Of The Street1L14.95DC
Catwoman: Crooked Little Town2L14.95DC
Catwoman: Relentless3L19.95DC
Caught In The Web Spider-ManL19.95M
Cerebus: High Society2L25.00
Cerebus: Church & State I3L30.00
Cerebus: Church & State II4L30.00
Cerebus: Jakas Story5L25.00
Cerebus: Melmoth617.00
Cerebus: Flight717.00
Cerebus: Women817.00
Cerebus: Reads917.00
Cerebus: Minds1017.00
Cerebus: Guys1120.00
Cerebus: Ricks Story1217.00
Cerebus: Going Home1325.00
Cerebus: Form & Void1425.00
Cerebus: Latter Days1535.00
Cerebus: The Last Day1625.00
Chaland Anthology: Freddy Lombard1L17.95DC
Challengers Of The Unknown: Stolen Moments…L16.99DC
Challengers Of The Unknown Must DieL19.95DC
Champions Classic1L19.99M
Channel Zero12.95
Charles Burns Library: Big Baby HC224.95Fan
Charles Burns Library: Skin Deep HC324.95Fan
Charm School111.95
Chasing Dogma12.95I
Checkmate: A Kings Game1L14.99DC
Checkmate: Pawn Breaks2L14.99DC
Cheech Wizard212.95Fan
Chronicles Of Conan1L15.95DH
Chronicles Of Conan14L16.95DH
Chronicles Of Conan: Rogues In The House2L15.95DH
Chronicles Of Conan: Monoliths & Stories3L15.95DH
Chronicles Of Conan: Song Of Red Sonja…4L15.95DH
Chronicles Of Conan: Shadow In The Tomb5L15.95DH
Chronicles Of Conan: Curse o/t Golden Skull6L15.95DH
Chronicles Of Conan: Dweller In The Pool7L15.95DH
Chronicles Of Conan: Brothers o/t Blade…8L16.95DH
Chronicles Of Conan: River Dragons & Others9L16.95DH
Chronicles Of Conan: Giants Walk The Earth10L16.95DH
Chronicles Of Conan: Dance o/t Skull11L16.95DH
Chronicles Of Conan: Beast King Of …12L16.95DH
Chronicles Of Conan: Whispering Shadows13L16.95DH
Chronicles Of The Universe Coll116.95
Chronicles Of Wormwood: Last EnemyL7.99
Cisco Kid: Hell´s Gates1L10.95
City Of OthersL14.95DC
City Of Silence9.95I
City Of Tomorrow19.99DC
Civil WarL24.99M
Civil War: Amazing Spider-ManL17.99M
Civil War: Captain AmericaL11.99M
Civil War: CompanionL13.99M
Civil War: Fantastic FourL17.99M
Civil War: Iron ManL11.99M
Civil War: Marvel UniverseL11.99M
Civil War: Peter Parker Spider-ManL17.99M
Civil War: Road To Civil WarL14.99M
Civil War: ThunderboltsL13.99M
Civil War: War CrimesL17.99M
Civil War: WolverineL17.99M
Civil War: X-MenL11.99M
Civil War: X-Men UniverseL13.99M
Civil War: Young Avengers & RunawaysL11.99M
Civil War: Front Line1L14.99M
Civil War: Front Line2L14.99M
Clan Apis15.00
Claw: The UnconqueredL17.99DC
Clerks: The Comic Book10.95I
Click Collected (1-3) HCL29.95Adult
Clyde Fans Part One7.95
Cobblers MonsterL14.99I
Codename: BabetoolL9.95
Colère Noire: For Justice….14.95Hum
Coll. Works Of Jules Feitter: Clifford19.95Fan
Collected Omaha: Cat Dancer1L14.95Fan
Colonia Islands & Anomalies112.95
Combat Zone: True Tales Of GI:s In IRAQ1L19.99M
Comical Tragedy Of Punch & Judy6.95
Comics Journal Library: Jack Kirby1L18.95
Comics Journal Library: R Crumb3L18.95
Comics Journal Library: Drawing The Line4L22.95
Comics Journal Library: Classic Comic Ill.5L22.95
Comics Journal Library: The Writers6L22.95
Comics Journal Summer 2002 Special22.95
Comics Journal Winter 2002 Special19.95
Common Grounds19.99I
Complete 30 Days Of Night Trilogy HC1-3L100.00IDW
Complete Bite ClubL19.99DC
Complete CannonL19.95Fan
Complete Darkham Vale32.95
Complete Dennis The Menace 1951-52 HCL24.95
Complete Dick Tracy HC1L29.99IDW
Complete Dick Tracy HC2L29.99IDW
Complete Dick Tracy HC3L29.99IDW
Complete Frank Miller Spider-Man HCL29.95M
Complete GeishaL15.95Oni
Complete Indigo PrimeL19.99DC
Complete Metal Gear SolidL35.00
Complete Metal Gear Solid HCL55.00
Complete MoonshadowL39.95DC
Complete Peanuts 1950-1952 HC1L28.95Fan
Complete Terry & The Pirates HC1L49.99IDW
Complete Terry & The Pirates HC2L49.99IDW
Complete Terry & The Pirates HC3L49.99IDW
Completely Pip & NortonL9.95DH
Conan: Blood Stained Crown …L14.95DH
Conan: Book Of ThothL17.95DH
Conan: The Demons Of KhitaiL12.95DH
Conan: The Jewels Of Gwahlur HCL13.95DH
Conan: Ultimate Guide To Savage … HCL24.99
Conan: Frost Giants Daughter & Stories1L15.95DH
Conan: Frost Giants Daughter & Stories HC124.95DH
Conan: God In The Bowl & Other Stories2L15.95DH
Conan: God In The Bowl & Other Stories HC224.95DH
Conan: Tower Of The Elephant & Stories3L15.95DH
Conan: Tower Of The Elephant & Stories HC3L24.95DH
Conan: Hall o/t Dead & Other Stories4L15.95DH
Conan: Hall o/t Dead & Other Stories HC4L24.95DH
Conan: Rogues In The House5L17.95DH
Conan: Rogues In The House HC5L24.95DH
Conan & The Midnight GodL14.95DH
Conan & The Songs o/t DeadL14.95DH
Concrete: Compl. Short Stories 1990-199514.95DH
Concrete: Complete Concrete24.95DH
Concrete: Killer Smile16.95DH
Concrete: Think Like A Mountain17.95DH
Confessions Of A BlabbermouthL9.99DC
Connor Hawke: Dragons BloodL19.99DC
Constantine The Hellblazer CollectionL14.95DC
Contest Of Champions2L14.95M
Copybook Tales19.95
Corto Maltese: Voodoo For The President3L8.95NBM
Cosmic OdysseyL19.95DC
Coup DétatL12.95DC
Courageous Princess: Kingdom Of Leptia3L12.95Ant
Courtney Crumrin & The Night Things11.95
Couscous Express12.95
Cowboy Wally ShowL14.95
Cowboys & AliensL4.99I
Covert Vampiric OperationsL19.99IDW
Cracked Guide To The MoviesL8.95NBM
Creech: Rage Against DeathL9.95I
Creeper: Welcome To CreepvilleL19.99DC
Criminal: Coward1L14.99DC
Criminal: Lawless2L14.99DC
Criminal Macabre: A Cal McD MysteryL14.95DH
Crimson: Loyalty & Loss1L12.95DC
Crimson: Heaven & Earth2L14.95DC
Crimson: Earth Angel3L14.95DC
Crimson: Redemption4L14.95DC
Crisis Aftermath: Battle For BludhavenL12.99DC
Crisis Aftermath: The SpectreL12.99DC
Crisis On Infinite EarthsL29.95DC
Crisis On Infinite Earths Absolute Ed HCL99.99DC
Crisis On Multiple Earths1L14.95DC
Crisis On Multiple Earths2L14.95DC
Crisis On Multiple Earths3L14.95DC
Crisis On Multiple Earths4L14.99DC
Crisis On Multiple Earths: The Team Ups1L14.99DC
Crisis On Multiple Earths: The Team Ups2L14.99DC
Cross Bronx1L14.99I
Crossgen IllustratedL24.95
Crossing Midnight1L9.99DC
Crossing Midnight: A Map Of Midnight2L14.99DC
Crossover Classics1L24.95DC/M
Crossover Classics2L14.95DC/M
Crossover Classics3L24.95DC/M
Crossover Classics4L14.95DC/M
Crow: Dead Time210.95
Crow: Flesh & Blood3L10.95
Cruise Of Lost Souls HC15.95Hum
Crux: Atlantis Rising1L15.95CGE
Crux: Test Of Time2L15.95CGE
Crux: Strangers In Atlantis3L15.95CGE
CSI: Bad RapL19.99IDW
CSI: Dominos19.99IDW
CSI: MiamiL19.99IDW
CSI: Secret Identity19.99IDW
CSI: SerialL19.99IDW
CSI: Case Files1L19.99IDW
Curse o/t Spawn: Shades Of Grey3L9.95I
Cyberforce: Tin Men Of WarL12.95I
Cyclone Bill And The Tall TalesL16.95
D R & Quinch Complete14.95
Daddys Girl9.95Fan
Dan & Larry9.95
Danger Girl: Back In BlackL12.99DC
Danger Girl: Body ShotsL12.99DC
Danger Girl: Odd JobsL14.95DC
Danger Girl: The Ultimate CollectionL19.95DC
Danger Girl: The Ultimate Collection HCL29.95DC
Danger Unlimited: Phoenix Agenda14.95DH
Danger Unlimited: Phoenix Agenda HC59.95DH
Daredevil: Battlin Jack MurdockL10.99M
Daredevil: Father HCL24.99M
Daredevil: Gang WarL15.95M
Daredevil: Hell To Pay Book 1L14.99M
Daredevil: Hell To Pay Book 2L15.99M
Daredevil: Loves Labor LostL19.99M
Daredevil: NinjaL12.95M
Daredevil: RedemptionL14.99M
Daredevil: The MovieL12.99M
Daredevil: Yellow HCL29.95M
Daredevil: Guardian Devil1L19.99M
Daredevil: Parts Of A Hole2L17.95M
Daredevil: Wake Up3L9.99M
Daredevil: Underboss4L14.99M
Daredevil: Out5L19.99M
Daredevil: Lowlife6L13.99M
Daredevil: Hardcore7L13.99M
Daredevil: Echo Vision Quest8L13.99M
Daredevil: King Of Hells Kitchen9L13.99M
Daredevil: The Widow10L17.99M
Daredevil: Golden Age11L13.99M
Daredevil: Decalogue12L14.99M
Daredevil: The Murdock Papers13L14.99M
Daredevil By Frank Miller Omnibus HCL99.99M
Daredevil HC1L29.99M
Daredevil HC2L29.99M
Daredevil HC3L29.99M
Daredevil HC4L29.99M
Daredevil HC5L29.99M
Daredevil HC6L34.99M
Daredevil Legends: Yellow1L14.99M
Daredevil Legends: Born Again2L17.95M
Daredevil Legends: Man Without Fear3L16.95M
Daredevil Legends: Typhoid Mary4L19.99M
Daredevil Visionaries: Kevin SmithL19.95M
Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller1L17.95M
Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller2L24.95M
Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller3L24.95M
Daredevil vs Bullseye1L15.99M
Daredevil vs PunisherL15.99M
Daredevil/Elektra: Love And War HCL29.99M
Daredevil: Devil Inside And Out1L14.99M
Daredevil: Devil Inside And Out2L14.99M
Dark Horse: Book Of The Dead HC14.95DH
Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings9.95DH
Dark Horse Short Story Coll12.95DH
Dark Knight Archives HC1L49.99DC
Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born HCL24.99M
Darkham Vale1L19.95
Darkminds: Paradox1L19.95I
Darkminds: Macropolis2L9.95Dre
Darkness: Ultimate CollectionL17.99I
Darkness: Coming Of Age114.95I
Darkness: Heart Of Darkness2L14.95I
Darkness: Flesh & BloodL24.99I
Darkness: Original Sin3L24.95I
Darkness: Resurrection4L14.99I
Darkness: Demon Inside5L19.99I
Darkness: Depths Of Hell6L14.99I
Darkness Compendium Edition1-40+L49.99I
Daughters o/t Dragon: Samurai BulletsL15.99M
Dawn: Lucifers Halo1L17.99I
Dawn: Return Of The Goddess2L12.95I
Dawn: Return Of The Goddess HC239.95I
Dawn: Three Tiers HC3L39.99I
Dawn Of The Dead17.99IDW
Day Of VengeanceL12.99DC
Days Like ThisL8.95
DC Comics Encyclopedia HCL40.00
DC Universe ChristmasL19.95DC
DC Universe Stories Of Alan MooreL19.99DC
DC vs MarvelL15.95DC
DC/Top Cow: Crossover ClassicsL14.99DC
DC: The New Frontier1L19.95DC
DC: The New Frontier2L19.99DC
DC´s Greatest Imaginary StoriesL19.99DC
Dead At 17: Complete First Series1L14.95
Dead At 17: Blood Of Saints2L14.95
Dead At 17 CompendiumL24.95
Dead End HCL13.95Fan
Deadbeats: New In Town1L12.95
Deadbeats: Learning The Game212.95
Deadenders: Stealing The SunL9.95DC
Deadman: Deadman Walking1L9.99DC
Deadman Coll HCL75.00DC
Death: High Cost Of Living12.95DC
Death: Time Of Your LifeL12.95DC
Death At Deaths DoorL9.95DC
Death Jr14.99I
Deathblow: Sinners And SaintsL19.95DC
Deathblow & WolverineL8.95I
Deaths Head 3.0 Unnatural SelectionL13.99M
Decimation: 198L15.99M
Decimation: Generation ML13.99M
Decimation: Sentinel Squad OneL13.99M
Decimation: Son Of ML13.99M
Decimation: X-Men - The Day AfterL15.99M
Decoy: Storm Of The CenturyL17.95
Deep Sleeper12.95I
Defenders: Indefensible Premiere HCL19.99M
Definitive Shi: Essential Warrior1L24.99
Deicide: Path Of The DeadL14.95DC
Deicide: Rage Against The Gods HC1L15.95DC
Deity #1-6 Pack17.95I
Delicate Creatures HC16.95I
Demon Wars1L18.99
Demon Wind HCL14.95HeaM
Demonslayer HC139.95
Demonwars: Trial By Fire1L12.95
Desolation Jones: Made In EnglandL14.99DC
Desperadoes: A Moments Sunlight1L16.95DC
Desperadoes: Epidemic2L5.95DC
Desperadoes: Quiet Of The Grave3L14.95DC
Desperadoes: Banners Of Gold4L19.99DC
Destiny: A Chronicle Of Deaths ForetoldL14.95DC
Dick Tracy: The Collins Casefiles1L17.95
Dick Tracy: The Collins Casefiles2L18.95
Dick Tracy: The Collins Casefiles3L17.95
Different Ugliness Different MadnessL14.99DC
Dignifying Science16.95
Dinotopia: Land Apart From Time HC19.95
Dioramas A Love StoryL12.95I
Dirty Stories2L15.95Adult
Dirty Stories3L16.95Adult
Distant Soil: The Gathering119.95I
Distant Soil: The Ascendant218.95I
Distant Soil: The Aria316.95I
Distant Soil: Coda4L17.99I
District X: Mr M1L14.99M
District X: Underground2L19.99M
Divine Right1L17.95DC
Divine Right2L17.95DC
Dixie Road110.95NBM
Dixie Road210.95NBM
DMZ: On The Ground1L9.99DC
DMZ: Body Of A Journalist2L12.99DC
DMZ: Public Works3L12.99DC
DMZ: Friendly Fire4L12.95DC
Doctor CyborgL9.95I
Doctor MidniteL19.95DC
Doctor Spectrum: Full SpectrumL16.99M
Doctor Strange: OathL13.99M
Dodge´s BulletsL9.95I
Dogwitch: Direct To Video114.95
Doll & Creature12.95
Don Rosa Archives: Captain Kentucky230.00
Don´t Call Me Stupid12.95Fan
Doofus Omnibus16.95
Doom Patrol: Crawling From Wreckage1L19.99DC
Doom Patrol: Painting That Ate Paris219.99DC
Doom Patrol: Down Paradise Way3L19.99DC
Doom Patrol: Musclebound4L19.99DC
Doom Patrol: Magic Bus5L19.99DC
Doom Patrol: Planet Love6L19.99DC
Doom Patrol Archives HC1L49.95DC
Dork: Whos Laughing Now111.95
Dork Tower Coll: Dork Covenant1L15.95
Dork Tower Coll: Dork Shadows215.95
Dork Tower Coll: Heart Of Dorkness315.95
Dork Tower Coll: Livin La Vida Dorka415.95
Dork Tower Coll: Understanding Gamers5L15.99
Dormant Beast10.95Hum
Dormant Beast HCL15.95Hum
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde HC15.95
Dr Strange: A Separate RealityL17.95M
Dr Strange Vs Dracula: Montesi FormulaL19.99M
Dragon LadyL10.95
Dragonlance: Legend Of Huma1L18.99DevD
Dragonlance Chronicles: Dragons Of Autumn…1L17.95DevD
Dragonlance Chronicles: Dragons Of Winter…2L18.99DevD
Dragonlance Chronicles: Dragons Of Spring…3L18.99DevD
Drawn & Quarterly324.95
Drawn & Quarterly424.95
Drax The Destroyer: Earth FallL10.99M
Dreadstar: Metamorphosis Odyssey110.95
Dreadstar: Price212.95
Dreadstar: Plan M316.95
Dreadstar: Secret Of Z416.95
Dreaming: Beyond The Shores Of Night119.95DC
Dreaming: Through Gates Of Horn & Ivory3L19.95DC
Drew Struzan Oeuvre HCL59.95
Dusk: Poor Tom HC14.95Hum
DV8: Neighborhood ThreatL14.95DC
Dylan Dog Zed5.95
E.V.E Protomecha: Sins Of The Daughter117.95I
Earth XL29.99M
Earth X HCL49.99M
EC Crime & Crime Patrol Compl SetL250.00
EC Gunfighter Saddle Justice100.00
EC Haunt Of Fear Compl SetL250.00
EC Shock Suspenstories PackL42.50
EC Tales From The Crypt Compl SetL299.00
EC Tales Of Terror24.95
EC Vault Of Horror Compl SetL250.00
Eddie Campb Coll Bacchus110.95
Eddie Campb Coll Bacchus29.95
Eddie Campb Coll Bacchus613.50
Eddie Campb Coll Bacchus: Doing Islands317.95
Eddie Campb Coll Bacchus: One Man Show48.50
Eddie Campb Coll Bacchus: Earth Air Water59.95
Eddie Campb Coll Bacchus: King Bacchus912.95
Eightball: 20thCentury Eightball19.00
Eightball: Caricature Nine Stories16.95
Eightball: Ghost World9.95
Eightball: Like A Velvet Glove In Iron19.95
El Cazador1L12.99
El DiabloL12.99DC
El Gaucho20.95
El NinoL17.99DC
Electric Girl1L9.95
Electric Girl213.95
Elektra: Scorpio KeyL15.95M
Elektra: The HandL13.99M
Elektra: The MovieL12.99M
Elektra: Introspect1L16.99M
Elektra: Everything Old Is New Again2L16.99M
Elektra: Relentless3L14.99M
Elektra: Frenzy4L17.99M
Elektra & Wolverine: The Redeemer HCL29.95M
Elektra Assassin24.95M
Elektra Lives Again HC124.99M
Elephantmen: Wounded Animals HC1L24.99I
Elfquest: Searcher & The Sword14.99DC
Elfquest: Searcher & The Sword HC24.95DC
Elfquest: The DiscoveryL14.99DC
Elfquest Archives HC1L49.95DC
Elfquest Archives HC249.95DC
Elfquest Archives HC349.95DC
Elfquest Readers Coll: Huntress11AL11.95
Elfquest Readers Coll: Wild Hunt11BL13.95
Elfquest: The Grand Quest1L9.95DC
Elfquest: The Grand Quest2L9.95DC
Elfquest: The Grand Quest3L9.95DC
Elfquest: The Grand Quest4L9.95DC
Elfquest: The Grand Quest5L9.95DC
Elfquest: The Grand Quest6L9.95DC
Elfquest: The Grand Quest7L9.95DC
Elfquest: The Grand Quest8L9.99DC
Elfquest: The Grand Quest9L9.99DC
Elfquest: The Grand Quest10L9.99DC
Elfquest: The Grand Quest11L9.99DC
Elfquest: The Grand Quest12L9.99DC
Elfquest: The Grand Quest13L9.99DC
Elfquest: The Grand Quest14L9.99DC
Elfquest: Wolfrider1L9.95DC
Elfquest: Wolfrider29.95DC
Elric: Making Of A SorcererL19.99DC
Elric: Stormbringer17.95DH
Elric Of MelniboneL14.95
Emily The Strange1L19.95DH
Emma Frost: Higher Learning1L7.99M
Encycl. Of Comic Book Heroes: Batman1L19.99
Encycl. Of Comic Book Heroes: Wonder…2L19.99
Enemy Ace: War Idyll1L14.95DC
Enemy Ace: War In Heaven2L14.95DC
Enemy Ace Archives HC149.95DC
Eno & Plum12.95DH
Eros: Bondage CopL12.95Adult
Eros: Liz & Beth #212L12.95Adult
Eros: Domino Lady19L14.95Adult
Eros: City Of Dreams23L14.95Adult
Eros: The Blonde #324L12.95Adult
Eros: I Want To Be Your Dog25L16.95Adult
Eros: Hells Mistress49L15.95Adult
Eros: Boffy The Vampire Layer51L14.95Adult
Eros: XXX Files52L14.95Adult
Escape o/t Living Dead1L15.99AvaP
Essential Ant Man1L14.95M
Essential Avengers1L14.95M
Essential Avengers2L14.95M
Essential Avengers3L14.95M
Essential Avengers4L16.99M
Essential Avengers5L16.99M
Essential Avengers6L16.99M
Essential Captain America1L14.95M
Essential Captain America2L14.95M
Essential Captain America3L16.99M
Essential Captain America4L14.95M
Essential Classic X-Men2L16.99M
Essential Conan14.95M
Essential Daredevil1L14.95M
Essential Daredevil2L14.95M
Essential Daredevil3L16.99M
Essential Daredevil4L14.95M
Essential Defenders1L16.99M
Essential Defenders2L16.99M
Essential Defenders3L16.99M
Essential Dr Strange1L15.95M
Essential Dr Strange2L16.99M
Essential Dr Strange3L15.95M
Essential Fantastic Four1L14.95M
Essential Fantastic Four2L14.95M
Essential Fantastic Four3L14.95M
Essential Fantastic Four4L14.95M
Essential Fantastic Four5L16.99M
Essential Fantastic Four6L16.99M
Essential Ghost Rider1L16.99M
Essential Ghost Rider2L16.99M
Essential Godzilla1L19.99M
Essential Howard The Duck1L14.95M
Essential Human Torch1L14.99M
Essential Incredible Hulk1L14.95M
Essential Incredible Hulk2L14.95M
Essential Incredible Hulk3L16.99M
Essential Incredible Hulk4L16.99M
Essential Iron Fist1L16.99M
Essential Iron Man1L14.95M
Essential Iron Man2L16.99M
Essential Iron Man3L16.99M
Essential Killraven1L16.99M
Essential Luke Cage1L16.99M
Essential Luke Cage2L16.99M
Essential Man-Thing1L16.99M
Essential Marvel Horror1L16.99M
Essential Marvel Saga1L16.99M
Essential Marvel Team Up1L14.95M
Essential Marvel Team Up2L16.99M
Essential Marvel Two In One1L16.99M
Essential Marvel Two In One2L16.99M
Essential Monster Of Frankenstein1L16.99M
Essential Moon Knight1L16.99M
Essential Ms Marvel1L16.99M
Essential Nova1L16.99M
Essential Off. Handbook Of Marvel Univ. Update1L16.99M
Essential Off. Handbook Of Marvel Universe1L16.99M
Essential Off. Handbook Of Marvel Universe DLX1L16.99M
Essential Off. Handbook Of Marvel Universe DLX2L16.99M
Essential Off. Handbook Of Marvel Universe DLX3L16.99M
Essential Painkiller Jane1L19.99D.E.
Essential Peter Parker Spect. Sp.-Man1L16.99M
Essential Peter Parker Spect. Sp.-Man2L16.99M
Essential Peter Parker Spect. Sp.-Man3L16.99M
Essential Power Man & Iron Fist1L16.99M
Essential Punisher1L14.95M
Essential Punisher2L14.95M
Essential Savage She-Hulk1L16.99M
Essential Silver Surfer1L14.95M
Essential Silver Surfer2L14.95M
Essential Spider-Man1L14.95M
Essential Spider-Man2L14.95M
Essential Spider-Man3L14.95M
Essential Spider-Man4L14.95M
Essential Spider-Man5L14.95M
Essential Spider-Man6L16.99M
Essential Spider-Man7L16.99M
Essential Spider-Man8L16.99M
Essential Spider-Woman1L16.99M
Essential Spider-Woman2L16.99M
Essential Super-Villain Team-Up1L16.99M
Essential Tales Of Zombie1L16.99M
Essential Thor1L14.95M
Essential Thor216.99M
Essential Thor3L16.99M
Essential Tomb Of Dracula1L14.99M
Essential Tomb Of Dracula2L16.99M
Essential Tomb Of Dracula3L16.99M
Essential Tomb Of Dracula4L16.99M
Essential Uncanny X-Men114.95M
Essential Werewolf By Night1L16.99M
Essential Werewolf By Night2L16.99M
Essential Wolverine1L14.95M
Essential Wolverine2L14.95M
Essential Wolverine3L14.95M
Essential Wolverine4L16.99M
Essential X-Factor1L16.99M
Essential X-Factor2L16.99M
Essential X-Men1L14.95M
Essential X-Men2L14.95M
Essential X-Men3L14.95M
Essential X-Men4L14.95M
Essential X-Men5L16.99M
Essential X-Men6L16.99M
Essential X-Men7L16.99M
Essential X-Men8L16.99M
Eternal Temptation29.95
Eternals By Jack Kirby HCL75.00M
Eternals By Neil Gaiman HCL29.99M
Eve Protomecha: Sins Of The Daughter1L17.95I
Event Horizon1L19.95
Event Horizon2L19.95
Evil Ernie: Revenge12.95
Ex Machina: First Hundred Days1L9.99DC
Ex Machina: Tag212.99DC
Ex Machina: Favt V Fiction312.99DC
Excalibur: Forging The Sword1L9.99M
Excalibur: Saturday Night Fever2L14.99M
Excalibur Classic: The Sword Is Drawn1L19.99M
Excalibur Classic: The Sword Is Drawn2L24.99M
Exiles: Down The Rabbit Hole1L12.95M
Exiles: A World Apart2L14.99M
Exiles: Out Of Time3L17.95M
Exiles: Legacy4L12.99M
Exiles: Unnatural Instincts5L14.99M
Exiles: Fantastic Voyage6L17.99M
Exiles: A Blink In Time7L19.99M
Exiles: Earn Your Wings8L14.99M
Exiles: Bump In The Night9L17.99M
Exiles: Age Of Apocalypse10L12.99M
Exiles: Time Breakers11L17.99M
Exiles: World Tour Book1216.99M
Exiles: New Exiles14L14.99M
Expo 2002 Anthology9.95
Exterminator 17 HCL15.95
Exterminators: Bug Brothers1L9.99DC
Exterminators: Insurgency2L12.99DC
Eye Of The Beholder10.95
Eyes Of Light: Fantasy Drawings Of F BrunnerL16.95
Fables: 1001 Nights Of Snowfall HCL19.99DC
Fables: Legends In Exile1L9.95DC
Fables: Animal Farm2L12.95DC
Fables: Storybook Love3L14.95DC
Fables: March Of The Wooden Soldiers4L17.95DC
Fables: The Mean Seasons5L14.99DC
Fables: Homelands6L14.99DC
Fables: Arabian Night & Days7L14.99DC
Fables: Wolves8L17.99DC
Fables: Sons Of Empire9L17.99DC
Fade From GraceL14.99I
Fallen Angel1L12.95DC
Fallen Angel: Down To Earth2L14.99DC
Fallen Son: Death Of Captain AmericaL13.99DC
Fallen Son: Death Of Captain America HCL19.95DC
Famous Monster Art Of Basil GogosL24.95
Fang Testament11.95
Fantastic Art: Best Of Luis Rojo HCL49.95
Fantastic Butterflies14.95
Fantastic FirstsL29.95M
Fantastic Five: Final DoomL13.99M
Fantastic Four: 1234L9.99M
Fantastic Four: Books Of DoomL14.99M
Fantastic Four: Books Of Doom HCL19.99M
Fantastic Four: First FamilyL15.99M
Fantastic Four: Flesh & StoneL12.95M
Fantastic Four: FoesL16.99M
Fantastic Four: Four InhumansL19.99M
Fantastic Four: Heroes RebornL17.95M
Fantastic Four: Into The BreachL15.95M
Fantastic Four: Iron Man Big In JapanL12.99M
Fantastic Four: New Fantastic Four HCL19.99M
Fantastic Four: Res. Of Nicholas ScratchL14.99M
Fantastic Four: Spider-Man ClassicL16.99M
Fantastic Four: The EndL14.99M
Fantastic Four: The End HCL19.99M
Fantastic Four: The Life FantasticL16.99M
Fantastic Four: The MovieL12.99M
Fantastic Four: Ultimate Guide HCL24.99
Fantastic Four: Unstable MoleculesL13.99M
Fantastic Four: Imaginauts1L17.99M
Fantastic Four: Unthinkable2L17.99M
Fantastic Four: Authoritative Action3L12.99M
Fantastic Four: Hereafter4L11.99M
Fantastic Four: Disassembled5L14.99M
Fantastic Four: Rising Storm6L13.99M
Fantastic Four By J. M. Straczynski1L14.99M
Fantastic Four By J. M. Straczynski HC1L19.99M
Fantastic Four HC1L29.99M
Fantastic Four HC2L29.99M
Fantastic Four HC3L29.99M
Fantastic Four Legends: Unstable Molecules1L13.99M
Fantastic Four Omnibus HC1L99.99M
Fantastic Four Omnibus HC2L99.99M
Fantastic Four/Spider-Man ClassicL16.99M
Fantastic Four: Visionaries George Perez1L19.99M
Fantastic Four: Visionaries George Perez2L19.99M
Fantastic Four: Visionaries John Byrne1L19.95M
Fantastic Four: Visionaries John Byrne2L24.99M
Fantastic Four: Visionaries John Byrne3L24.99M
Fantastic Four: Visionaries John Byrne4L24.99M
Fantastic Four: Visionaries John Byrne5L24.99M
Far West13.95
Fathom: Dawn Of WarL9.99I
Fathom HC39.95I
Fax From Sarajevo16.95
Fax From Sarajevo HC24.95
Fear Agent: Reignition1L12.95DH
Fear Agent: My War2L14.95DH
Fear Agent: Last Goodbye3L13.95DH
Felix The Cats Greatest HitsL9.95
Fell: Feral City1L12.99I
Festering Season19.95
Final NightL12.95
Finder: Sin Eater115.95
Finder: Sin Eater Part Two219.95
Finder: King Of Cats313.95
Finder: Talisman413.95
First: Magnificent Tension2L19.95CGE
First: Sinister Motives315.95CGE
First Born1L14.99I
Fistful Of Blood HCL14.95
Five Fists Of ScienceL12.99I
Flaming Carrot: Greatest Hits317.95DH
Flaming Carrot: Fortune Favors The Bold416.95DH
Flash: BlitzL19.95DC
Flash: Blood Will Run17.95DC
Flash: Born To RunL12.95DC
Flash: CrossfireL17.95DC
Flash: Dead HeatL14.95DC
Flash: Fastest Man AliveL12.99DC
Flash: Fastest Man Alive-Full ThrottleL12.99DC
Flash: Greatest Stories Ever ToldL19.99DC
Flash: IgnitionL14.95DC
Flash: Iron HeightsL5.95DC
Flash: Life Story Of The FlashL12.95DC
Flash: Race Against TimeL14.95DC
Flash: Return Of Barry AllenL12.95DC
Flash: Rogue WarL17.99DC
Flash: RoguesL14.95DC
Flash: Secret Of Barry AllenL19.99DC
Flash: Terminal VelocityL14.95DC
Flash: WonderlandL12.99DC
Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave & The BoldL12.95DC
Flash Archives HC149.95DC
Flash Archives HC249.95DC
Flash Archives HC349.95DC
Flash Gordon: Star Over AtlantisL25.00
Flash Gordon Dailies 1940-421L10.95
Flirt: Art Of Naughty1L19.95SQP
Flood Novel In Pictures14.95
Foot Soldiers214.95
Foot Soldiers314.95
Forbidden Book19.95
Forbidden Book29.95
Forgotten Realms: Dark Elf Trilogy Omnibus1-3L49.99
Forgotten Realms: Homeland1L14.95
Forgotten Realms: Legend Of Drizzt Box1-3L49.99
Forgotten Realms: Exile2L14.95
Forgotten Realms: Exile HC2L29.99
Forgotten Realms: Sojourn3L14.95
Forgotten Realms: Sojourn HC3L29.99
Forgotten Realms: Crystal Shard4L18.99
Forgotten Realms: Crystal Shard HC4L29.99
Forgotten Realms: Streams Silver5L18.99
Forgotten Realms: Streams Silver HC5L29.99
Forgotten Realms: Halflings Gem6L18.99
Formerly Known As Justice LeagueL12.95DC
Fortune & Glory14.95
Foul Play: Art & Artists On EC ComicsL29.95
Four WomenL17.95DC
Fourth Power14.95
Fourth Power HC14.95
Frank Miller: Art Of Sin City HCL39.95DH
Frank Millers RobocopL29.99
Freak Brothers Complete Ed1L32.95
Freak Brothers Complete Ed2L31.99
Freak Brothers Library3L9.95
Friday The 13thL14.99DC
Friendly Neighborhood Sp-Man: Derailed1L14.99M
Friendly Neighborhood Sp-Man: Mystery2L13.99M
From HellL35.00
Frumpy The Clown: Freaking Out Neighbors115.95
Frumpy The Clown: The Fat Lady Sings215.95
Fun With Milk And Cheese11.95
Fury: PeacemakerL17.99M
Fused: Canned Heat1L12.95DH
Fused: Think Like A Machine2L12.95DH
Futurama: Adventures2L14.95
Fuzz & Pluck12.95
G.I. Joe1L24.95M
G.I. Joe224.95M
G.I. Joe324.95M
G.I. Joe424.95M
G.I. Joe524.95M
G.I. Joe: Snake-Eyes DeclassifiedL18.95
G.I. Joe: Master & Apprentice112.95Dev
G.I. Joe: Reborn19.95Dev
G.I. Joe: Reinstated1L14.95I
G.I. Joe: Reloaded112.95
G.I. Joe: Reckonings212.95Dev
G.I. Joe: Return Of Serpentor5L12.95
G.I. Joe Frontline: Mission That Never Was1L14.95I
G.I. Joe Frontline: Icebound2L12.95
G.I. Joe Frontline: One-shots4L15.95Dev
G.I. Joe Vs Transformers1L15.95
G.I. Joe Vs Transformers Omnibus HCL49.99Dev
G.L.A.: Misassembled14.99M
Gambit: Hath No FuryL14.99M
Gambit: House Of Cards114.99M
Garth Ennis 303L19.99
Gatecrasher: Ring Of Fire12.95
Gen 13L12.95DC
Gen 131L14.99DC
Gen 13: A Christmas CaperL5.95DC
Gen 13: Best Of A Bad LotL14.99DC
Gen 13: Bootleg11.95DC
Gen 13: Grunge Saves The WorldL5.95DC
Gen 13: I Love N YL9.95DC
Gen 13: Interactive Plus11.95DC
Gen 13: London New York Hell6.95DC
Gen 13: Lost In ParadiseL6.95DC
Gen 13: MeanwhileL17.95DC
Gen 13: Medicine SongL5.95DC
Gen 13: Ordinary HeroesL14.95DC
Gen 13: Science FrictionL5.95DC
Gen 13: September SongL19.95DC
Gen 13: Starting OverL14.95DC
Gen 13: Super-Human Like YouL12.95DC
Gen 13: We´ll Take ManhattanL14.95DC
Gen 13: Who They Are And How They….L14.99DC
Gen 13: Road Trip2L14.99DC
Genesis: The #1 CollectionL9.99DC
Genetic Grunge HC14.95
Ghost: Black OctoberL14.95DH
Ghost: Exhuming ElisaL17.95DH
Ghost: Hellboy Coll4.95DH
Ghost: No World So DarkL14.95DH
Ghost: NocturnesL9.95DH
Ghost: Painful MusicL9.95DH
Ghost: StoriesL8.95DH
Ghost Rider: ResurrectedL12.95M
Ghost Rider: Road To DamnationL14.99M
Ghost Rider: Road To Damnation HCL19.99M
Ghost Rider: The Hammer LineL15.95M
Ghost Rider: Trail Of Tears HCL19.99M
Ghost Rider: Vicious Cycle1L13.99M
Ghost Rider: Life & Death Of Johnny Blaze2L13.99M
Ghost Rider: Apocalypse Soon3L10.99M
Ghost Rider: Revelations4L14.99M
Ghost Rider Team-UpL15.99M
Ghost/Batgirl: Resurrection EngineL11.95DH/DC
Giant KillerL14.99I
Giant Size MarvelL24.99M
Gift: Choices1L14.95I
Gift: Consequences2L14.99I
Gipsy: Gipsy Star110.95
Gipsy: Fires Of Siberia210.95
Girl Crazy9.95
Girl Genius1L10.00
Girls: Conception1L14.99I
Girls: Emergence2L14.99I
Girls: Survival3L14.99I
Girls: Extinction4L14.99I
Girls Complete CollectionL99.99I
Give Me Liberty S&N HC114.95
Glam Warp6.95
Glimmer Rats HC14.95
Global Frequency: Planet Ablaze1L14.95DC
Global Frequency: Detonation Radio2L14.95DC
Go Boy 71L12.95DH
Go Girl: The Time Team5.95DH
God Save The Queen HCL19.99DC
Godland: Celestial Ed. HC1L34.99I
Godland: Hello Cosmic1L14.99I
Godland: Another Sunny Delight2L14.99I
Gods Bosom14.95
Gods Of AsgardL14.99
Golden AgeL19.95DC
Golden Age Flash Archives HC149.95DC
Golden Age Green Lantern Archives HC149.95DC
Golden Age Green Lantern Archives HC249.95DC
Golden Age Of Marvel1L19.95M
Golden Age Of Marvel2L19.95M
Golden Age Starman Archives HC149.95DC
Goldfish: The Definitive CollL19.95I
Golems Mighty Swing16.95
Good & EvilL12.95
Goon: Rough Stuff0L12.95DH
Goon: Nothin´ But Misery1L15.95DH
Goon: My Murderous Childhood2L13.95DH
Goon: Heaps Of Ruination3L12.95DH
Goon: My Virtue & Grim Consequences4L16.95DH
Goon: Wicked Inclinations5L14.95DH
Gotham Central: In The Line Of Duty1L9.95DC
Gotham Central: Half A Life2L14.99DC
Gotham Central: Unresolved Targets314.99DC
Gotham Central: The Quick & The Dead4L14.99DC
Gotham Central: Dead Robin5L17.99DC
Graphic Classics: Edgar Allan Poe1L11.95
Graphic Classics: Arthur Conan Doyle29.95
Graphic Classics: H G Wells39.95
Graphic Classics: H P Lovecraft4L9.95
Grasshopper And The Ant HC25.00
Gray Area: All Of This Can Be Yours1L14.95I
Greatest 1950:s Stories Ever Told5L14.95DC
Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told2L15.95DC
Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told3L14.95DC
Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told1L15.95DC
Greatest Team-Up Stories Ever Told4L14.95DC
Green Arrow: Archers QuestL14.95DC
Green Arrow: Archers Quest HCL19.95DC
Green Arrow: City WallsL12.99DC
Green Arrow: Crawling From The WreckageL12.99DC
Green Arrow: Heading Into The LightL12.99DC
Green Arrow: Longbow HuntersL14.95DC
Green Arrow: Moving Targets17.99DC
Green Arrow: QuiverL17.99DC
Green Arrow: Quiver HCL24.95DC
Green Arrow: Road To JerichoL17.99DC
Green Arrow: Sounds Of ViolenceL12.95DC
Green Arrow: Sounds Of Violence HCL19.95DC
Green Arrow: Straight ShooterL12.95DC
Green Arrow: Year One HCL24.99DC
Green Arrow by Jack KirbyL5.95DC
Green Arrow/Black Canary: For Better Or WorseL14.99DC
Green CandlesL9.95DC
Green Lantern: A New DawnL9.95DC
Green Lantern: Baptism Of Fire12.95DC
Green Lantern: Brother´s KeeperL12.95DC
Green Lantern: Circle Of FireL17.95DC
Green Lantern: Corps Recharge12.99DC
Green Lantern: Emerald AlliesL14.95DC
Green Lantern: Emerald KnightsL12.95DC
Green Lantern: Fear ItselfL14.95DC
Green Lantern: Greatest Stories Ever ToldL19.99DC
Green Lantern: Legacy The Last WillL17.95DC
Green Lantern: Legacy The Last Will HCL24.95DC
Green Lantern: New Journey Old PathL12.95DC
Green Lantern: No Fear HCL24.99DC
Green Lantern: Passing The TorchL12.95DC
Green Lantern: Power Of IronL14.95DC
Green Lantern: RebirthL14.99DC
Green Lantern: Rebirth HCL24.99DC
Green Lantern: Revenge o/t Green Lanterns HCL19.99DC
Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps War HCL24.99DC
Green Lantern: TraitorL12.95DC
Green Lantern: Wanted Hal Jordan HCL19.99DC
Green Lantern: WillworldL17.95DC
Green Lantern: Willworld HCL24.95DC
Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn I1L14.95DC
Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II2L12.95DC
Green Lantern: Road Back3L14.95DC
Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight - New Dawn4L19.95DC
Green Lantern Archives HC149.95DC
Green Lantern Archives HC249.95DC
Green Lantern Archives HC349.95DC
Green Lantern Archives HC449.95DC
Green Lantern Corps: Darker Shade Of GreenL12.99DC
Green Lantern Corps: To Be A Lantern1L12.99DC
Green Lantern vs AliensL12.95DC
Green Lantern/Green Arrow1L12.95DC
Green Lantern/Green Arrow2L12.95DC
Greetings From Hellville HC13.95
Grendel: Black, White And RedL18.95DH
Grendel: Devil InsideL12.95DH
Grendel: Devil Tales9.95DH
Grendel: Devils LegacyL29.95DH
Grendel: Past Prime Illustrated Novel14.95DH
Grendel: Red, White & BlackL19.95DH
Grendel: War Child24.95DH
Grendel Tales: Devil May CareL19.95DH
Grendel Tales: Devils And Deaths16.95DH
Grendel Tales: HomecomingL7.95DH
Grendel Tales: The Devil In Our Midst15.95DH
Greyshirt: Indigo SunsetL19.95DC
Grifter & MidnighterL17.99DC
Grimjack: Killer InstinctL19.99
Grimm Fairy Tales1L15.99
Groo: Death & TaxesL12.95DH
Groo: HoundbookL9.95DH
Groo: Inferno9.95DH
Groo: JamboreeL9.95DH
Groo: Kingdom9.95DH
Groo: LibraryL12.95DH
Groo: MaidenL12.95DH
Groo: Mightier Than The SwordL13.95DH
Groo: Most Intelligent Man In The World9.95DH
Groo: NurseryL11.95DH
Groo: OdysseyL12.95DH
Groo And Rufferto9.95DH
Grrl Scouts1L12.95I
Grrl Scouts: Work Sucks2L12.95I
Grumpy Old MonstersL13.99IDW
Gunwitch: Outskirts Of DoomL9.95Oni
Gypsy CollectionL14.95HeaM
Hack Slash: First Cut1L9.99
Hack Slash: Death By Sequel2L18.99
Hack Slash Omnibus HC1L34.99
Half DeadL10.99M
Hammer Of The Gods: Mortal Enemy1L18.95I
Happy End HC21.95
Hard BoiledL16.95DH
Hard Looks19.95
Hard TimeL9.95DC
Hardy Boys: Ocean Of Osyria1L7.95
Harlan Ellisons Dream Corridor18.95DH
Harlan Ellisons Dream Corridor HC69.95DH
Harlequin Valentine HCL10.95DH
Harley Quinn: Preludes & Knock … HCL24.99DC
Hate: Buddy The Dreamer212.95
Hate: Buddy Go Home416.95
Hate: Buddys Got Three Moms516.95
Hate: Buddy Bites The Bullet616.95
Haunt Of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe HCL19.99M
Hawaiian Dick: Bird Of ParadiseL14.95I
Hawk & DoveL9.95
Hawkgirl: Hawkman ReturnsL17.99DC
Hawkgirl: The MawL17.99DC
Hawkman: Endless Flight1L12.95DC
Hawkman: Allies & Enemies2L14.95DC
Hawkman: Wings Of Fury3L17.99DC
Hawkman: Golden Eagle4L17.99DC
Hawkman Archives1L49.95DC
Heart Of Empire: Legacy Of Luther Ark.27.95DH
Heart Of Empire: Legacy Of Luther Ark. HC99.95DH
Heartbreakers: Bust Out9.95I
Heartbreakers: Superdigest9.95I
Heartbreakers: Superdigest Year 1013.95I
Heavy LiquidL29.95DC
Heavy Metal: 20 Years HC39.95HM
Hectic Planet: Dim Future112.95
Hectic Planet: Checkered Past214.95
Hectic Planet: Young And Reckless310.95
Hedge KnightL14.95
Hedge Knight HCL19.99
Hell EternalL6.95DC
Hellblazer: All His EnginesL14.99DC
Hellblazer: All His Engines HCL24.95DC
Hellblazer: Black FlowersL14.99DC
Hellblazer: BloodlinesL19.99DC
Hellblazer: Damnations Flame16.95DC
Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits14.95DC
Hellblazer: Empathy Is The EnemyL14.99DC
Hellblazer: Fear & LoathingL17.95DC
Hellblazer: Freezes OverL14.95DC
Hellblazer: Good IntentionsL12.95DC
Hellblazer: Hard TimeL9.95DC
Hellblazer: HauntedL12.95DC
Hellblazer: Highwater19.95DC
Hellblazer: Joy RideL14.99DC
Hellblazer: Lady ConstantineL9.99DC
Hellblazer: Original SinsL19.95DC
Hellblazer: Papa MidniteL12.99DC
Hellblazer: Rake At The Gates Of HellL19.95DC
Hellblazer: Rare Cuts14.95DC
Hellblazer: Reasons To Be CheerfulL14.99DC
Hellblazer: Red Right HandL14.99DC
Hellblazer: Red SepulchreL12.99DC
Hellblazer: Setting SunL12.95DC
Hellblazer: Son Of Man12.95DC
Hellblazer: Staring At The WallL14.99DC
Hellblazer: Stations o/t CrossL14.99DC
Hellblazer: Tainted Love16.95DC
Hellblazer: The Devil You KnowL19.99DC
Hellblazer: The GiftL14.99DC
Hellboy: Bones Of Giants Ill Novel14.95DH
Hellboy: Odd JobsL14.95DH
Hellboy: Seed Of Destruction1L17.95DH
Hellboy: Wake The Devil2L17.95DH
Hellboy: Chained Coffin & Others3L17.95DH
Hellboy: Right Hand Of Doom4L17.95DH
Hellboy: Conqueror Worm5L17.95DH
Hellboy: Strange Places6L17.95DH
Hellboy: Troll Witch & Others7L17.95DH
Hellboy Library HC1L49.95DH
Hellboy Weird Tales1L17.95DH
Hellboy Weird Tales2L17.95DH
Hellgate LondonL12.95DH
Hellraiser Coll. Best1L22.95
Hellraiser Coll. Best2L19.95
Hellraiser Coll. Best3L26.95
Hellshock Definitive Ed.1L19.99I
Hellspawn: Ashley Wood Coll.L24.95I
Hellstorm: Son Of Satan EquinoxL17.99M
Hercules: New Labors Of HerculesL13.99M
Hero: Powers & AbilitiesL9.95DC
Heroes For Hire: Civil War1L13.99M
Heroes For Hire: Ahead o/t Curve2L13.99M
Heroes For Hire: World War Hulk3L13.99M
Heroes HCL29.99DC
Heroes Reborn: AvengersL29.99M
Heroes Reborn: Captain AmericaL29.99M
Heroes Reborn: Fantastic FourL29.99M
Heroes Reborn: Iron ManL29.99M
Hey Mister: After School Special7.95
Hey Mister: Celebrity Roast9.95
Hey Mister: The Fall12.95
Hey Wait9.95
High RoadsL14.95DC
History Of The DC UniverseL9.95DC
History Of Violence9.95
Hitchhikers Guide To The GalaxyL14.95DC
Hitman: Ten Thousand Bullets29.95DC
Hitman: Local Heroes317.95DC
Hitman: Ace Of Killers417.95DC
Hitman: Who Dares Wins512.95DC
Holiday Special 2004L15.99M
Hollow GroundsL19.95DC
Honour Among Punks19.95I-B
Honour Among Punks Signed PX HCL34.95I-B
Hood: Blood From Stones1L14.99M
Hood: Blood From Stones HC1L19.99M
Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero2L11.95Oni
Horror Of Collier CountyL12.95DH
Houdini: Handcuff King…L16.99
Houdini: Man From BeyondL16.95I
House At Maakies Corner HC19.95
House Of Java8.95
House Of ML24.99M
House Of M: Excalibur Prelude11.99M
House Of M: Fantastoc Four/Iron ManL13.99M
House Of M: Incredible HulkL13.99M
House Of M: Mutopia XL13.99M
House Of M: New X-MenL13.99M
House Of M: Spider-ManL11.99M
House Of M: Uncanny X-MenL13.99M
House Of M: World Of ML13.99M
House Of M HCL29.99M
House Of Secrets: FoundationL14.95DC
House On The BorderlandL19.95DC
House On The Borderland HC29.95DC
Housewifes At Play9.95Adult
Howard The DuckL14.99M
Huge Book Of HellL22.00
Hulk: GrayL16.99M
Hulk: Gray HCL21.99M
Hulk: Planet HulkL34.99M
Hulk: Planet Hulk HCL39.99M
Hulk: The End HCL19.99M
Hulk: The MovieL12.99M
Hulk & Thing: Hard KnocksL13.99M
Hulk Visionaries: Peter David1L19.99M
Hulk Visionaries: Peter David2L19.99M
Human TargetL12.95DC
Human Target: Final Cut19.95DC
Human Target: Strike Zones1L9.95DC
Human Target: Living In Amerika2L14.95DC
Hunter Killer1L24.99I
Hunting Party HCL16.95DC
Huntress: Dark Knight DaughterL19.99DC
I Cant Believe Its Not The Justice LeagueL12.99DC
I Never Liked You15.95
I PaparazziL19.95DC
I Paparazzi HCL29.95DC
Icon: A Heros WelcomeL12.95DC
Identity CrisisL14.99DC
Identity Crisis HCL24.99DC
Identity DiscL13.99M
Illegal AlienL10.95DH
Illustrated History Of Union CountyL19.95Fan
Image Comics LTD Slipcase HCL75.00I
Image Comics Road To IndependenceL34.95I
Image FirstL6.99I
Immortal Iron Fist1L14.99M
Immortal Iron Fist: Last Iron Fist Story1L19.99M
Impulse: Reckless YouthL14.95DC
In The Shadow Of Edgar Allan PoeL17.95
Incal: The Epic Conspiracy119.95DC
Incal: Orphan Of The City Shaft217.95DC
Incr. Hulk: Tempest FugitL14.99M
Incredible Hulk: Beauty & The BehemothL19.95M
Incredible Hulk: Dogs Of WarL19.95M
Incredible Hulk: Future ImperfectL12.95M
Incredible Hulk: Ground ZeroL17.95M
Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk PreludeL13.99M
Incredible Hulk: TransformationsL17.95M
Incredible Hulk: Return Of The Monster1L12.99M
Incredible Hulk: Boiling Point2L8.99M
Incredible Hulk: Transfer Of Power3L12.99M
Incredible Hulk: Abominable4L11.99M
Incredible Hulk: Hide In Plain Sight5L11.99M
Incredible Hulk: Split Decisions6L12.99M
Incredible Hulk: Dead Like Me7L12.99M
Incredible Hulk: Big Things8L17.99M
Incredible Hulk HC1L29.99M
Incredible Hulk HC2L29.99M
Indian LoverL14.95
Indiana Jones Omnibus1L24.95DH
Infinite CrisisL14.99DC
Infinite Crisis: CompanionL14.99DC
Infinite Crisis HCL24.99DC
Infinity GauntletL24.99M
Infinity War29.99M
Inquisitor Ascendent10.95
Insane Clown PosseL8.95
Intense Art Of Simon BisleyL24.95
Invincible: Family Matters112.95I
Invincible: Eight Is Enough212.95I
Invincible: Perfect Strangers3L12.95I
Invincible: Head Of The Class414.95I
Invincible: Facts Of Life514.99I
Invincible: Different World6L14.99I
Invincible: Threes Company7L14.99I
Invincible: My Favorite Martian8L14.99I
Invincible Iron Man Omnibus HC1L99.99M
Invincible: Ultimate Coll. HC1L34.95I
Invincible: Ultimate Coll. HC2L34.99I
Invincible: Ultimate Coll. HC3L34.99I
Invisible Dirty Old ManL9.95
Invisible Ed HCL13.95DH
Invisibles: Say You Want A Revolution1L19.95DC
Invisibles: Apocalipstick2L19.95DC
Invisibles: Entropy In The UK3L19.95DC
Invisibles: Bloody Hell In America4L12.95DC
Invisibles: Counting To None5L19.95DC
Invisibles: Kissing Mister Quimper6L19.95DC
Invisibles: Invisible Kingdom7L19.95DC
Ion: The Torchbearer1L14.99DC
Ion: The Dying Flame2L14.99DC
Iron Empires:Faith Conquers1L17.95DH
Iron Hand Of Almuric10.95
Iron Man: Armor WarsL24.99M
Iron Man: Director Of ShieldL14.99M
Iron Man: Execute ProgramL14.99M
Iron Man: ExtremisL14.99M
Iron Man: Extremis HCL19.99M
Iron Man: HypervelocityL14.99M
Iron Man: Mask In The Iron ManL14.95M
Iron Man: The InevitableL14.99M
Iron Man vs Dr Doom: Doomquest HCL19.99M
Iron WestL14.99I
Ironwolf: Fires Of The RevolutionL14.95DC
It´s Back To School, Charlie BrownL11.95
It's A BirdL17.95DC
It's A Bird HCL24.95DC
J Obarr: The CrowL16.95
Jack Cole & Plastic Man11.99
Jack Kirbys Forever PeopleL14.95DC
Jack Kirbys Fourth WorldL12.95DC
Jack Kirbys Galactic Bounty Hunters HCL24.99M
Jack Kirbys Mr MiracleL12.95DC
Jack Kirbys New GodsL11.95DC
Jack Staff: Everything Used To Be B & W1L19.95I
Jack Staff: Soldiers2L15.95I
James Bond: Golden GhostL17.95
James Bond: OctopussyL16.95
James Bond Movie PostersL29.95
Jar Of Fools14.95
Jeff Hawke: Overlord HC1L19.95
Jenny Sparks: Secret History Of AuthorityL14.95DC
Jeremiah: Gun In The Water HCL14.95DH
Jesse James: Classic Western Coll.L14.95
Jetcat Clubhouse10.95
Jew In Communist Prague: Loss Of Innocà111.95
Jew In Communist Prague: Adolescence211.95
Jew In Communist Prague: Rebellion311.95
Jimmy Corrigan: Smartest Kid On Earth HCL29.95
Jimmy Olsen Adv. By Jack Kirby1L19.95DC
Jimmy Olsen Adv. By Jack Kirby2L19.95DC
Jingle Bell: Cool Yule13.95Oni
Jingle Bell: Naughty & NiceL8.95Oni
Jinx: The Definitive CollL24.95I
JIST: Creating The DC Universe1L19.95DC
JIST: Creating The DC Universe2L19.95DC
JIST: Creating The DC Universe3L19.95DC
JLA: A League Of OneL14.95DC
JLA: A League Of One HCL24.95DC
JLA: Earth 2L14.95DC
JLA: Foreign BodiesL5.95DC
JLA: Greatest Stories Ever ToldL19.99DC
JLA: Heavens Ladder OversizedL9.95DC
JLA: Hypothetical WomanL12.99DC
JLA: Island Of Dr MoreauL6.95DC
JLA: Kid AmazoL12.99DC
JLA: Liberty & Justice OversizedL9.95DC
JLA: One MillionL19.95DC
JLA: Riddle Of The BeastL14.95DC
JLA: Riddle Of The Beast HCL24.95DC
JLA: Secret Origins OversizedL7.95DC
JLA: Ultramarine CorpsL14.99DC
JLA: Welcome To The Working WeekL6.95DC
JLA: World Without GrownupsL9.95DC
JLA: Year OneL19.95DC
JLA: Zatanna´s SearchL12.95DC
JLA: New World Order1L5.95DC
JLA: American Dreams2L7.95DC
JLA: Rock Of Ages3L12.95DC
JLA: Strength In Numbers4L12.95DC
JLA: Justice For All514.95DC
JLA: World War Three6L14.95DC
JLA: Tower Of Babel712.95DC
JLA: Divided We Fall8L17.95DC
JLA: Terror Incognita9L12.95DC
JLA: Golden Perfect10L12.95DC
JLA: The Obsidian Age Book 111L12.95DC
JLA: The Obsidian Age Book 212L12.95DC
JLA: Rules Of Engagement13L12.95DC
JLA: Trial By Fire14L12.95DC
JLA: The Tenth Circle15L12.95DC
JLA: Pain Of The Gods16L12.99DC
JLA: Syndicate Rules17L17.99DC
JLA: Crisis Of Conscience18L12.99DC
JLA: World Without A Justice League1912.99DC
JLA Classified: New Maps Of HellL12.99DC
JLA Vs PredatorL5.95DC
JLA/JSA: Virtue & ViceL17.95DC
JLA/JSA: Virtue & Vice HCL24.95DC
JLA/Titans The Technis ImperativeL12.95DC
Job Thing6.95DC
Job WantedL5.95
John Byrnes 21129.95DH
John Byrnes Next Men1L16.95DH
John Byrnes Next Men: Fame316.95DH
John Byrnes Next Men: Faith414.95DH
John Byrnes Next Men: Power516.95DH
John Byrnes Next Men: Lies616.95DH
John Woos Seven BrothersL14.99
Johnny Delgado Is Dead1L14.99I
Johnny Homicidal Maniac Dir´s CutL19.95
Johnson Sketchbook9.99
Jonah Hex: OriginsL12.99DC
Jonah Hex: Face Full Of Violence1L14.99DC
Jonah Hex: Guns Of Vengeance2L12.99DC
Jonah Hex: Only The Good Die Young4L12.99DC
Jonny DoubleL12.95DC
Joss Whedons Fray: Future Slayer19.95DH
JSA: All Stars14.95DC
JSA: Classified Honor Among ThievesL14.99DC
JSA: Liberty FilesL19.95DC
JSA: Thy Kingdom Come Part 1 HCL19.99DC
JSA: Justice Be Done1L14.95DC
JSA: Darkness Falls2L19.95DC
JSA: Return Of Hawkman3L19.95DC
JSA: Fair Play4L14.95DC
JSA: Stealing Thunder5L14.95DC
JSA: Savage Times6L14.95DC
JSA: Prince Of Darkness7L19.95DC
JSA: Black Reign8L12.99DC
JSA: Lost9L19.99DC
JSA: Black Vengeance10L19.99DC
JSA: Mixed Signals11L14.99DC
JSA: Ghost Stories12L14.99DC
Judge Anderson: Deaths Dark Dimension16.95
Judge Dredd: Apocalypse WarL24.95
Judge Dredd: Brothers Of The Blood25.00
Judge Dredd: Chief Judges Man16.99
Judge Dredd: Childs Quest12.95
Judge Dredd: Complete PJ Maybe26.99
Judge Dredd: Cursed EarthL19.95
Judge Dredd: Cursed Earth DLX HC24.95
Judge Dredd: Day The Law Died DLX HCL24.95
Judge Dredd: Death AidL14.95
Judge Dredd: Emerald IsleL14.95
Judge Dredd: Goodnight KissL14.95
Judge Dredd: Hall Of JusticeL7.95
Judge Dredd: Helter SkelterL14.95
Judge Dredd: Hunting PartyL21.99
Judge Dredd: Innocents AbroadL14.95
Judge Dredd: Justice One14.95
Judge Dredd: Muzak Killer14.95
Judge Dredd: My Name Is15.99
Judge Dredd: Official Movie Adaption5.95
Judge Dredd: OriginsL25.99
Judge Dredd: Satans Island15.99
Judge Dredd: The Art Of Kenny Who?27.00
Judge Dredd: Total War18.99
Judge Dredd Vs Aliens: Incubus12.95DH
Judge Dredd Vs Judge Death DLX HC19.95
Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files1L20.99
Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files2L25.99
Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files3L24.99
Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files4L26.99
Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files5L25.99
Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files6L28.99
Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files7L26.99
Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files8L29.99
Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files9L30.99
Judge Dredd: Necropolis1L19.95
Judge Dredd: Necropolis2L19.95
Judgment DayL16.95
Just A Pilgrim1L12.99
Just A Pilgrim: Garden Of Eden2L12.99
Justice HC1L19.99DC
Justice HC2L19.99DC
Justice League: A New BeginningL12.95DC
Justice League: AdventuresL9.95DC
Justice League: Midsummers NightmareL9.95DC
Justice League Elite1L19.99DC
Justice League Of America: Another NailL12.95DC
Justice League Of America: Hereby Elects14.99DC
Justice League Of America: The NailL14.95DC
Justice League Of America: Lightning HC2L24.99DC
Justice League Of America Archives HC149.95DC
Justice League Of America Archives HC249.95DC
Justice League Of America Archives HC349.95DC
Justice League Of America Archives HC449.95DC
Justice League Of America Archives HC549.95DC
Justice League Of America Archives HC649.95DC
Justice League Of America Archives HC749.95DC
Justice League Of America HC1L24.99DC
Justice Society114.99DC
Justice Society Of America: Next Age1L19.99DC
Justice Society Returns19.95DC
Kabuki: Circle Of Blood1L19.95I
Kabuki: Dreams212.95I
Kabuki: Dreams HC224.95I
Kabuki: Masks Of Noh312.95I
Kabuki: Masks Of Noh HC319.95I
Kabuki: Skin Deep412.95I
Kabuki: Skin Deep HC423.95I
Kabuki: Metamorphosis524.95I
Kabuki: Metamorphosis HC549.95I
Kabuki: Scarab619.95I
Kabuki: Scarab HC629.95I
Kane: Greetings From New Eden1L11.95
Kane: Rabbit Hunt212.50
Keepers Of The Maser: The 2nd Moon HC1L14.95
Keepers Of The Maser: Isle Of Dwarves HC2L16.95
Keepers Of The Maser: Eye Of The Sea HC3L14.95
Keepers Of The Maser: Iron Tower HC414.95
Keepers Of The Maser: Edge Of The World HC516.95
Keepers Of The Maser: Lost Village HC6L14.95
Keepers Of The Maser: Young Queen HC7L14.95
Kid EternityL14.99DC
Killer PrincessesL9.95Oni
Killraven HCL19.99M
Kilroy Is Here24.99I
Kin: Descent Of ManL19.95I
King Collected EdL22.95Fan
King DavidL19.95DH
King Of Crooks Featuring The Spider HCL19.95
King Size Big Guy & Rusty The Boy Robot29.95DH
Kingdom Come14.95DC
Kiss: Rediscovery1L9.95DH
Kiss: Return Of The Phantom2L9.95DH
Kiss: Men And Monsters3L12.95DH
Kiss: Unholy War4L9.95DH
Kiss Psycho Circus1L12.95I
Kiss Psycho Circus: Destroyer29.95I
Kiss Psycho Circus: Whispered Scream39.95I
Kissing ChaosL17.95Oni
Kolchak Night Stalker6.50
Kolchak Night Stalker: Get Of Belial6.95
Kong: King Of Skull Island HC24.95DH
Kramers Ergot38.95
Krazy & Ignats: 1925-19261L14.95
Krazy & Ignats: 1927-19282L14.95
Krazy & Ignats: 1929-19303L14.95
Krazy & Ignats: 1931-19324L14.95
Krazy & Ignats: 1933-19345L14.95
Krazy & Ignats: 1935-19366L14.95
Krazy & Ignats: 1937-19387L19.95
Krazy & Ignats: 1939-19408L19.95
Larry Marders Beanworld19.95
Larry Marders Beanworld311.95
Larry Marders Beanworld411.95
Last AmericanL19.99
Last ChristmasL14.99I
Last Exit Before TollL9.95
Last Hero StandingL13.99M
Last Planet StandingL13.99M
Last Temptation9.95DH
Last Train To DeadsvilleL14.95DH
Lazarus Jack1L14.95DH
League Of Extr. Gentl. Absolute Ed.2L75.00DC
League Of Extrordinary Gentlemen1L14.95DC
League Of Extrordinary Gentlemen2L14.95DC
Leave It To Chance: Shamans RainL9.95DC
Legacy First Inheritance116.95AntP
Legacy Of The Invisible Man6.95
Legend Of Grimjack1L19.99IDW
Legend Of Grimjack3L19.99IDW
Legend Of Grimjack4L24.99IDW
Legend Of Sleepy HollowL6.95
Legends: The CollectionL9.95DC
Legends Of The Worlds Finest14.95DC
Legion: FoundationsL19.95DC
Legion Of Super Heroes: An Eye For An EyeL17.99DC
Legion Of Super Heroes: Beginning Of…L17.95DC
Legion Of Super Heroes: Great Darkness…L14.95DC
Legion Of Super Heroes: Teenage Revolution1L14.99DC
Legion Of Super Heroes: Death Of A Dream2L14.99DC
Legion Of Super Heroes: Supergirl3L14.99DC
Legion Of Super Heroes Archives HC1L49.95DC
Legion Of Super Heroes Archives HC249.95DC
Legion Of Super Heroes Archives HC349.95DC
Legion Of Super Heroes Archives HC449.95DC
Legion Of Super Heroes Archives HC549.95DC
Legion Of Super Heroes Archives HC649.95DC
Legion Of Super Heroes Archives HC749.95DC
Legion Of Super Heroes Archives HC849.95DC
Legion Of Super Heroes Archives HC949.95DC
Legion Of Super Heroes Archives HC1049.95DC
Legion Of Super Heroes Archives HC1149.95DC
Lenore: Noogies111.95
Lenore: Wedgies213.95
Leo Roa: True Tales Of Leo Roa HC1L14.95
Leo Roa: Odyssey Back In Time HC2L14.95
Leonard Starrs Mary Perkins On Stage1L19.95
Lets Hit The Road9.95
Lex Luther: Man Of SteelL12.99DC
Liberatores Women HCL24.95
Liberty Meadows: Big Book Of Love HC29.95
Liberty Meadows: Cover Girl HC24.99I
Liberty Meadows: Eden1L14.95I
Liberty Meadows: Creature Comforts2L14.95I
Liberty Meadows: Summer Of Love3L14.95I
Liberty Meadows: Cold Cold Heart4L14.99I
Liberty ProjectL11.95
Life & Death Of Fritz The Cat9.95
Life & Times Of Scrooge McDuckL16.99Gem
Life & Times Of Scrooge McDuck CompanionL16.99Gem
Life EatersL19.95DC
Life Eaters HCL29.95DC
Life Of Groo Graphic Album12.95
Life Of The Party14.95
Light Brigade19.99DC
Lil Santa HC14.95
Lily: When I Was Dead112.99
Little Annie Fanny: 1962-19701L24.95
Little Annie Fanny: 1970-19882L24.95
Little Gloomy112.95
Little Lit: Folklore & Fairy Tale Funnies19.95
Little Lit: Strange Stories For Stra. Kids HC19.95
Little Lulu HC Library3130.00
Little Lulu HC Library5130.00
Little Lulu HC Library6130.00
Little Man14.95
Little Nemo Complete Works HCL29.99
Little Orphan Annie 193316.95
Little Orphan Annie 193416.95
Little Orphan Annie 193518.95
Little SisterL15.00
Little White Mouse112.95
Lobo: Portrait Of A BastichL19.99DC
Lobo: The Last Czarnian9.95DC
Lobos Backs Back9.95DC
Lobos Greatest Hits12.95DC
Locas: Maggie & Hopey Stories HCL49.95
Loch: Knowledge Journey HC217.95
Loch: Discovery HC317.95
Loch HC117.95
Lois & Clark: The New Adv Of SupermanL9.95DC
Loki HC17.99M
Lone Ranger1L19.99D.E.
Lone Ranger HC1L24.99D.E.
Loners: Secret Lives Of Super HeroesL14.99M
Long Haul14.95
Lords Of Misrule17.95
Lori Lovecraft111.95
Lorna: Leviathan HC14.95HeaM
Lorna: The Ark HCL14.95HeaM
Lorna: The Eye Of Dart-An-GorL14.95HeaM
Lorna And Her RobotL10.95
Losers: Ante Up1L9.95DC
Losers: Double Down2L12.95DC
Losers: Trifecta3L14.99DC
Losers: Close Quarters4L14.99DC
Losers: Endgame5L14.99DC
Lost CauseL16.95
Lost Girl9.95
Lost In Space: Voyage To The Bottom Of SoulL37.95
Lot Of Love9.95
Louis Armstrong12.95
Louis Clowns Last Words19.95
Louis Lying To Clive14.95
Love & Rockets1116.95
Love & Rockets: Music For Mechanics1L18.95
Love & Rockets: Chelos Burden219.95
Love & Rockets: Las Mujeres Perdidas319.95
Love & Rockets: Las Mujeres Perdidas HC335.00
Love & Rockets: Tears From Heaven418.95
Love & Rockets: House Of Raging Women518.95
Love & Rockets: Duck Feet618.95
Love & Rockets: Duck Feet HC635.00
Love & Rockets: Death Of Speedy716.95
Love & Rockets: Blood Of Palomar818.95
Love & Rockets: X1012.95
Love & Rockets: Poison River1219.95
Love & Rockets: Poison River HC1235.00
Love & Rockets: Chester Square1318.95
Love & Rockets: Luba Conquers The World1418.95
Love & Rockets: Hernandez Satyricon1518.95
Love & Rockets: Hernandez Satyricon HC1539.95
Love & Rockets: Whoa Nellie169.95
Love & Rockets: Fear Of Comics1712.95
Love & Rockets: Locas In Love1814.95
Love & Rockets: Luba In America1919.95
Love & Rockets HC1135.00
Love As A Foreign Language3L6.95Oni
Love As A Foreign Language4L6.95Oni
Love As A Foreign Language5L5.95Oni
Love Fights1L14.95Oni
Lovecraft HCL24.95DC
Loveless: A Kin Of Homecoming1L9.99DC
Loveless: Thicker Than Blackwater2L14.99DC
Loveless: Dalliance With The Damned3L14.99DC
Lowlife Complete Revised Ed12.95
Luba: Book Of OfeliaL22.95
Lucifer: Devil In The Gateway1L14.95DC
Lucifer: Children & Monsters217.95DC
Lucifer: Dalliance With The Damned3L14.95DC
Lucifer: The Divine Comedy4L17.95DC
Lucifer: Inferno5L14.95DC
Lucifer: Mansions Of The Silence6L14.95DC
Lucifer: Exodus7L14.95DC
Lucifer: Wolf Beneath The Tree814.99DC
Lucifer: Crux914.99DC
Lucifer: Morningstar10L14.99DC
Lucifer: Evensong11L14.99DC
Luck In The Head11.95
M.I.T.H.: Operation Smoking Jaguar1L9.99I
Mac Raboy´s Flash Gordon1L19.95DH
Mac Raboy´s Flash Gordon2L19.95DH
Mac Raboy´s Flash Gordon3L19.95DH
Mac Raboy´s Flash Gordon4L19.95DH
Mad: War On BushL9.99DC
Mad About Comic StripsL12.95DC
Mad About DadL12.99DC
Mad About Super-HeroesL9.95DC
Mad About The Eighties19.99DC
Mad About The FiftiesL12.99DC
Mad About The MobL8.95DC
Mad About The Movies Special Warner BrosL14.95DC
Mad About The NinetiesL9.99DC
Mad About The OscarsL12.95DC
Mad About The SixtiesL9.99DC
Mad About TVL14.95DC
Mad Archives Hc1L49.95DC
Mad Bathroom Companion1L9.95DC
Mad Bathroom Companion2L9.95DC
Mad Bathroom Companion3L9.95DC
Mad Bathroom Companion4L9.95DC
Mad Gross BookL9.95DC
Mad Monster Book Of Horrifying Cliches HCL9.95DC
Mad Reader1L9.99DC
Madman: Oddity Odyssey 10th Anniv.L15.95Oni
Madman Comics: Chrash Course For The Ravers1L17.95DH
Madrox: Multiple ChoiceL13.99M
Magdalena: Blood DivineL9.95I
Mage: The Hero Discovered1L29.95I
Mage: The Hero Defined2L24.99I
Magic Pickle11.95
Magician Apprentice HC1L19.99M
Magician Apprentice HC2L19.99M
Magnus Robot Fighter HC1L49.95DH
Majestic: Strange New VisitorL14.99DC
Majestic: While You Where Out1L12.99DC
Majestic: Meanwhile, Back On Earth2L14.99DC
Malicious Resplendence HC79.95
Mammoth Book Of Best Horror ComicsL17.95
Mammoth Book Of Best War ComicsL13.95
Man Called KevL19.99DC
Manhunter: Street Justice1L12.99DC
Manhunter: Trial By Fire2L17.99DC
Manhunter The Special EdL9.95DC
Man-Thing: Whatever Knows FearL12.99M
Marquis: Danse Macabre118.95Oni
Marquis: Intermezzo2L11.95Oni
Mars Patrol: Total War1L12.95DH
Marshal Law: Blood, Sweat & FearsL24.95
Marshal Law: Day Of The Dead16.95
Marshal Law: Fear & Loathing24.99
Marshal Law: Fear AsylumL24.95
Martha Washington Goes To War17.95DH
Martha Washington Saves The World12.95DH
Martian Manhunter: Others Among UsL19.99DC
Marvel 16021L19.99M
Marvel 1602 Fantastic FourL14.99M
Marvel 1602 HC1L24.99M
Marvel 1602 New World14.99M
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man HC1L19.99M
Marvel BoyL15.95M
Marvel Comics Encyclopedia HCL40.00M
Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine1L12.99M
Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine2L12.99M
Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine3L12.99M
Marvel Encyclopedia: X-Men HC2L29.99M
Marvel Encyclopedia: Hulk HC3L19.99M
Marvel Encyclopedia: Spider-man HC4L24.99M
Marvel Encyclopedia: Marvel Knights HC5L29.99M
Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four HC6L29.99M
Marvel Encyclopedia HC1L29.99M
Marvel FanfareL24.99M
Marvel Knights 2099L13.99M
Marvel Knights 4: Wolf At The Door1L16.99M
Marvel Knights 4: Stuff Of Nightmares2L13.99M
Marvel Knights 4: Divine Time3L14.99M
Marvel Knights 4: Impossible Things Happen4L14.99M
Marvel Knights Sp.Man: Down Among Dead…1L9.99M
Marvel Knights Sp.Man: Venomous2L9.99M
Marvel Knights Sp.Man: Last Stand3L9.99M
Marvel Knights Sp.Man: Wild Blue Yonder4L14.99M
Marvel Knights Sp.Man HC1L29.99M
Marvel Mangaverse1L24.95M
Marvel Mangaverse2L12.99M
Marvel Masterworks: Sub Mariner HC1L49.95M
Marvel Masterworks: X-Men HC1L49.95M
Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil HC249.95M
Marvel Masterworks: Thor HC249.95M
Marvel Masterworks: Uncanny X-Men HC249.95M
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four HC349.95M
Marvel Masterworks: Avengers HC4L49.95M
Marvel Monsters HCL20.99M
Marvel RomanceL19.99M
Marvel Team-Up: Golden Child1L14.99M
Marvel Team-Up: Master Of The Ring2L17.99M
Marvel Team-Up: Freedom Ring4L17.99M
Marvel Vault Museum In A Book Spiral HCL49.95
Marvel WeddingsL19.99M
Marvel Westerns HCL20.99M
Marvel Visionaries: Chris Claremont HCL29.99M
Marvel Visionaries: Gil KaneL24.99M
Marvel Visionaries: Jim SterankoL14.99M
Marvel Visionaries: John Buscema HCL34.99M
Marvel Visionaries: John Romita Jr HCL29.99M
Marvel Visionaries: John Romita Sr HCL29.99M
Marvel Visionaries: Roy Thomas HCL34.99M
Marvel Visionaries: Stan Lee HCL29.99M
Marvel Visionaries: Steve Ditko HCL29.99M
Marvel Visionaries: Jack Kirby HC1L29.99M
Marvel Visionaries: Jack Kirby HC2L34.99M
Marvel Zombies: Army Of Darkness HCL19.99M
Marvel Zombies: Dead Days HCL29.99M
Marvel Zombies HCL19.99M
Marvels 10th Anniversary Ed. HCL49.99M
Mary Jane HC1L14.99M
Mary Jane HC2L14.99M
Mask: In School Spirits10.95DH
Mask: Night Before Christmask9.95DH
Mask: Returns14.95DH
Mask: Strikes BackL14.95DH
Mask. Summer Vacation10.95DH
Masters o/t Universe1L12.95
Masters o/t Universe2L18.95
Matrix Comics1L21.95
Matrix Comics2L21.95
Maus: Survivors Tale Complete HCL35.00
Maximum Fantastic Four HCL49.95M
Maximum VolumeL14.95HeaM
Megaton Man1L17.95
Memories Of Outer Space HCL15.95DC
Meridian: Flying Solo119.95CGE
Meridian: Going To Ground2L19.95CGE
Meridian: Taking The Skies315.95CGE
Meridian: Coming Home4L15.95CGE
Meridian Traveler: Flying Solo1L9.95CGE
Metabarons: Othon & Honorata1L14.95DC
Metabarons: Path Of The Warrior1L14.95Hum
Metabarons: Aghnar & Oda2L14.95DC
Metabarons: Blood And Steel2L14.95Hum
Metabarons: Poet And Killer3L11.95Hum
Metabarons: Steelhead & Dona Vicenta3L14.99DC
Metabarons: Immaculate Conseption4L9.95Hum
Metal Gear Solid1L19.99IDW
Metal Gear Solid: Sons Of Liberty1L19.99IDW
Metal Gear Solid: Sons Of Liberty2L19.99IDW
Michael Chabon Presents Adv. Of The Escapist17.95DH
Michael Morcocks MultiverseL19.95DC
Mickey & Gang: Classic Stories In VerseL29.99
Micronauts: Revolution1L12.95I
Midnight High: Deadly Art Of Tom ArtisL9.95SQP
Midnight MoverL11.95Oni
Midnight Nation1L24.99I
Mighty Avengers: Ultron Initiative HC1L19.99M
Mighty Crusaders: Origin Of A Super Team1L12.95
Mighty LoveL17.95DC
Mighty Love HCL24.95DC
Mike Mignola: Art Of Hellboy HCL49.95DH
Minimum Wage112.95
Ministry Of SpaceL12.95I
Minotaurs Tale11.95
Miss: Better Living Through CrimeL19.99DC
Missionary Man14.99
Mister Blank: Exhaustive Coll.29.95
Modesty Blaise: Live Bait119.95
Monarchy: Bullets Over BabylonL12.95DC
Monkey Food: Compl Seven In 75 Coll12.95
Monkey vs Robot14.95
Monkeysuite: Bride Of Monkeysuit29.95
Monster WarL14.99D.E.
Moon Knight: Rock Bottom1L14.99M
Moon Knight: Rock Bottom HC1L19.99M
Moon Knight: Midnight Sun2L14.99M
Moon Knight: Midnight Sun HC2L19.99M
Moonstone Monsters1L16.95
More Than Mortal1L14.95
Morgana: Heavens Gate HC1L15.95
Mouse Gard: Fall 1152 HC1L24.95
Mr MajesticL14.95DC
Mr Monster: Books Of Forbidden Knowledge1L14.95
Mr Nightmares Wonderful World: Gods Must…1L18.95
Mr Punch17.95
Ms Marvel: Best o/t Best1L14.99M
Ms Marvel: Best o/t Best HC1L19.99M
Ms Marvel: Civil War2L14.99M
Ms Marvel: Civil War HC2L19.99M
Ms Marvel: Operation Lightning Storm3L16.99M
MTG: Gerrards Quest12.95
Murder Me Dead19.95
Murder Me Dead HC34.95
Murder Mysteries HCL13.95DH
Mutant AliensL10.95NBM
Mutant Earth: Trakk1L16.95I
Mutant Texas Tales Of Sheriff Ida RedL11.95
My War With Brian8.95
Mystery In SpaceL19.95DC
Mystery PlayL9.95DC
Mystic: Rite Of Passage1L19.95CGE
Mystic: Demon Queen2L19.95CGE
Mystic: Siege Of Scales3L15.95CGE
Mystic: Out All Night4L15.95CGE
Mystic Arcana HCL24.99M
Mystique: Dead Drop Gorgeous1L14.99M
Mystique: Tinker Tailor Mutant Spy2L17.99M
Mystique: Unnatural3L13.99M
Mystique: Quiet4L14.99M
Mythology Art Of Alex RossL24.95
Nameless: Directors CutL15.95
Names Of MagicL14.95DC
Naughty But NiceL25.95Adult
Neat Stuff Studs Kirby Voice Of America13.95
Negation: Bohica1L19.95CGE
Negation: Baptism Of Fire2L15.95CGE
Negative Burn: The Best From 1993-1998L19.95I
Negative Exposure1L17.95
Neil Gaimans Midnight DaysL17.95DC
Neil Gaimans NewerwhereL19.99DC
New Avengers: Breakout114.99M
New Avengers: Sentry2L14.99M
New Avengers: Sentry HC219.99M
New Avengers: Secrets & Lies3L14.99M
New Avengers: Secrets & Lies HC3L19.99M
New Avengers: Collective HC4L19.99M
New Avengers: Civil War5L14.99M
New Avengers: Civil War HC5L19.99M
New Avengers: Revolution6L14.99M
New Avengers HC1L29.99M
New Avengers HC2L29.99M
New Avengers/TransformersL10.99M
New Excalibur: Defenders o/t Realm1L17.99M
New Excalibur: Last Days Of Camelot2L19.99M
New Excalibur: Battle For Eternity3L24.99M
New Hat Stories Banks Eubanks9.95
New Invaders: To End All WarsL19.99M
New Mutants: Back To School1L16.99M
New Mutants Classic1L24.99M
New Teen Titans: Judas ContractL19.95DC
New Teen Titans: Terra IncognitoL19.99DC
New Teen Titans: Terror Of TrigonL17.95DC
New Teen Titans: Who Is Donna TroyL19.99DC
New Teen Titans Archives HC149.95DC
New Thing Identity9.95
New Thunderbolts: One Step Forward1L14.99M
New Thunderbolts: Modern Marvels2L14.99M
New Thunderbolts: Right Of Power3L14.99M
New Warriors: Reality CheckL14.99M
New Warriors: Defiant1L14.99M
New X-Men: HellionsL9.99M
New X-Men: E Is For Extinction1L12.95M
New X-Men: Imperial2L19.99M
New X-Men: New Worlds3L14.99M
New X-Men: Riot At Xaviers4L11.99M
New X-Men: Assault On Weapon Plus5L14.99M
New X-Men: Planet6L19.99M
New X-Men: Here Comes Tomorrow7L10.99M
New X-Men Academy X: Choosing Sides1L14.99M
New X-Men Academy X: Haunted2L12.99M
New X-Men Academy X: X-Posed3L14.99M
New X-Men HC1L29.99M
New X-Men HC2L29.99M
New X-Men HC3L29.99M
New X-Men Omnibus HCL99.99M
New X-Men: Childhoods End1L10.99M
New X-Men: Childhoods End2L10.99M
New X-Men: Childhoods End3L10.99M
New X-Men: Childhoods End4L10.99M
New X-Men: Childhoods End5L10.99M
Nevermen: Streets Of BloodL9.95DH
Newuniversal: Everything Went White HCL19.99DC
Nextwave: Agents Of Hate HC1L19.99M
Nextwave Agents Of Hate: This Is What…1L14.99M
Nextwave Agents Of Hate: I Kick Your Face2L14.99M
Nexus: Alien Justice116.95DH
Nexus: Book 2215.95DH
Nick Fury: Agent Of ShieldL19.95M
Nick Fury: ScorpioL12.95M
Nightcrawler: Devil InsideL14.99M
Nightcrawler: The Winding WayL14.99M
Nightmare On Elm StreetL14.99DC
Nightwing: Brothers In BloodL14.99DC
Nightwing: Mobbed UpL12.99DC
Nightwing: RenegadeL14.99DC
Nightwing: Year OneL14.99DC
Nightwing: A Knight In Bludhaven1L14.95DC
Nightwing: Rough Justice2L17.95DC
Nightwing: Love & Bullets3L17.95DC
Nightwing: A Darker Shade Of Justice4L19.95DC
Nightwing: Hunt For Oracle5L14.95DC
Nightwing: Big Guns6L14.95DC
Nightwing: On Razor´s Edge714.99DC
Nikopol TrilogyL17.95DC
Nikopol Trilogy DLX HC39.95DC
Nine Rings Of Wu Tang: Book Of Days1L19.95I
Ninja Boy: Faded DreamsL14.95DC
No Honor1L12.99
No Pasaran211.95
Noble Causes: In Sickness & In Health1L12.95I
Noble Causes: Family Secrets2L12.95I
Noble Causes: Distant Relatives3L12.95I
Noble Causes: Blood & Water4L14.95I
Noble Causes: Betrayals5L14.99I
Nocturnals: Black Planet1L19.95Oni
Nocturnals: Dark Forever2L9.95Oni
Nocturnals: Unhallowed3L9.95Oni
Nodwick Chronicles Coll1L15.95
Nodwick Chronicles Coll215.95
Nova: Annihilation Conquest1L17.99M
Nuff SaidL21.99
Nyc Mech: Lets Electrify1L14.99I
Nyc Mech: Beta Love2L14.99I
Nyx: Wannabe1L19.99M
Nyx X-23 HCL34.99M
Obergeist Directors CutL19.95I
Occult Crimes Taskforce1L14.99I
Odyssey HCL12.95HM
Official Guide To Disney CollectiblesL27.95
Olympus HeightsL19.99IDW
Omac ProjectL14.99DC
Omega: The Unknown ClassicL29.99M
Omega Flight: Alpha To OmegaL13.99M
On The Road To Perdition: Oasis1L7.95DC
One Plus One1L14.95
One Trick Rip Off12.95
Only The End Of The World Again6.95
Onslaught Reborn HCL19.99M
Optimism Of Youth12.95
Orbiter HCL24.95DC
Order: Next Right Thing1L14.99M
Originals HC24.95DC
Orion: Gates Of ApokolipsL12.95DC
Orson Scott Cards WyrmsL14.99M
Other SideL12.99DC
Otherworld: Book One1L19.99DC
Otto Porfiri: Drama On The Cliff9.95DH
Otto Porfiri: Red MoonL9.95DH
Out There: The Evil Within1L12.95I
Outlaw NationL15.99I
Outlook Grim: Dead Nasties112.95
Outsiders: Looking For Trouble1L12.95DC
Outsiders: Sum Of All Evil2L14.95DC
Outsiders: Wanted3L14.99DC
Outsiders: Crisis Intervention4L12.99DC
Outsiders: The Good Fight5L14.99DC
Outsiders: Pay As You Go6L14.99DC
Painkiller Jane1L9.99D.E.
Painkiller Jane: Things Explode2L11.99D.E.
Pakkins Land: Revised Ed Pauls Adv115.95
Pakkins Land: Quest For Kings215.95
Pakkins Land: Forgotten Dreams315.95
Palestine: A Nation OccupiedL16.95FanB
Palomar Compl. Heartbreak Soup Coll. HCL39.95
Paradigm: Segue To An Interlude1L13.95I
Paradise Lost: Simon BisleyL24.95
Paradise X129.99M
Paradise X229.99M
Path: Crisis Of Faith1L19.95CGE
Path: Blood On Snow2L15.95CGE
Patrick The Wolf Boy210.00
Peanuts Treasure HCL19.95
Pearl Harbor: The CompilationL12.95Ant
Pedro And Me15.00
Perfect Planet & Other Stories14.95
Pete & Moe Visit Prof Swizzles Robots HC14.95
Pete Von Sholly: Extremely Weird StoriesL14.95DH
Peter Parker Sp-Man: A Day In The LifeL14.95M
Peter Parker Sp-Man: One Small Break2L16.95M
Peter Parker Sp-Man: Trials & Tribulations4L11.99M
Peter Parker Sp-Man: Senseless Violence5L14.99M
Phantom: Death In The Deep WoodsL14.95
Phantom: Ghost Who WalksL16.95
Phantom: Law o/t JungleL11.99
Phantom: Legacy12.95
Phantom: Ghost Killer1L5.95
Phantom: Singh Web2L6.95
Phantom: Treasures Of Bangalla36.95
Phantom: The Hunt46.95
Phantom Jack Coll. Ed.L17.99
Phantom: Graham Nolan Sundays1L13.95
Phantom: Graham Nolan Sundays2L16.95
Phoenix Square16.95
Photo-Journal Guide To Comics A - K1L75.00
Photo-Journal Guide To Comics K - Z2L75.00
Photo-Journal Guide To Marvel Comics A - J3L29.95
Photo-Journal Guide To Marvel Comics K-Z4L29.95
Pifitos Unknown Lost Poem Of Homer9.95
Pin Up GN Set1-3L29.99Adult
Pinup The Illegitimate ArtL19.95DH
Piranese Prison Planet HCL14.95
Planet Of The Apes: Human WarL9.95DH
Planet Of The Apes: Old Gods1L9.95DH
Planet Of The Apes: Bloodlines2L9.95DH
Planetary: Crossing WorldsL14.95DC
Planetary: All Over The World & Other Stories1L14.99DC
Planetary: The Fourth Man2L14.99DC
Planetary: Leaving The 20th Century3L14.99DC
Plastic Man: On The Lam114.95DC
Plastic Man: Rubber Bandits2L14.99DC
Plastic Man AnnualL6.95DC
Plastic Man Archives149.95DC
Plastic Man Archives249.95DC
Plastic Man Archives349.95DC
Plastic Man Archives449.95DC
Playboy: The CelebritiesL40.00Adult
Playboy Book Updated HCL39.99Adult
Playdown Pandemonium: Gil Thorp AnthologyL35.95
Pleas Miss YuriL19.95Adult
Pleasurable PassagesL25.95Adult
Pleebus Planet: Amazing Mr Pleebus18.50
Pleebus Planet: Freaky Beasty Hill Rd School28.50
Pleebus Planet: Magic Skateboard38.50
Pocket Universe12.95
Point BlankL14.95DC
Poison Elves: Lusiphur & Lirilith11.95Sir
Poison Elves: Mulehide Years1-4L34.95Sir
Poison Elves: Requiem For An Elf1L14.95Sir
Poison Elves: Sanctuary514.95Sir
Poison Elves: Salvation719.95Sir
Poison Elves: Rogues815.95Sir
Poison Elves:2Sir
Poison Elves:3Sir
Poison Elves:4Sir
Poison Elves:614.95Sir
Poor Bastard16.95
Popbot Coll.2L35.00IDW
Popeye: I Yam What I Yam HC1L29.95
Popeye: Well Blow Me Down HC2L29.95
Power GirlL14.99DC
Power Of ShazamL7.50DC
Powerhouse Pepper11.95
Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl1L21.95I
Powers: Roleplay2L13.95I
Powers: Little Deaths3L19.95I
Powers: Supergroup4L19.95I
Powers: Anarchy5L14.95I
Powers: Sellouts6L19.95M
Powers: Forever7L19.95M
Powers: Legends8L17.95M
Powers: Psychotic9L19.95M
Powers: Cosmic10L19.95M
Powers: Secret Identity11L19.95M
Powers HC1L29.99I
Preacher: Dead Or Alive-Coll. CoversL19.95DC
Preacher: Dead Or Alive-Coll. Covers HCL29.95DC
Preacher: Special Story Of You Know WhoL4.95DC
Preacher: Gone To Texas1L14.95DC
Preacher: Until The End Of The World2L14.95DC
Preacher: Proud Americans3L14.95DC
Preacher: Ancient History4L14.95DC
Preacher: Dixie Fried5L14.95DC
Preacher: War In The Sun6L14.95DC
Preacher: Salvation7L14.95DC
Preacher: All Hells A Coming8L17.95DC
Preacher: Alamo9L17.95DC
Predator: Big Game14.95DH
Predator: Cold War13.95DH
Predator: Concrete Jungle14.95DH
Predator: Hell & Hot Water9.95DH
Predator: KindredL14.95DH
Predator: Race WarL17.95DH
Predator Omnibus1L24.95DH
Predator Omnibus2L24.95DH
Predator vs Judge DreddL9.95DH
Prelude To Infinite CrisisL5.99DC
Prey: Origin o/t SpeciesL10.99M
Pride & JoyL14.95
Pride Of BaghdadL12.99DC
Pride Of Baghdad HCL19.99DC
Primal Lust1L9.95SQP
Prisoner Shattered VisageL19.95
Private Beach: Fun & Perils In Trudyverse112.95
Promethea HC1L24.95DC
Promethea HC2L24.95DC
Promethea HC3L24.95DC
Promethea HC4L24.95DC
Promethea HC5L24.95DC
Proposition PlayerL14.95DC
Proximity Effect1L9.99
PS238: To The Cafeteria…2L15.99
Ptolus: City By The Spire1L14.99M
Pulpatoon Pilgrimage12.95
Pulse: Thin Air1L13.99M
Pulse: Secret War2L11.99M
Punisher: BornL13.99M
Punisher: Born HCL17.99M
Punisher: Circle Of BloodL15.95M
Punisher: River Of BloodL15.99M
Punisher: The Movie12.99M
Punisher: War ZoneL15.95M
Punisher: Very Special HolidaysL12.99M
Punisher: Welcome Back Frank1L24.95M
Punisher: Army Of One215.95M
Punisher: Business As Usual314.95M
Punisher: Full Auto417.99M
Punisher: Streets Of Laredo517.99M
Punisher HC1L29.99M
Punisher HC229.99M
Punisher HC324.99M
Punisher Max: From First To Last HCL19.99M
Punisher Max: In The Beginning1L14.99M
Punisher Max: Kitchen Irish2L14.99M
Punisher Max: Mother Russia3L14.99M
Punisher Max: Up Is Down And Black Is White4L14.99M
Punisher Max: The Slavers5L15.99M
Punisher Max: Barracuda6L15.99M
Punisher Max: Man Of Stone7L15.99M
Punisher Max: Widowmaker8L17.99M
Punisher Max: Long Cold Dark9L15.99M
Punisher Max HC1L29.99M
Punisher Max HC2L29.99M
Punisher Max HC3L29.99M
Punisher Max HC4L29.99M
Punisher Presents: Barracuda MaxL17.99M
Punisher War Journal: Civil War1L14.99M
Punisher War Journal: Civil War HC1L19.99M
Punisher War Journal: Goin Out West2L17.99M
Punisher War Journal: Goin Out West HC2L24.99M
Punisher vs BullseyeL13.99M
PVP: Dork Ages11.95I
PVP: At Large1L11.95I
PVP: Reloaded2L11.95I
PVP: PVP Rides Again3L11.99I
Queen & Country: Broken Ground HC25.00Oni
Queen & Country: Broken Ground1L11.95Oni
Queen & Country: Morning Star2L8.95Oni
Queen & Country: Crystal Ball314.95Oni
Quit Your Job6.95
Rabid Eye14.95
Raindogs HCL14.95DH
Raise The Dead HCL19.99D.E.
Ralph SnartL24.95
Ralph Steadmans America14.95
Ramayan 3392 AD1L14.99
Randy The Skeleton12.95
Rann Thanagar War9.95DC
Raptors Pack1-4L22.00
Rare Creature12.95
Rascals In Paradise16.95
Rawhide Kid: Slap Leather1L12.99M
Ray In A Blaze Of PowerL9.95
Razor X16.95
Realm Of The ClawL16.99I
Realm Of The Dead14.95
Rebel Visions Underground Comix Revol HC39.95
Recipe For Disaster9.95
Red Prophet: Tales Of Alvin Maker1L15.99M
Red Prophet: Tales Of Alvin Maker HC1L19.99M
Red Rocket 729.95
Red Sonja: TravelsL14.99D.E.
Red Sonja: She-Devil With A Sword1L19.99D.E.
Red Sonja: Arrowsmith2L14.99D.E.
Red Sonja: Arrowsmith HC2L19.99D.E.
Red Sonja: Rise Of Gath3L19.99D.E.
Red Sonja: Rise Of Gath HC3L24.99D.E.
Red Sonja: Animals & More HC4L24.99D.E.
Red Sonja HC SGN1L24.99D.E.
Red Sonja/Claw: Devils HandsL12.99DC
Red Star: Nokgorka HC49.95
Red Star: Battle Of Kar Dathras Gate1L24.95
Red Star: Battle Of Kar Dathras Gate HC1L49.95
Red Star: Nokgorka2L24.95
Red Star: Prison Of Souls3L24.95
Red Warrior: Assassin For Thieves WorldL12.99
Reload MekL14.95DC
Remarkable Worlds Of Phineas B FuddleL19.95DC
Remembrance Of Things Past: Combray113.95
Resident Evil: Code Veronica1L14.95DC
Resident Evil: Code Veronica214.95DC
Resident Evil: Code Veronica314.95DC
Resident Evil: Code Veronica414.95DC
Residents Freak Show9.95
Return To Amalgam Age Of Comics DC CollL12.95DC
Revelations: Art Of Max BertoliniL29.95DH
Revere: Revolution In Silver HCL19.95
Rex Mundi: Guardian Of The Temple1L14.95I
Rex Mundi: River Underground2L14.95I
Rex Mundi: Lost Kings3L16.95I
Rhudiprrt: Prince Of Fur Coll.L13.95
Richard Corbens Werewolf14.95DelR
Ricky Carralero´s Electric ImagesL14.95Adult
Ring Of The Nibelung: Rhinegold & Valkyrie1L21.95DC
Ring Of The Nibelung: Siegfried & Gotterdamme2L21.95DC
Rio At Bay Coll6.95
Rising Stars: VisitationsL8.99I
Rising Stars: Born In Fire1L19.95I
Rising Stars: Power2L19.95I
Rising Stars: Fire & Ash3L19.99I
Rising Stars: Voices o/t Dead/Bright4L19.99I
Rising Stars: Untouchable Visitations5L19.99I
Rising Stars Slipcase Ed. HC1-24L69.99I
Road To HellL14.99IDW
Road To Perdition1L13.95DC
Road To Perdition: Sanctuary2L7.95DC
Road To Perdition: Detour3L7.95DC
Robin: A Hero Reborn4.95DC
Robin: Days Of Fire And MadnessL12.99DC
Robin: Flying SoloL12.95DC
Robin: Teenage WastelandL17.99DC
Robin: To Kill A BirdL14.99DC
Robin: UnmaskedL12.95DC
Robin: WantedL12.99DC
Robin: Year OneL14.95DC
Robin Hood & Minstrel5.95
Robin/Batgirl: Fresh BloodL12.99DC
Robotika HCL19.95
Rocky: The One And Only1L12.95
Rodrigo HC16.95
Rogue: Going Rogue114.99M
Rogue: Forget Me Not2L14.99M
Rogue Trooper: Future War116.95
Roland: Days Of Wrath17.95
Rosetta Comics Anthology19.95
Roswell Walks Among Us12.95
Route 666: Highway Of Horror1L15.95CGE
Runaways: Pride & Joy1L7.99M
Runaways HC1L34.99M
Runaways HC2L24.99M
Runaways HC3L24.99M
Ruse: Enter The Detective1L15.95CGE
Ruse: Silent Partner215.95CGE
Ruule: Ganglords Of Chinatown1L19.99I
Ruule: Kiss & Tell2L19.99I
Sabre 20th Anniversary12.95
Sabretooth: Open SeasonL9.99M
Sachs And ViolensL14.99DC
Safe Area Gorazde19.95Fan
Safe Area Gorazde HCL28.95Fan
Saga Of The Seven Suns Veiled AlliancesL17.95DC
Saga Of The Seven Suns Veiled Alliances HCL24.95DC
Salt Sorcerer Of Oz & Other Stories HC24.95
Sam & Twitch: B M Bendis Collection1L24.95I
Sam & Twitch: Udaku1L21.95I
Samson: Judge Of IsraelL7.95
Sanctum: USS Nebraska HC1L15.95Hum
Sanctum: Discovery HC2L15.95Hum
Sandman: Companion14.95DC
Sandman: Dream Hunters19.95DC
Sandman: Dream Hunters HC29.95DC
Sandman: Dustcovers 1989-1997L24.95DC
Sandman: Endless NightsL17.95DC
Sandman: Quotable Sandman HC9.95DC
Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes1L19.95DC
Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes HC129.95DC
Sandman: Dolls House2L19.95DC
Sandman: Dolls House HC229.95DC
Sandman: Dream Country3L14.95DC
Sandman: Dream Country HC3L29.95DC
Sandman: Season Of Mists4L19.95DC
Sandman: Season Of Mists HC429.95DC
Sandman: A Game Of You5L19.95DC
Sandman: A Game Of You HC529.95DC
Sandman: Fables And Reflections6L19.95DC
Sandman: Fables And Reflections HC629.95DC
Sandman: Brief Lives7L19.95DC
Sandman: Brief Lives HC729.95DC
Sandman: Worlds End8L19.95DC
Sandman: Worlds End HC829.95DC
Sandman: Kindly Ones9L19.95DC
Sandman: Kindly Ones HC929.95DC
Sandman: The Wake10L19.95DC
Sandman: The Wake HC1029.95DC
Sandman Mystery Theatre: Tarantula1L9.95DC
Sandman Mystery Theatre: Face & Brute2L19.95DC
Sandman Mystery Theatre: Vamp3L12.99DC
Sandman Presents: Taller TailsL19.95DC
Sandman Presents: The FuriesL17.95DC
Sandman Presents: The Furies HCL24.95DC
Savage Dragon: Savage World #76-81 Set11.95I
Savage Dragon: Team-UpsL19.95I
Savage Dragon: Baptism Of Fire1L14.95I
Savage Dragon: A Force To Be Reckoned2L14.95I
Savage Dragon: A Force To Be Reckoned HC239.95I
Savage Dragon: The Fallen3L12.95I
Savage Dragon: Possessed4L12.95I
Savage Dragon: Possessed HC489.95I
Savage Dragon: Revenge5L13.95I
Savage Dragon: Revenge HC579.95I
Savage Dragon: Gang War6L16.95I
Savage Dragon: A Talk With God7L19.95I
Savage Dragon: Terminated8L15.95I
Savage Dragon: Worlds At War9L16.95I
Savage Dragon: Endgame10L15.95I
Savage Dragon: Resurrection11L14.99I
Savage Dragon: This Savage World15L15.95I
Savage Dragon Archives1L19.99I
Savage Dragon Archives2L19.99I
Savage Dragon/Hellboy Coll Ed5.95I
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW1L14.99D.E.
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW HC1L19.99D.E.
Savage Sword Of Conan1L17.95DH
Savage Sword Of Conan2L17.95DH
Scalped: Indian Country1L9.99DC
Scalped: Casino Boogie2L14.99DC
Scary Godmother: Ghouls Out For Summer14.95Sir
Scary Godmother: Wild About Harry19.95Sir
Scary Godmother: Wild About Harry HC119.95Sir
Scary Godmother: Revenge Of Jimmy HC219.95Sir
Scary Godmother: Mystery Date HC319.95Sir
Scary Godmother: The Boo Flu HC419.95Sir
Scatterbrain Coll HC19.95
Scene Of The Crime: A Little Piece Of….L12.95DC
Scion: Conflict Of Conscience1L19.95CGE
Scion: Blood For Blood2L19.95CGE
Scion: Divided Loyalties3L19.95CGE
Scion: Sanctuary4L15.95CGE
Scooter GirlL14.95Oni
Sea Of Red: No Grave But The Sea1L8.95I
Sea Of Red: Deadlights3L14.99I
Sebastian OL9.95DC
Secret Of The Swamp ThingL9.99DC
Secret Origins Featuring JLAL14.95DC
Secret Six: Six Degrees Of DevastationL14.99DC
Secret SkullL17.99IDW
Secret WarL24.99M
Secret War HC29.99M
Secret WarsL29.99M
Semantic Lace1L9.95I
Sensational Spider-Man: FeralL13.99M
Sensational Spider-Man: Feral HCL19.99M
Sentinel: Salvage1L7.99M
Sentry: RebornL21.99M
September 111L9.95DC
September 112L9.95DC
Serenity: Those Left Behind1L9.95DH
Serenity Rose: Working Through Negativity1L12.95SLG
Sergio Aragones: Actions SpeakL13.95DH
Sergio Aragones: BoogeymanL9.95DH
Sergio Aragones: Louder Than WordsL12.95DH
Seven Peaches: First Seven Desert Peach Ep19.95
Seven Soldiers Of Victory1L14.99DC
Seven Soldiers Of Victory2L14.99DC
Seven Soldiers Of Victory3L14.99DC
Seven Soldiers Of Victory4L14.99DC
Sgt Rock: Between Hell & A Hard PlaceL17.95DC
Sgt Rock: Between Hell & A Hard Place HCL24.95DC
Sgt Rock: The ProphecyL17.99DC
Sgt Rock Archives HC149.95DC
Shade The Changing Man: American ScreamL17.95DC
Shadow RockL9.95DH
Shadowhawk: Out Of The Shadows19.95
Shadowhawk: Secret RevealedL12.95
Shadowpact: The Pentacle PlotL14.99DC
Shanna: She DevilL16.99M
Shanna: She Devil HCL24.99M
Shanna: Survival o/t FittestL10.99M
Shaun Of The DeadL17.99IDW
Shazam: Monster Society Of Evil HCL29.99DC
Shazam: Power Of Hope OversizedL9.95DC
Shazam Archives HC149.95DC
Shazam Archives HC249.95DC
Shazam Archives HC349.95DC
She-Hulk: Single Green Female1L14.99M
She-Hulk: Superhuman Law2L14.99M
She-Hulk: Laws Of Attraction4L19.99M
Sherlock Holmes Mysteries118.95
Shi: Way Of The Warrior1L14.95
Shield: Americas First Patriotic Comic ….L12.95
Ship Of Stone HCL14.95DC
Shockrockets: We Have IgnitionL14.95DH
Shot CallerzL11.95Oni
Showcase Presents: Adam Strange1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Atom1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Batgirl1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Batman & Outsiders1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Booster Gold1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Brave & Bold Batman…1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Challengers o/t Unknown1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Elongated Man1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Enemy Ace1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Flash1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Green Arrow1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Haunted Tank1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Hawkman1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Jonah Hex1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Martian Manhunter1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Metal Men1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Metamorpho1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Robin Boy Wonder1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Sgt Rock1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Shazam1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Supergirl1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: The Unknown Soldier1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: War That Time Forgot1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Wonder Woman1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Worlds Finest1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Aquaman1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Aquaman2L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Batman1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Batman2L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Brave & Bold Batman …1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Brave & Bold Batman …2L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Green Lantern1L9.99DC
Showcase Presents: Green Lantern2L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: House Of Mystery1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: House Of Mystery2L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Just. League Of America1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Just. League Of America2L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Just. League Of America3L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Legion Of Superheroes1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Legion Of Superheroes2L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Phantom Stranger1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Phantom Stranger2L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Superman1L9.99DC
Showcase Presents: Superman2L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Superman3L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Superman Family1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Superman Family2L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Teen Titans1L16.99DC
Showcase Presents: Teen Titans2L16.99DC
Shutterbug Follies24.95
Sidekicks: Transfer Student8.95
Sidetrack City9.95
Sigil: Mark Of Power1L19.95CGE
Sigil: Marked Man219.95CGE
Sigil: Lizard God3L19.95CGE
Sigil: Hostage Planet4L15.95CGE
Signal To Noise HCL24.95DH
Silencers: Black KissL14.95
Silent DragonL19.99DC
Silent Hill: Among The Damned7.49IDW
Silent Hill: Dead/AliveL19.99
Silent Hill: Dying InsideL19.99IDW
Silent Hill: Three Bloody Tales2L19.99IDW
Silent WarL14.99M
Silver Surfer: Rebirth Of ThanosL24.99M
Silver Surfer: Requiem HCL19.99M
Silver Surfer: Communion1L14.99M
Silver Surfer Omnibus HC1L74.99M
Simon Bisley: Ill. From The BibleL21.95
Simon Bisleys Paradise LostL24.95
Simpsons: Bartman Best Of The Best11.95
Simpsons: Beyond Forever13.95
Simpsons: Big Book Of Bart SimpsonL12.95
Simpsons: Comic Simpsorama11.95
Simpsons: Comics Big Bonanza11.95
Simpsons: Comics Extravaganza11.95
Simpsons: Comics Madness14.95
Simpsons: Comics On Parade11.95
Simpsons: Comics Royale14.95
Simpsons: Comics Strikes Back11.95
Simpsons: Comics Wing Ding11.95
Simpsons: Treehouse Of Horror Spooktacular15.95
Simpsons: UnchainedL14.95
Sin City: Hard Goodbye1L17.00DH
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For2L17.00DH
Sin City: Big Fat Kill3L17.00DH
Sin City: That Yellow Bastard4L19.00DH
Sin City: Family Values5L12.00DH
Sin City: Booze Broads & Bullets6L15.00DH
Sin City: Hell & Back7L28.00DH
Sin City Library HC1150.00DH
Sin City Library HC2150.00DH
Since The World Began: Walt DisneyL24.95
Singularity 7L19.99IDW
Sinister Dexter: Gunshark Vacation1L14.95DC
Skeleton Key: Beyond Threshold112.95
Skeleton Key: Celestial Calendar212.95
Skeleton Key: Telling Tales312.95
Skeleton Key: Cats & Dogs412.95
Skeleton Key: Roots512.95
Skin Tight Orbit Sign. & Nr HC1-2L49.95
Sky Ape12.95
Sky Ape: Waiting For Crime6.95
Sky Zero12.95
Slaine: The KingL16.95
Slaine: The King HC24.95
Slaine: Warriors DawnL28.50
Slaine: Books Of Invasions HC2L25.99
Slaine: The Horned God1L14.95
Slaine: The Horned God214.95
Slamm: Hardboiled Fiction Of CJ HendersonL10.95
Sleeper: Out In The Cold1L17.95DC
Sleeper: All False Moves2L17.95DC
Sleeper: A Crooked Line3L17.99DC
Sleeper: Long Way Home4L14.99DC
Sleepwalk And Other Stories15.95
Slow New Days16.95
Small Killing11.95DH
Smallville Visual GuideL15.99
Smax HCL19.95DC
Snake WomanL14.99
Soap Lady HC19.95
Sock Monkey9.95DH
Sock Monkey: Childrens Book9.95DH
Sock Monkey: The Glass Door Knob HC14.95DH
Socom: Seal Team SevenL12.99I
Soft As Steel: Art Of Julie Bell24.95
Sojourn: From The Ashes1L9.95CGE
Sojourn: Dragons Tale2L15.95CGE
Sojourn: Warriors Tale3L15.95CGE
Something At The Window Is Scratching9.95
Son Of Gun1L17.95DC
Son Of Gun2L17.95DC
Son Of Gun: Born In The Trash HC114.95DC
Son Of Gun: Presidents Dogs HC2L15.95DC
Son Of Gun: Flesh & Filth HC3L15.95DC
Son Of Gun: Sinner And Saint HC4L15.95
Son Of SupermanL14.95DC
Sonambulo: Sleep Of The Just115.00
Sonic The Hedgehog: Beginnings10.95
Sonic The Hedgehog: FirstsL4.95
Sonofawitch & Other Tales Of Supernatural…14.95
Soulfire: Dying Of The LightL14.99
Soulfire HC124.99
Soulsearchers & Company112.95
Soulsearchers & Company212.95
Soulwind: Day I Tried TO Live28.50
Soulwind: Infamous Transit Vagrants38.50
Soulwind: The Way Things Never Happened48.50
Soulwind: The August Ones58.50
Sovereign SevenL12.95DC
Space GhostL14.99DC
Sparks Urban Fairy Tale35.95
Spawn: Angelas Hunt7.95I
Spawn: Armageddon Complete CollectionL29.95I
Spawn: Blood & Salvation4.95I
Spawn: New FleshL14.95I
Spawn: The Movie4.95I
Spawn: Beginnings19.95I
Spawn: Dark Discoveries2L9.95I
Spawn: Death & Rebirth5L9.95I
Spawn: Pathway To Judgement6L9.95I
Spawn: Deadmans Touch7L9.95I
Spawn: Betrayal Of Blood8L9.95I
Spawn: Urban Jungle9L9.95I
Spawn: Vengeance Of The Dead10L9.95I
Spawn: Crossroads1110.95I
Spawn: Immortality12L10.95I
Spawn Collection1L19.95I
Spawn Collection2L29.95I
Spawn Collection3L29.95I
Spawn Collection4L29.95I
Spawn: Armageddon117.99I
Spawn: Armageddon2L15.95I
Species: Human RaceL11.95DH
Spect. Spider-ManL7.95M
Spect. Spider-Man: The Hunger1L11.99M
Spect. Spider-Man: Countdown2L11.99M
Spect. Spider-Man: Here There Be Monsters3L9.99M
Spect. Spider-Man: Disassembled4L14.99M
Spect. Spider-Man: Since Remembered5L9.99M
Spect. Spider-Man: Final Curt6L14.99M
Spectre: Crimes And PunishmentsL9.95DC
Speed Racer: Born To RaceL9.95DC
Spider-Girl: Legacy1L7.99M
Spider-Man: Assassin Nation PlotL14.95M
Spider-Man: Back In BlackL24.99M
Spider-Man: Birth Of VenomL29.99M
Spider-Man: BlueL14.99M
Spider-Man: Blue HCL21.99M
Spider-Man: BreakoutL13.99M
Spider-Man: Death Of Captain StacyL12.99M
Spider-Man: Death Of Gwen Stacy14.95M
Spider-Man: Fairy TalesL10.99M
Spider-Man: IndiaL9.99M
Spider-Man: Kravens Last Hunt HCL19.99M
Spider-Man: Made MenL5.99M
Spider-Man: Maximum CarnageL29.99M
Spider-Man: Official Movie AdaptionL5.95M
Spider-Man: One More Day HCL24.99M
Spider-Man: Peter Parker Back In BlackL24.99M
Spider-Man: Peter Parker Back In Black HCL34.99M
Spider-Man: Quality Of LifeL12.99M
Spider-Man: ReignL14.99M
Spider-Man: Reign HCL19.99M
Spider-Man: Return Of The GoblinL8.99M
Spider-Man: Revenge Of Green GoblinL16.95M
Spider-Man: Round RobinûSidekicks RevengeL15.95M
Spider-Man: Saga o/t SandmanL19.99M
Spider-Man: Son o/t GoblinL15.99M
Spider-Man: The MovieL12.95M
Spider-Man: The Movie 2L12.99M
Spider-Man: The OtherL24.99M
Spider-Man: The Other HCL29.99M
Spider-Man: The Savage Land SagaL6.99M
Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide HCL19.99M
Spider-Man: TormentL15.95M
Spider-Man: Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man1L4.50M
Spider-Man Legends: Todd McFarlane Book 1119.95M
Spider-Man Legends: Todd McFarlane Book 22L19.99M
Spider-Man Legends: Todd McFarlane Book 33L24.99M
Spider-Man Legends: Spider-Man & Wolverine4L13.99M
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane HC1L24.99M
Spider-Man Visionaires: John Romita SrL19.95M
Spider-Man Visionaires: Todd McFarlaneL19.95M
Spider-Man Visionaires: Kurt Busiek1L19.99M
Spider-Man Visionaires: Roger Stern1L19.99M
Spider-Man vs Black Cat1L14.99M
Spider-Man vs Dr Octopus17.95M
Spider-Man vs Silver Sable1L15.99M
Spider-Man Vs VenomL15.95M
Spider-Man/Black Cat: Evil That Men Do HCL19.99M
Spider-Man/Dr Octopus: Negative ExposureL13.99M
Spider-Man/Dr Octopus: Year OneL13.99M
Spider-Man/Dr Octopus: Out Of Reach1L5.99M
Spider-Man/Kingpin: To The DeathL5.99M
Spider-Man/Red Sonja HCL29.99M
Spider-Man: Tangled Web1L15.95M
Spider-Man: Tangled Web2L14.95M
Spider-Man: Tangled Web3L15.99M
Spider-Man: Tangled Web4L15.99M
Spider-Woman: OriginL13.99M
Spider-Woman: Origin HCL19.99M
Spy vs Spy Complete Casebook24.95
Spyboy: Deadly Gourmet Affair1L8.95DH
Spyboy: Trial And Error2L8.95DH
Spyboy: Bet Your Life3L9.95DH
Spyboy: Undercover Underwear4L9.95DH
Spyboy: Spy School Confidential5L12.95DH
Spyboy: The Manga Affair69.95DH
Spyboy Young JusticeL9.95DH
Squadron Supreme29.99M
Squadron Supreme: Death Of A UniverseL24.99M
Squadron Supreme: Hyperion vs NighthawkL10.99M
Squadron Supreme: Prewar Years HC1L20.99M
Stagger LeeL17.99I
Stan Lee Meets HCL24.99M
Star Brand Classic1L19.99M
Star Trek: Ashes Of EdenL14.95DC
Star Trek: Best Of Next GenerationL19.95DC
Star Trek: Best Of Star TrekL19.95DC
Star Trek: Debt Of HonorL14.95DC
Star Trek: Modala ImperativeL19.95DC
Star Trek: Next Generation-BeginningsL19.95DC
Star Trek: Next Generation-Enemy UnseenL17.95DC
Star Trek: Next Generation-ForgivenessL17.95DC
Star Trek: Next Generation-Forgiveness HC24.95DC
Star Trek: Next Generation-Gorn CrisisL17.95DC
Star Trek: Next Generation-Gorn Crisis HC29.95DC
Star Trek: Other RealitiesL14.95DC
Star Trek: RevisitationsL19.95DC
Star Trek: Tests Of CourageL17.95DC
Star Trek: The Mirror Universe SagaL19.95DC
Star Trek: Who Killed Captain Kirk?16.95DC
Star Trek Key Collection1L22.95
Star Trek Key Collection2L22.95
Star Trek Key Collection3L22.95
Star Trek Key Collection4L22.95
Star Trek Key Collection5L22.95
Star Trek Voyager: Encounters With The…L19.95DC
Star Wars: A New Hope Special EdL9.95DH
Star Wars: Boba Fett-Death Lies & TreacheryL12.95DH
Star Wars: Boba Fett-Enemy Of The EmpireL12.95DH
Star Wars: Bounty HuntersL12.95DH
Star Wars: ChewbackaL12.95DH
Star Wars: Crimson EmpireL17.95DH
Star Wars: Crimson Empire II-Council Of…L17.95DH
Star Wars: Dark EmpireL17.95DH
Star Wars: Dark Empire IIL19.95DH
Star Wars: Dark Force RisingL17.95DH
Star Wars: DarknessL12.95DH
Star Wars: Darth MaulL12.95DH
Star Wars: Droids-Kalarba AdventuresL17.95DH
Star Wars: Droids-RebellionL14.95DH
Star Wars: Emissaries To MalastareL15.95DH
Star Wars: Empires End5.95DH
Star Wars: Episode 1-Phantom MenaceL12.95DH
Star Wars: Episode 1-Phantom Menace AdvL12.95DH
Star Wars: Episode 2-Attack Of The ClonesL17.95DH
Star Wars: Episode 3-Revenge Of The SithL12.95DH
Star Wars: General GrieviousL12.95DH
Star Wars: Heir To The EmpireL19.95DH
Star Wars: Honor And Duty12.95DH
Star Wars: Hunt For Aurra SingL12.95DH
Star Wars: Infinites-A New HopeL12.95DH
Star Wars: Infinites-Empire Strikes BackL12.95DH
Star Wars: Infinites-Return Of The JediL12.95DH
Star Wars: Jabba The HuttL9.95DH
Star Wars: Jango FettL5.95DH
Star Wars: Jango Fett-Open SeasonsL12.95DH
Star Wars: Jedi Academy-LeviathanL11.95DH
Star Wars: Jedi Council-Acts Of WarL12.95DH
Star Wars: Jedi vs SithL17.95DH
Star Wars: Last CommandL17.95DH
Star Wars: Mara Jade-By The Emperors HandL15.95DH
Star Wars: OutlanderL14.95DH
Star Wars: Prelude To RebellionL14.95DH
Star Wars: Rebellion-My Brother My EnemyL14.95DH
Star Wars: Rite Of PassageL12.95DH
Star Wars: Shadows Of The EmpireL17.95DH
Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire-EvolutionL14.95DH
Star Wars: Splinter Of The Minds EyeL14.95DH
Star Wars: Stark Hyperspace WarL12.95DH
Star Wars: Tag & Bink Were HereL14.95DH
Star Wars: The Hunt For Aurra SingL12.95DH
Star Wars: TOTJ-Dark Lords Of The Sith17.95DH
Star Wars: TOTJ-Fall Of The Sith EmpireL14.95DH
Star Wars: TOTJ-Golden Age Of The SithL16.95DH
Star Wars: TOTJ-Knights Of The Old RepublicL14.95DH
Star Wars: TOTJ-Redemption14.95DH
Star Wars: TOTJ-Sith WarL17.95DH
Star Wars: TwilightL12.95DH
Star Wars: Underworld-The Yavin VassilikaL14.95DH
Star Wars: UnionL12.95DH
Star Wars: Vaders QuestL11.95DH
Star Wars: X-WRS-Battleground TatooineL12.95DH
Star Wars: X-WRS-Blood & HonorL12.95DH
Star Wars: X-WRS-In The Empires ServiceL12.95DH
Star Wars: X-WRS-Mandatory RetirementL12.95DH
Star Wars: X-WRS-MasqueradeL12.95DH
Star Wars: X-WRS-Phantom AffairL12.95DH
Star Wars: X-WRS-Requiem For A RogueL12.95DH
Star Wars: X-WRS-Warrior PrincessL12.95DH
Star Wars: Zam WesellL5.95DH
Star Wars: Boba Fett-Man With A Mission1L12.95DH
Star Wars: Clone Wars-Defense Of Kamino1L14.95DH
Star Wars: Dark Times-Path To Nowhere1L17.95DH
Star Wars: Episodes Slipcased Set1-3L29.95DH
Star Wars: KOTOR-Commencement1L18.95DH
Star Wars: Visionaries1L17.95DH
Star Wars: Clone Wars-Victories And…2L14.95DH
Star Wars: KOTOR-Flashpoint2L18.95DH
Star Wars: Clone Wars-Last Stand On…3L12.95DH
Star Wars: KOTOR3L18.95DH
Star Wars: Clone Wars-Light & Dark4L14.95DH
Star Wars: Clone Wars-The Best Blades5L17.95DH
Star Wars: Clone Wars-On The Fields ….6L17.95DH
Star Wars: Clone Wars-When They Were ….7L17.95DH
Star Wars: Clone Wars-Last Siege Final…8L17.95DH
Star Wars: Clone Wars-Endgame9L17.95DH
Star Wars Adventures1L6.95DH
Star Wars Classic: A New Hope9.95DH
Star Wars Classic: Empire Strikes BackL9.95DH
Star Wars Classic: Return o/t JediL9.95DH
Star Wars Classic: S W Trilogy Boxed SetL29.85DH
Star Wars Classic: In Deadly Pursuit116.95DH
Star Wars Classic: Rebel Storm2L16.95DH
Star Wars Classic: Escape To Hoth3L16.95DH
Star Wars Classic: Early Adventures4L19.95DH
Star Wars Classic: Han Solo At Stars End5L6.95DH
Star Wars Legacy: Broken1L17.95DH
Star Wars Legacy: Shards2L17.95DH
Star Wars Omnibus: Tales o/t Jedi1L24.95DH
Star Wars Omnibus: Tales o/t Jedi2L24.95DH
Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadr.1L24.95DH
Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadr.2L24.95DH
Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadr.3L24.95DH
Star Wars Rebellion: My Brother My Enemy1L14.95DH
Star Wars Rebellion: Ahakista Gambit2L17.95DH
Star Wars Tales1L19.95DH
Star Wars Tales2L19.95DH
Star Wars Tales3L19.95DH
Star Wars Tales4L19.95DH
Star Wars Tales5L19.95DH
Star Wars Tales6L19.95DH
Star Wars: A Long Time Ago1L29.95DH
Star Wars: A Long Time Ago2L29.95DH
Star Wars: A Long Time Ago3L29.95DH
Star Wars: A Long Time Ago4L29.95DH
Star Wars: A Long Time Ago5L29.95DH
Star Wars: A Long Time Ago6L29.95DH
Star Wars: A Long Time Ago7L29.95DH
Star Wars: Empire1L12.95DH
Star Wars: Empire2L17.95DH
Star Wars: Empire3L17.95DH
Star Wars: Empire4L17.95DH
Star Wars: Empire5L14.95DH
Star Wars: Empire6L17.95DH
Star Wars: Empire7L17.95DH
Starman: Sins Of The Father1L12.95DC
Starman: Night And Day2L17.95DC
Starman: A Wicked Inclination317.95DC
Starman: Times Past4L17.95DC
Starman: Infernal Devices5L17.95DC
Starman: To Reach The Stars6L19.95DC
Starman: A Starry Knight7L17.95DC
Starman: Stars My Destination8L14.95DC
Starman: Grand Guignol9L19.95DC
Starman: Sons Of The Father10L14.99DC
Starship Troopers14.95
Static Shock: Trial By FireL9.95DC
Steampunk: Manimatron1L14.95DC
Steampunk: Drama Obscura2L14.95DC
Steel: Forging Of A Hero19.95DC
Steve Niles Cellar Of NastinessL19.99IDW
Steve Rude: The Moth1L17.95DH
Stoker´s Dracula HCL24.99M
Storm HCL19.99M
Stormbreaker: Saga Of Beta Ray BillL16.99M
Stormwatch: PHDL17.99DC
Stormwatch: Force Of Nature1L14.95DC
Stormwatch: Lightning Strikes2L14.95DC
Stormwatch: Change Or Die3L14.95DC
Stormwatch: A Finer World4L14.95DC
Stormwatch: Final Orbit5L9.95DC
Stormwatch Team Achilles1L14.95DC
Stormwatch Team Achilles2L14.95DC
Story Of Jews16.95
Strange Beginnings & EndingsL17.99M
Strange Girl: Girl Afraid1L12.99I
Strangehaven: Arcadia114.95
Strangehaven: Brotherhood214.95
Strangers In Paradise1L8.95
Strangers In Paradise: I Dream Of You2L16.95
Strangers In Paradise: ItÆs a Good Life38.95
Strangers In Paradise: Love Me Tender412.95
Strangers In Paradise: Immortal Enemies514.95
Strangers In Paradise: High School68.95
Strangers In Paradise: Sanctuary715.95
Strangers In Paradise: My Other Life814.95
Strangers In Paradise: Child Of Rage915.95
Strangers In Paradise: Tropic Of Desire1012.95
Strangers In Paradise: Brave New World118.95
Strangers In Paradise Pocket1L17.95
Strangers In Paradise Pocket2L17.95
Strangers In Paradise Pocket3L17.95
Strangers In Paradise Pocket4L17.95
Strangers In Paradise Pocket5L17.95
Strangers In Paradise Pocket6L17.95
Stray Bullets1L11.95
Stray Bullets211.95
Stray Bullets311.95
Stray Bullets414.95
Stray Bullets514.95
Stray Bullets614.95
Stray Bullets HC1L34.95
Stray ToastersL19.95
Striker vs The Third Reich315.95
Strip SearchL9.95Adult
Strontium Dog: Portrait Of A Mutant17.95
Stuck Rubber BabyL14.95DC
Stuff Outa My Head10.95
Stylish Vittles I Met A Girl15.00
Sub-Mariner: RevolutionL14.99M
Suckle The Status Of Basil14.95
Summer Blonde HC24.95
Summer Of Love HC24.95
Super FriendsL14.95DC
Super Friends: Truth, Justice & PeaceL14.95DC
Supergirl: CandorL14.99DC
Supergirl: IdentityL19.99DC
Supergirl: Many Happy ReturnsL14.95DC
Supergirl: PowerL14.99DC
Supergirl & The Legion: Dominator WarL14.99DC
Supergirl Archives HC1L49.95DC
Superman: Adventures Of The Man Of SteelL7.95DC
Superman: At Earths EndL4.95DC
Superman: Back In ActionL19.99DC
Superman: BirthrightL19.99DC
Superman: Birthright HCL29.95DC
Superman: Camelot Falls HCL19.99DC
Superman: Cover To Cover HCL39.99DC
Superman: Daily PlanetL19.99DC
Superman: Day Of DoomL9.95DC
Superman: Death & Return … Omnibus HCL75.00DC
Superman: Death Of Clark KentL19.95DC
Superman: Death Of SupermanL9.95DC
Superman: Doomsday OmnibusL19.99DC
Superman: Emperor JokerL14.99DC
Superman: End Of The CenturyL17.95DC
Superman: End Of The Century HC24.95DC
Superman: ExileL14.95DC
Superman: For All SeasonsL14.99DC
Superman: For All Seasons HCL24.95DC
Superman: GodfallL9.99DC
Superman: Godfall HCL19.95DC
Superman: In The FiftiesL19.95DC
Superman: In The FortiesL19.95DC
Superman: In The Name Of GogL17.99DC
Superman: In The SeventiesL19.95DC
Superman: In The SixtiesL19.95DC
Superman: Infinite CityL17.99DC
Superman: Infinite City HCL24.99DC
Superman: Infinite CrisisL19.99DC
Superman: Our Worlds At War Compl. Ed.L24.99DC
Superman: Panic In The Sky9.95DC
Superman: Peace On Earth OversizedL9.95DC
Superman: Red SonL17.95DC
Superman: RedemptionL12.99DC
Superman: Return Of SupermanL19.95DC
Superman: Ruin RevealedL14.99DC
Superman: SacrificeL14.99DC
Superman: Secret IdentityL19.95DC
Superman: Shazam First ThunderL12.99DC
Superman: Strange AttractorsL12.99DC
Superman: Sunday Classics 1939-1943L19.95DC
Superman: Sunday Classics 1939-1943 HCL14.95DC
Superman: Tales Of The Bizarro WorldL14.95DC
Superman: That Healing TouchL14.99DC
Superman: The Complete History18.95DC
Superman: The Dailies 1939-1942 HCL20.00DC
Superman: The Dark Side12.95DC
Superman: The Doomsday WarsL12.95DC
Superman: The JourneyL14.99DC
Superman: The Wrath Of GogL14.99DC
Superman: They Saved Luthors BrainL14.95DC
Superman: Trial Of Superman14.95DC
Superman: True BritL17.99DC
Superman: True Brit HCL24.95DC
Superman: Ultimate Guide HCL24.99
Superman: Unconventional WarfareL14.95DC
Superman: Up Up And AwayL14.99DC
Superman: Wedding And BeyondL14.95DC
Superman: Where Is Thy Sting6.95DC
Superman: World Without A SupermanL7.50DC
Superman: No Limits1L14.95DC
Superman: The Dailies 1939-401L14.95DC
Superman: Endgame2L14.95DC
Superman: The Dailies 1940-412L14.95DC
Superman: The Dailies 1941-423L14.95DC
Superman: Til Death Do Us Part3L17.95DC
Superman: Critical Condition4L14.95DC
Superman: President Lex5L17.95DC
Superman: Return To Krypton6L17.95DC
Superman & Batman: Aliens & PredatorsL12.99DC
Superman & Batman: Generations1L17.95DC
Superman & Batman: Generations2L19.95DC
Superman & Savage Dragon: ChicagoL5.95DC
Superman Action Comics Archives HC149.95DC
Superman Action Comics Archives HC249.95DC
Superman Action Comics Archives HC349.95DC
Superman Adventures: Up, Up And Away1L6.95DC
Superman Adventures: Never-Ending Battle2L6.95DC
Superman Archives HC1L19.95DC
Superman Archives HC249.95DC
Superman Archives HC349.95DC
Superman Archives HC449.95DC
Superman Archives HC549.95DC
Superman Returns: The PrequelL12.99DC
Superman vs AliensL14.95DC
Superman vs Lex LuthorL19.99DC
Superman vs PredatorL14.95DC
Superman vs Terminator: Death To Future10.95DC
Superman vs The Flash19.99DC
Superman vs The Revenge SquadL12.95DC
Superman/Batman: Greatest Stories…L19.99DC
Superman/Batman: Worlds FinestL14.95DC
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies1L12.99DC
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies HC119.95DC
Superman/Batman: Supergirl2L12.99DC
Superman/Batman: Supergirl HC219.95DC
Superman/Batman: Absolute Power3L12.99DC
Superman/Batman: Absolute Power HC319.99DC
Superman/Batman: Vengeance HC4L19.99DC
Superman/Batman: Enemies Among Us HC5L19.99DC
Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey14.95DC
Superman/Madman: HullabalooL8.95DC
Superman/Tarzan: Sons Of The JungleL9.95DC
Superman: Chronicles1L14.99DC
Superman: Chronicles2L14.99DC
Superman: Chronicles3L14.99DC
Superman: Chronicles4L14.99DC
Superman: For Tomorrow1L14.99DC
Superman: For Tomorrow2L14.99DC
Superman: For Tomorrow HC1L24.99DC
Superman: For Tomorrow HC2L24.99DC
Superman: Our Worlds At War1L19.95DC
Superman: Our Worlds At War2L19.95DC
Superman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told1L19.99DC
Superman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told2L19.99DC
Superman: The Man Of Steel1L19.95DC
Superman: The Man Of Steel2L19.95DC
Superman: The Man Of Steel3L19.95DC
Superman: The Man Of Steel4L19.99DC
Superman: The Man Of Steel5L19.99DC
Superpatriot: Liberty & JusticeL12.95I
Superstar: As Seen On TVL5.95I
Supreme: Story Of The Year1L26.95
Supreme: Return2L24.95
Supreme Power: HyperionL14.99M
Supreme Power: NighthawkL16.99M
Supreme Power: Contact1L14.99M
Supreme Power: Powers & Principalities2L14.99M
Supreme Power: High Command3L14.99M
Supreme Power HC1L29.99M
Supreme Power HC2L29.99M
Swamp Thing: Dark GenesisL19.95DC
Swamp Thing: Saga Of The Swamp Thing1L19.95DC
Swamp Thing: Love & Death2L19.95DC
Swamp Thing: The Curse3L19.95DC
Swamp Thing: A Murder Of Crows4L19.95DC
Swamp Thing: Earth To Earth5L17.95DC
Swamp Thing: Reunion6L19.95DC
Swamp Thing: Regenesis7L17.95DC
Swamp Thing: Spontaneous Generation8L19.99DC
Swamp Thing Book 1: Bad SeedL9.95DC
Swamp Thing Book 2: Love In VainL14.99DC
Swamp Thing Book 3: Healing The BreachL17.99DC
Sword o/t AtomL19.99DC
Sword Of Dracula14.99IDW
Tale Of One Bad Rat14.95
Tales Of Terror HC1L16.99IDW
Tales Of The RealmL14.95I
Tales Of The Ten Tailed Cat6.95
Tall Tails Thieves Quest214.95
Tango With Death14.95
Tank Girl1L16.99Tit
Tank Girl2L16.99Tit
Tank Girl3L16.95Tit
Tank Girl: Odyssey4L16.95Tit
Tapping The VeinL24.95
Tarzan: Carson Of VenusL12.95DH
Tarzan: Jewels Of OparL10.95DH
Tarzan: Les MonstresL16.95DH
Tarzan: Lost Adventure HCL19.95DH
Tarzan: The Land That Time Forgot12.95DH
Tarzan: The UntamedL11.95DH
Tarzan vs Predator: At The Earths CoreL12.95DH
Tarzan: Joe Kubert Years HC1L49.95DH
Tarzan: Joe Kubert Years HC2L49.95DH
Tarzan: Joe Kubert Years HC3L49.95DH
Team ZeroL17.99DC
Tech Jacket: Lost And Found1L12.95I
Technopriests: Techno Pre School HC114.95
Technopriests: Nohope Penitentiary School HC214.95
Teen Titans: A Kids Game1L9.95DC
Teen Titans: Family Lost2L9.95DC
Teen Titans: Beast, Boys & Girls3L9.99DC
Teen Titans: The Future Is Now4L9.99DC
Teen Titans: Life And Death5L14.99DC
Teen Titans: Titans Around The World6L14.99DC
Teen Titans: Titans East7L14.99DC
Teen Titans/Outsiders: Death And Return Of …L14.99DC
Teen Titans/Outsiders: InsidersL9.99DC
Tell Me, DarkL14.95
Tellos: Last HeistL5.95I
Tellos: Maiden VoyageL5.95I
Tellos: Sons And MoonsL5.95I
Tellos: Reluctant Heroes117.95I
Tellos: Kindred Spirits2L17.95I
Tellos Colossal HCL39.99I
Tellos One Shots Sets14.99I
Tempus Fugitive17.95
Tenth: Black Embrace12.95I
Tenth: BlackoutL14.95DH
Terminal CityL19.95DC
Terminator: Endgame9.95DH
Terminator: Enemy Within13.95DH
Terminator: Tempest12.95DH
Terminator: The Burning Earth17.95
Terminator Omnibus1L24.95DH
Terminator Omnibus2L24.95DH
Terra ObscuraL14.95DC
Territory HCL14.95DH
Terry Moores Paradise Too: Drunk Ducks115.95
Testament: Akedah1L9.99DC
Testament: West Of Eden2L12.99DC
Testament: Babel3L12.99DC
Tex: The Lonesome Rider15.95
Texas Chainsaw MassacreL14.99DC
Thanos: Infinity Abyss217.99M
Thanos: Marvel Universe The End316.99M
Thanos: Epiphany414.99M
Thanos: Samaritan514.99M
The AwakeningL9.95Oni
The BunkerL9.95
The Devil´s Footprints1L14.95DH
The Gift: Choices1L14.95I
The Gift: Consequences2L14.99I
The Great Women SuperheroesL21.95
The Long HaulL14.95Oni
The TombL14.95Oni
The Worst Thing Ive Ever Done8.95
Theatre Of Cruelty8.95
Thick Black KissL8.95
Thieves & Kings: Red Book113.50
Thieves & Kings: Green Book216.50
Thieves & Kings: Blue Book316.50
Thieves & Kings: Shadow Book416.50
Thing: FreakshowL17.99M
Thing: Idol Of MillionsL20.99M
Third Testament: Mark The Lion Awakens1L7.95
Thor: Across All WorldsL19.95M
Thor: Blood OathL14.99M
Thor: Blood Oath HCL19.99M
Thor: Dark GodsL15.95M
Thor: Death Of OdinL12.99M
Thor: Lord Of Asgard215.99M
Thor: Gods On Earth3L21.99M
Thor: Spiral419.99M
Thor: The Reigning5L17.99M
Thor: Gods & Men6L13.99M
Thor Legends: Walt Simonson1L24.95M
Thor Legends: Walt Simonson2L24.99M
Thor Legends: Walt Simonson3L24.99M
Thor Visionaries: Mike Deodato JrL19.99M
Thor Visionaries: Walt Simonson1L24.95M
Thor: Eternals Saga1L24.99M
Thor: Eternals Saga2L24.99M
Thorgal: Child o/t Stars1L14.99
Thorgal: Three Elders Of Aran2L14.99
Thorgal: Beyond The Shadows3L14.99
Thorinth: Fool With No Name HC115.95
Thousand Faces: Two Mules, A Rifle…1L14.95DC
Three Days In EuropéL14.95Oni
Three Fingers14.95
Through The Habitrails9.95
Thunder Agents Archives Hc149.95DC
Thunderbolts: Guardian ProtocolsL10.99M
Thunderbolts: JaxonL19.99M
Thunderbolts: Justice Like LightningL19.95M
Thunderbolts: How To Lose1L14.99M
Thunderbolts By Ellis: Faith In Monsters HC1L24.99M
Thunderbolts Presents Zemo Born BetterL10.99M
Thundercats: Reclaiming Thundera1L12.95DC
Thundercats: The Return2L12.95DC
Thundercats: Dogs Of War3L14.95DC
Thundercats: Hammer Hands Revenge4L14.95DC
Thundercats: Enemys Pride5L14.99DC
Tick: Naked City Color15.95
Tick Omnibus214.95
Tick Omnibus311.95
Tick Omnibus511.95
Time In OverdriveL14.95
To Afghanistan And Back HC15.95
Tokyo Storm WarningL14.95DC
Tom Judge: The Rapture1L19.99
Tom Strong1L14.95DC
Tom Strong2L14.95DC
Tom Strong3L17.95DC
Tom Strong4L17.99DC
Tom Strong5L17.99DC
Tom Strong HC2L24.95DC
Tom Strong HC3L24.95DC
Tom Strong HC4L24.95DC
Tom Strong HC5L24.95DC
Tom Strong HC6L24.95DC
Tom Strongs Terrific Tales117.99DC
Tom Strongs Terrific Tales HC1L24.95DC
Tom Strongs Terrific Tales HC2L24.99DC
Tomb Raider: Saga Of The Medusa Mask19.95I
Tomb Raider: Mystic Artifacts214.95I
Tomb Raider: Chasing Shangri La312.95I
Tomb Raider Compendium1-50L49.99I
Tomb Raider/Witchblade7.95I
Tomorrow Stories1L17.95DC
Tomorrow Stories2L17.99DC
Tomorrow Stories HC124.95DC
Tomorrow Stories HC224.95DC
Too Much Coffee Man´s Amusing Musings12.95DH
Too Much Coffee Man´s Guide For Perplexed10.95DH
Too Much Coffee Man´s Parade Of Tirade12.95DH
Top Cow/Marvel Crossover Collection24.99I
Top Cows Best Of David FinchL19.99I
Top Cows Best Of Michael Turner24.99I
Top Ten1L14.95DC
Top Ten2L14.95DC
Top Ten: Beyond The Farthest Precinct14.99DC
Top Ten: The Forty NinersL17.99DC
Top Ten: The Forty Niners HC24.99DC
Topsy Turvy9.95
Tor HC1L49.95
Tor HC2L49.95
Tor HC3L49.95
Torpedo 1936 Three Book SetL29.95
Torso: The Defenitive CollL24.95I
Total Sell OutL14.95I
Toth: One For The RoadL17.99
Tott HC49.95
Touch Of EvilL10.95
Touch Of SilverL12.95I
Towers Of Bois Maury: Babette HC114.95DH
Towers Of Bois Maury: Eloise De Montgri HC214.95DH
Town That Did´nt Exist HCL14.95DC
Toxin: The Devil You KnowL17.99M
Tozzer & Invisible Lap Dancers8.95
Trakk: Monster HunterL15.99I
Transformers: All Fall DownL19.95Tit
Transformers: BeginningsL16.95Tit
Transformers: Cybertron ReduxL19.95Tit
Transformers: Dark DesignsL19.95Tit
Transformers: End Of RoadL19.95Tit
Transformers: End Of Road HCL24.95Tit
Transformers: Fallen Angel19.95Tit
Transformers: Legacy Of Unicron19.95Tit
Transformers: Matrix QuestL19.99Tit
Transformers: Matrix Quest HCL24.99Tit
Transformers: New OrderL19.95Tit
Transformers: Primal ScreamL19.99Tit
Transformers: Primal Scream HCL24.99Tit
Transformers: Rage In HeavenL16.95Tit
Transformers: Rage In Heaven HCL24.95Tit
Transformers: ShowdownL19.95Tit
Transformers: Space PiratesL19.95Tit
Transformers: Target 2006L19.95Tit
Transformers: Time WarsL19.95Tit
Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye2L24.95
Transformers Armada1L13.95
Transformers Armada2L15.95
Transformers Armada3L20.95
Transformers Generation One1L17.95
Transformers Generation One: War & Peace2L17.95
Transgenesis: Fides114.95DC
Transmetropolitan: Tales Of Human Waste0L9.95DC
Transmetropolitan: Back On The Street1L7.95DC
Transmetropolitan: Lust For Life2L14.95DC
Transmetropolitan: Year Of The Bastard3L12.95DC
Transmetropolitan: The New Scum4L12.95DC
Transmetropolitan: Lonely City5L14.95DC
Transmetropolitan: Gouge Away6L14.95DC
Transmetropolitan: Spiders Thrash7L14.95DC
Transmetropolitan: Dirge8L14.95DC
Transmetropolitan: The Cure9L14.95DC
Transmetropolitan: One More Time10L14.95DC
Treasury Victorian Murder18.95
Treasury Victorian Murder: Jack The Ripper27.95
Treasury Victorian Murder: Borden Tragedy38.95
Treasury Victorian Murder: Fatal Bullet48.95
Treasury Victorian Murder: Mystery Maryà58.95
Trials Of Shazam1L14.99DC
Tribulation Force15.99
Tribulation Force35.99
Tribulation Force45.99
Trio Grande: Adios Palomita HCL14.95HeaM
Triple XL24.95DH
Trosper HC14.95
True Facts9.95
True FaithL12.95DC
True Story: Swear To God114.95
Truth: Red, White & Black1L17.95
Two Over Ten18.99
Two-Fisted Science12.95
Ultimate Adventures: One Tin SoldierL12.99M
Ultimate Annuals1L13.99M
Ultimate Annuals2L13.99M
Ultimate Daredevil And Elektra1L11.99M
Ultimate Elektra: Devil´s DueL11.99M
Ultimate Fantastic Four: The Fantastic1L12.99M
Ultimate Fantastic Four: Doom2L12.99M
Ultimate Fantastic Four: N-Zone3L12.99M
Ultimate Fantastic Four: Inhuman412.99M
Ultimate Fantastic Four: Crossover5L12.99M
Ultimate Fantastic Four: Frightful6L14.99M
Ultimate Fantastic Four: God War7L16.99M
Ultimate Fantastic Four: Devils8L12.99M
Ultimate Fantastic Four: Silver Surfe9L13.99M
Ultimate Fantastic Four HC1L29.99M
Ultimate Fantastic Four HC2L29.99M
Ultimate Fantastic Four HC3L29.99M
Ultimate Fantastic Four HC4L29.99M
Ultimate Galactus: Nightmare1L12.99M
Ultimate Galactus: Secret2L12.99M
Ultimate Galactus: Extinction3L12.99M
Ultimate Galactus Trilogy HCL34.99M
Ultimate Iron Man1L14.99M
Ultimate Iron Man: HC1L19.99M
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up1L14.95M
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up2L11.99M
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up3L12.99M
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up HCL39.99M
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Ultimate Coll.L29.99M
Ultimate Power HC1L34.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Clone Saga HCL29.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Venom HCL19.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Power & Responsibility1L14.95M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Learning Curve2L12.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Double Trouble3L17.95M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Legacy4L14.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Public Scrutiny5L11.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Venom6L15.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Irresponsible7L12.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Cats & Kings8L17.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Six9L17.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Hollywood10L12.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Carnage11L12.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Superstars12L12.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Hobgoblin13L15.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Warriors14L17.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Silver Sable1515.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Deadpool16L15.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Clone Saga17L24.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Knights18L15.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man: Death o/t Goblin19L14.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man HC1L29.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man HC2L29.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man HC3L29.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man HC4L29.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man HC5L29.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man HC6L29.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man HC7L29.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man HC8L29.99M
Ultimate Spider-Man HC9L39.99M
Ultimate VisionL14.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Tomorrow People1L14.95M
Ultimate X-Men: Return To Weapon X2L14.95M
Ultimate X-Men: World Tour3L17.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Hellfire & Brimstone4L12.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Ultimate War5L10.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Return Of The King6L16.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Blockbuster7L12.99M
Ultimate X-Men: New Mutants8L12.99M
Ultimate X-Men: The Tempest9L10.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Cry Wolf10L8.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Most Dangerous Game11L9.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Hard Lessons12L12.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Magnetic North13L12.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Phoenix?14L14.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Magical15L11.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Cable16L14.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Sentinels17L17.99M
Ultimate X-Men HC1L29.99M
Ultimate X-Men HC2L29.99M
Ultimate X-Men HC3L29.99M
Ultimate X-Men HC4L29.99M
Ultimate X-Men HC529.99M
Ultimate X-Men HC6L29.99M
Ultimate X-Men HC7L29.99M
Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic FourL12.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Ultimate Collection124.99M
Ultimate X-Men: Ultimate Collection2L24.99M
Ultimates: Super-Human112.99M
Ultimates: Homeland Security217.99M
Ultimates 2: Gods & Monsters115.99M
Ultimates 2: Grand Theft America2L19.99M
Ultimates 2 HCL34.99M
Ultimates HC1L29.99M
Ultra: Seven Days1L17.95I
Ulysses HCL14.95
Uncanny X-Men: ExtremistsL13.99M
Uncanny X-Men: From The AshesL19.95M
Uncanny X-Men: PoptopiaL15.95M
Uncanny X-Men: Rise & Fall Of Shiar EmpireL29.99M
Uncanny X-Men: Hope1L12.99M
Uncanny X-Men: Dominent Species2L11.99M
Uncanny X-Men: Holy War3L17.99M
Uncanny X-Men: The Draco4L15.99M
Uncanny X-Men: She Lies With Angels5L11.99M
Uncanny X-Men: Bright New Morning6L14.99M
Uncanny X-Men New Age: End Of History1L12.99M
Uncanny X-Men New Age: Cruelest Cut2L12.99M
Uncanny X-Men New Age: On Ice3L15.99M
Uncanny X-Men New Age: End Of Greys4L14.99M
Uncanny X-Men New Age: First Foursaken5L11.99M
Uncle SamL9.95DC
Uncle Sam & The Freedom FightersL14.99DC
Undercover GenieL14.95
Understanding Comics19.95
Underworld UnleashedL17.95
Union JackL11.50M
Union Jack: London FallingL10.99M
Universal Monsters: Cavalcade Of HorrorL19.95DH
Universe Of Cromwell HCL19.95HeaM
Universe X1L29.99M
Universe X2L29.99M
University 2: Angry Years11.95
Unknown SoldierL12.95DC
Unusual SuspectsL12.99I
US War MachineL14.95M
V For VendettaL19.99DC
W The Whore12.95
Waiting Place115.95
Wake: Fire & Ash1L9.95
Wake: Private Collection2L9.95
Wake: Gearing Up3L9.95
Wake The DeadL19.99IDW
Valerian: New Future Trilogy1L17.95
Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye1L9.95I
Walking Dead: Miles Behind Us2L12.95I
Walking Dead: Safety Behind Bars3L12.95I
Walking Dead: Hearts Desire4L12.99I
Walking Dead: Best Defense5L12.99I
Walking Dead: Sorrowful Life6L12.99I
Walking Dead: The Calm Before7L12.99I
Walking Dead HC1L29.99I
Walking Dead HC2L29.99I
Walking Dead HC3L29.99I
Walking Dead Omnibus HC1L100.00I
Wallace & Gromit & The Lost SlipperL16.95
Vamperotica: Blood Of The Impaler7.95
Vamperotica: Dark Ages7.95
Vamperotica: Maximum Excitement7.95
Vamperotica: Slave To Love7.95
Vampi: Switchblade Kiss114.95
Vampi: Switchblade Kiss HC1L24.95
Vampi: Tainted Love2L14.95
Vampi: Tainted Love HC2L24.95
Vampire Brat & Other Tales Of Supernatural…14.95
Vampire The Masquerade1L16.95
Vampire The Masquerade2L20.95
Vampire The Masquerade3L20.95
Vampire The Masquerade: CalebrosL5.95
Vampire The Masquerade: NosferatuL6.95
Vampire The Masquerade: Theo Bell5.95
Vampire The Masquerade: ToreadorL5.95
Vampire The Masquerade: VentrueL5.95
Vampirella: Ascending Evil7.50
Vampirella: Death And Destruction14.95
Vampirella: Horror Classics HC19.95
Vampirella: Lives12.95
Vampirella: Lives HC19.95
Vampirella: Nowheresville12.95
Vampirella: Scarlet Thirst12.95
Vampirella: Witchblade TrilogyL12.95
Vampirella: Crimson Chronicles1L19.95
Vampires ChristmasL5.95I
Vampires HCL14.95DH
Wandering Star114.95Sir
Wandering Star214.95Sir
Wandering Star314.95Sir
Wanted HC29.99I
War Stories1L19.95DC
War Stories2L19.95DC
Warhammer 40K: Blood & ThunderL16.99
Warlands: Darklyte1L14.95Dre
Warlands: Atrelegis2L11.95Dre
Warlands: Age Of Ice3L15.95Dre
Warlands Chronicles1L7.95Dre
Warren Ellis: Atmospherics5.95
Warren Ellis: Bad Signal6.95
Warren Ellis: Bad World10.95
Warren Ellis: Dark Blue8.95
Warren Ellis: Scars17.99
Warren Ellis: Strange Killings9.95
Warren Ellis: Strange Kiss8.95
Warren Ellis: Stranger Kisses9.95
Warts And All9.95
Watchmen: Absolute Ed. HCL75.00DC
Waterloo SunsetL17.99I
Vaughn Bode´s Erotica2L12.95FanB
Vaughn Bode´s Erotica3L12.95FanB
Vaughn Bode´s Erotica4L14.95FanB
Way Of The Rat1L15.95CGE
We 3L12.99DC
Weapon X: Days Of Future NowL13.99M
Weapon X: The Draft1L21.95M
Weapon X: The Underground2L19.95M
Welcome To The ZoneL9.95
Venom: Shiver113.99M
Venom: Run2L19.99M
Venom: Twist3L13.99M
Venom vs CarnageL9.99M
Werewolf Apocalypse: Bone Gnawers1L5.95
Werewolf Apocalypse: Black Furies2L5.95
Werewolf Apocalypse: Children Of Gaia3L5.95
Werewolf Apocalypse: Fianna45.95
Werewolf Apocalypse: Fang & Claw1L15.95
Werewolf Apocalypse: Fang & Claw2L15.95
Vertigo First OffensesL4.99DC
Vertigo First Taste4.99DC
Vertigo Visions: Ten Years On The EdgeL24.95DC
Very Big Monster ShowL7.49IDW
Wet Dreams HC1L14.95Adult
Wet Dreams HC2L14.95Adult
What If1L19.99M
What If: Event HorizonL16.99M
What If: Mirror MirrorL16.99M
What If Classic1L24.99M
What If Classic2L24.99M
What If…?: Why Not?L16.99M
What´s Wrong?L16.95Adult
Where Hats Go8.00
Wheres It At Sugar Kat12.95
White Death12.95
White Flower Day14.95
White Like She12.95
White Tiger: Heroes CompulsionL14.99M
White Trash16.95
Whiteout: Melt211.95Oni
Why I Hate SaturnL17.95DC
Vic And BloodL17.95
Wicked West1L9.95I
Wicked West2L15.99I
Wildcats: Gang WarL16.95DC
Wildcats: NemesisL19.99DC
Wildcats: Compendium1L9.95DC
Wildcats: Compendium HC1L49.95DC
Wildcats: Street Smart2L14.95DC
Wildcats: Vicious Circles3L14.95DC
Wildcats: Serial Boxes4L14.95DC
Wildcats: Battery Park5L17.95DC
Wildcats: Homecoming6L19.95DC
Wildcats/Cyberforce: Killer InstinctL14.95DC
Wildflower: Beginnings14.99
Wildguard: Casting Call1L17.95I
Wildstar: Sky ZeroL12.95I
Wildstorm ArmageddonL17.99DC
Wildstorm RisingL19.95DC
Will Eisners BuildingL9.95DC
Will Eisners Casebook2L18.95DC
Will Eisners City People Notebook9.95DC
Will Eisners Companion HCL19.95DC
Will Eisners Contract With God & Other ….12.95DC
Will Eisners Contract With God Trilogy HCL29.95DC
Will Eisners DreamerL7.95DC
Will Eisners Dropsie Avenue: The NeighborhoodL15.95DC
Will Eisners Family MatterL15.95DC
Will Eisners Hawks o/t Seas HCL19.95DH
Will Eisners Invisible People12.95DC
Will Eisners John Law: Dead Man Walking1L14.99IDW
Will Eisners Last Day In VietnamL10.95DH
Will Eisners Last Knight7.95NBM
Will Eisners Life ForceL12.95DC
Will Eisners Life On Another PlanetL12.95DC
Will Eisners Minor MiraclesL12.95DC
Will Eisners Minor Miracles HCL29.95DC
Will Eisners Moby DickL7.95NBM
Will Eisners New York Life In The Big City HCL29.95
Will Eisners New York The Big CityL12.95DC
Will Eisners Princess And The Frog HC15.95NBM
Will Eisners Reader9.95DC
Will Eisners Shop Talk19.95DC
Will Eisners Spirit Archives HC149.95DC
Will Eisners Spirit Archives HC249.95DC
Will Eisners Spirit Archives HC349.95DC
Will Eisners Spirit Archives HC449.95DC
Will Eisners Spirit Archives HC549.95DC
Will Eisners Spirit Archives HC649.95DC
Will Eisners Spirit Archives HC749.95DC
Will Eisners Spirit Archives HC849.95DC
Will Eisners Spirit Archives HC949.95DC
Will Eisners Spirited Life BiographyL14.95DC
Will Eisners Sundiata HC15.95DC
Will Eisners The Name Of The GameL19.95DC
Will Eisners To The Heart o/t Storm14.95DC
Villains UnitedL12.99DC
Wind o/t Gods: Blood From The Moon1L14.95HeaM
Violent Cases12.95
Violent Messiahs: Book Of Job1L24.95I
Wisdom: Rudiments Of WisdomL21.99M
Vision: Yesterday & TomorrowL14.99M
Witchblade: Origins124.95I
Witchblade: Revelations2L24.95I
Witchblade: Prevailing4L14.95I
Witchblade: Distinctions5L14.95I
Witchblade: Obakemono6L9.95I
Witchblade: Blood Relations7L12.99I
Witchblade: Witch Hunt10L14.99I
Witchblade: Awakenings11L14.99I
Witchblade (#80-85)1L4.99I
Witchblade (#86-92)2L14.99I
Witchblade (#93-100)3L14.99I
Witchblade Compendium Ed.L49.99I
Witchblade Takeru1L9.99
Witchblade/Darkness: Family Ties3L9.95I
Witching HourL19.95DC
Wizard Big Covers Book HC1L24.99
Wizard Jim Lee Mill. Ltd Ed DLX HCL29.99
Wizard Mark Silvestri Mill. Ltd Ed DLX HCL29.99
Wizard Michael Turner Mill. Ltd Ed DLX HCL29.99
Wizard Wolverine Masterpiece Ed. DLX HC1L29.99
Wizard X-Men Masterpiece Ed. DLX HC1L29.99
Volcanic Revolver9.95
Wolff & Byrd: Counselors Of The Macabre9.95
Wolfriders Guide To The World Of Elfquest
Wolverine: Blood & SorrowL13.99M
Wolverine: Blood DebtL12.95M
Wolverine: Enemy Of The State Compl. Ed. HCL34.99M
Wolverine: EvolutionL14.99M
Wolverine: Evolution HCL19.99M
Wolverine: Not Dead Yet14.95M
Wolverine: Origins & EndingsL13.99M
Wolverine: Origins & Endings HCL19.99M
Wolverine: SoultakerL13.99M
Wolverine: The Best There Is12.99M
Wolverine: The EndL14.99M
Wolverine: Weapon XL14.95M
Wolverine: Brotherhood112.99M
Wolverine: Coyote Crossing2L11.99M
Wolverine: Return Of The Native3L17.99M
Wolverine & Black Cat: Claws HCL17.99M
Wolverine & Elektra: The Redeemer HCL29.95M
Wolverine Classic1L12.99M
Wolverine Classic2L12.99M
Wolverine Legends: Wolverine/Hulk1L9.99M
Wolverine Legends: Meltdown2L19.99M
Wolverine Legends: Law Of The Jungle3L12.99M
Wolverine Legends: Xisle413.99M
Wolverine Legends: Snikt513.99M
Wolverine Legends: Marc Silvestri #16L19.99M
Wolverine Origins: Born In Blood1L13.99M
Wolverine Origins: Born In Blood HC1L19.99M
Wolverine Origins: Savior2L13.99M
Wolverine Origins: Savior HC2L19.99M
Wolverine Origins: Swift & Terrible3L13.99M
Wolverine Origins: Swift & Terrible HC3L19.99M
Wolverine Origins: Our War HC4L19.99M
Wolverine/Cable: Guts & GloryL5.99M
Wolverine/Deadpool: Weapon XL21.99M
Wolverine/Gambit: Victims12.95M
Wolverine: Enemy Of The State1L14.99M
Wolverine: Enemy Of The State2L16.99M
Wolverine: Enemy Of The State HC1L19.99M
Wolverine: Enemy Of The State HC2L21.99M
Wolvertoons HC39.95
Women Of Marvel24.99M
Wonder Man: My Fair Super HeroL13.99M
Wonder Woman: Amazons Attack HCL24.99DC
Wonder Woman: Bitter RivalsL12.95DC
Wonder Woman: Down To EarthL14.95DC
Wonder Woman: Eyes Of The GorgonL19.99DC
Wonder Woman: Gods Of Gotham5.95DC
Wonder Woman: Land Of The DeadL12.99DC
Wonder Woman: LifelinesL9.95DC
Wonder Woman: Missions EndL19.99DC
Wonder Woman: Paradise FoundL14.95DC
Wonder Woman: Paradise LostL14.95DC
Wonder Woman: Second GenesisL9.95DC
Wonder Woman: Spirit Of Truth OversizedL9.95DC
Wonder Woman: The ContestL9.95DC
Wonder Woman: The HiketeiaL17.95DC
Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia HC24.95DC
Wonder Woman: Ultimate Guide HCL24.99
Wonder Woman: Gods And Mortals1L19.95DC
Wonder Woman: Challenge o/t Gods2L19.95DC
Wonder Woman: Beauty & The Beasts3L19.99DC
Wonder Woman: Destiny Calling4L19.99DC
Wonder Woman Archives HC149.95DC
Wonder Woman Archives HC249.95DC
Wonder Woman Archives HC349.95DC
Voodoo: Dancing In The DarkL9.95
Voodoo Child HCL34.95
World Of Darkness Compendium1L15.95
World War IIIL17.99DC
Worlds Finest Archives HC149.95DC
Worlds Finest Archives HC249.95DC
Worlds Greatest Super Heroes HCL49.99DC
Worlds Of Tomorrow HCL39.95
Wormwood Gentlrman Corpse1L19.99IDW
Wrath Of The SpectreL19.99DC
Wyonna EarpL17.99IDW
X-23: Innocence LostL15.99M
X-23: TargetL15.99M
X-Factor: Heart Of Ice HCL19.99M
X-Factor: Life & Death MattersL14.99M
X-Factor: Life & Death Matters HCL19.99M
X-Factor: Madrox Multiple Choice HCL19.99M
X-Factor: Many Lives Of Madrox HCL19.99M
X-Factor: The Longest NightL14.99M
X-Factor: The Longest Night HCL19.99M
X-Factor Visionaries: Peter David1L15.99M
X-Files: Dead To The World9.95Tit
X-Files: FirebirdL12.95Tit
X-Files: HauntingL12.95Tit
X-Files: Night Lights12.95Tit
X-Files: Project AquariusL12.95Tit
X-Force: Famous, Mutant & Mortal HCL29.99M
X-Force: ShatterstarL15.99M
X-Force: New Beginnings1L14.95M
X-Force: Final Chapter2L19.99M
X-Force & Cable: Legend Returns1L14.99M
Xin: Legend Of The Monkey KingL12.95
X-Men: Apocalypse Vs DraculaL10.99M
X-Men: Asgardian WarsL14.95M
X-Men: Bizarre Love Triangle9.99M
X-Men: Blinded By LightL14.99M
X-Men: Blood Of ApocalypseL17.99M
X-Men: Children Of The AtomL16.95M
X-Men: Colossus BloodlineL13.99M
X-Men: Dark Phoenix SagaL24.99M
X-Men: Day Of The AtomL19.99M
X-Men: Days Of Future PastL19.99M
X-Men: Deadly GenesisL19.99M
X-Men: Deadly Genesis HCL24.99M
X-Men: Die By The SwordL13.99M
X-Men: Dreams EndL17.99M
X-Men: Emperor VulcanL13.99M
X-Men: Endangered Species HCL24.99M
X-Men: Eve Of DestructionL14.99M
X-Men: Factor X - Age Of Apocalypse8.95M
X-Men: Fairy TalesL10.99M
X-Men: Fall Of The MutantsL24.95M
X-Men: Fatal AttractionsL23.95M
X-Men: Further Adv. Of Cyclops & PhoenixL14.99M
X-Men: God Loves Man Kills HCL19.99M
X-Men: Golgotha12.99M
X-Men: InfernoL24.95M
X-Men: Kitty Pryde-Shadow & Flame14.99M
X-Men: Mutant GenesisL19.99M
X-Men: Mutant MassacreL24.95M
X-Men: New Age Of ApocalypseL20.99M
X-Men: Old SoldiersL19.99M
X-Men: Origin Of Generation XL24.95M
X-Men: Phoenix EndsongL14.99M
X-Men: Phoenix Endsong HCL19.99M
X-Men: Phoenix RisingL12.95M
X-Men: Phoenix WarsongL14.99M
X-Men: Phoenix Warsong HCL19.99M
X-Men: SupernovasL29.99M
X-Men: Supernovas HCL34.99M
X-Men: The MovieL14.95M
X-Men: The Movie-BeginningsL14.95M
X-Men: Ultimate Guide HCL24.99
X-Men: X-Cutioners SongL24.95M
X-Men: X-Tinction AgendaL19.95M
X-Men: Complete Onslaught Epic1L29.99M
X-Men: The End-Dreamers & Demons1L14.99M
X-Men: The End-Heroes & Martyrs2L14.99M
X-Men: The End-Men & X-Men3L14.99M
X-Men & Amazing Spider-Man: Savage LandL9.95M
X-Men 2: The MovieL12.95M
X-Men First Class: Mutant MayhemL15.99M
X-Men First Class HCL24.99M
X-Men Legends2L19.99M
X-Men Legends3L24.99M
X-Men Legends4L19.99M
X-Men Visionaries: Chris ClaremontL24.95M
X-Men Visionaries: Jim LeeL29.95M
X-Men Visionaries: Joe MadureiraL17.95M
X-Men Visionaries: Neal AdamsL24.95M
X-Men vs Apocalypse: The Twelve1L29.99M
X-Men/Black PantherL11.99M
X-Men/Fantastic Four HCL19.99M
X-Men: Complete Age Of Apocalypse1L29.99M
X-Men: Complete Age Of Apocalypse2L29.99M
X-Men: Complete Age Of Apocalypse3L29.99M
X-Men: Complete Age Of Apocalypse4L29.99M
X-Men: Evolution1L8.99M
X-Men: Evolution2L11.99M
X-Men: Vignettes1L17.95M
X-Men: Vignettes2L17.99M
X-Statix: Good Omens1L11.95M
X-Statix: Good Guys & Bad Guys2L15.99M
X-Statix: Back From The Dead3L19.99M
X-Statix: X-Statix vs Avengers4L19.99M
X-Statix Presents Dead GirlL13.99M
X-Treme X-Men: Savage LandL12.95M
X-Treme X-Men: Destiny1L19.95M
X-Treme X-Men: Invasion2L19.99M
X-Treme X-Men: Schism3L16.99M
X-Treme X-Men: Mekanix416.99M
X-Treme X-Men: God Loves Man Kills5L19.99M
X-Treme X-Men: Intifada6L16.99M
X-Treme X-Men: Storm The Arena7L16.99M
X-Treme X-Men: Prisoner Of Fire8L19.99M
Y The Last Man: Unmanned1L12.95DC
Y The Last Man: Cycles2L12.95DC
Y The Last Man: One Small Step3L12.95DC
Y The Last Man: Safeword4L12.95DC
Y The Last Man: Ring Of Truth5L14.99DC
Y The Last Man: Girl On Girl6L14.99DC
Y The Last Man: Paper Dolls7L14.99DC
Y The Last Man: Kimono Dragons8L14.99DC
Y The Last Man: Motherland9L14.99DC
Year One: Batman/ Ra´s Al GhulL9.95DC
You Are HereL19.95
Young Avengers: Sidekicks1L14.99M
Young Avengers: Sidekicks HC1L21.99M
Young Avengers: Family Matters2L17.99M
Young Avengers: Family Matters HC2L22.99M
Young Avengers HCL29.99M
Young Blueberry: Blueberrys SecretL7.95
Young Blueberry: The BluecoatsL7.95
Young Blueberry: Yankee Named BlueberryL7.95
Young Justice: A League Of Their OwnL14.95DC
Young Justice: Sins Of YouthL19.95DC
Zachary Holmes: The Monster HC14.95
Zachary Holmes: The Sorcerer HC14.95
Zara HC14.95
Zendra: Collocation1L17.95
Zero Girl1L14.95DC
Zero Girl: Full Circle2L17.95DC
Zero Hour: Crisis In TimeL17.95DC
Zippy: Are We Having Fun Yet12.95
Zippy Annual 200119.95
Zippy Annual 200219.95
Zits: SupersizedL14.95
Zombies: Feast1L19.99IDW
Zombieworld: Winters Dregs & Other StoriesL24.95DH
Zorro: Complete Alex Toth18.95I
Zorro: Renegades14.95I
Zorro: The DailiesL18.95I
Zorros Lady Rawhide: It Cant Happen Here16.95I